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Stephan Gutzeit - Stiftung Charite - Stanford Engineering - Feb 6 2012 - V2


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Stephan Gutzeit - Stiftung Charite - Stanford Engineering - Feb 6 2012 - V2

  1. 1. „Edelweiss“ vs. „Thomanerchor“ Innovation in Germany Stephan Gutzeit, Executive Director, Stiftung Charité Stanford School of EngineeringEuropean Entrepreneurship & Innovation Thought Leaders Speakers Series February 6, 2012
  2. 2. A Tale Of Two Innovation Systems To Boldly Go Where No One has Gone Before1
  3. 3. Kinds Of Innovation Compared • MIELE: Shallow, continuous, low but steady growth, close to customers; moats: tradition, loyalty, cohesion, craftsmanship, family ownership. • APPLE: Deep, discontinuous, fast but unsteady growth, surprise customers; moats: vision, creative A+ culture, conflict-friendly, congenial + anticyclical GPs, innovator ownership. innovator-ownership • E-COMMERCE: Shallow, semi-continuous, fast and steady growth, close to customers; moats: speed, lo-risk „industrialized innovation“, first-rate execution, procyclical GPs, build-to-sell serial entrepreneurs, „accelerators“. Derivative: CLONES. • DEEP TECHNOLOGY: Deep, discontinuous, slow growth/ hi potential, solve problem; moats: mastered complexity relations with KOLs first mover IP complexity, KOLs, IP.2
  4. 4. Innovators Compared Edelweiss Thomaner Choir3
  5. 5. German Innovators Then… (in the long 19th century)4
  6. 6. German IG Innovators N t Now … (i cars, machine t l chemicals): (in hi tools, h i l )World-Beating Companies5
  7. 7. German Innovators Now … (everywhere else): Copying the US6
  8. 8. Berlin is #1 – in Clones Source: Klaus Hommels Presentation at DLD 2012 Munich Hommels, 2012,7
  9. 9. Philanthropists All i t IllPhil th i t Alleviate Ills Of The Past, But They Can Also Th P t B t Th C AlBuild The Future … • Christian tradition: Charity. • Graeco-Roman tradition: Innovation. • Prometheus: The forward thinker ( Vordenker“) („Vordenker“). Also the first innovateur, and venture philanthropist, of mankind? • And yet: No good deed goes unpunished …8
  10. 10. … And Do They Pay For It!9
  11. 11. The Testing Ground For Our Ideas: Stiftung Charité • Benefactress: Johanna Quandt • Founded December 2005 • Enables innovation in medicine (entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship) • P t Partner: Ch ité – U i Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin ität di i B li • Target group: Academic entrepreneurs • Hybrid structure: Non-profit foundation and venture capital fund (Charité Biomedical Fund)10
  12. 12. Meet Innovateur Ivo Buschmann11
  13. 13. … And The Procedures He‘ll Displace in Creative Destruction12
  14. 14. Truly Original People Are Rare And Often Embattled … Abraham Maslow, The Farther Reaches of Human Nature. Compare Peter Drucker: „Monomaniacs with a Mission“ (Adventures of a Bystander).13
  15. 15. … Even In Universities! Meet Innovateur Friedrich Koehler14
  16. 16. Inventions vs. Innovations at Universities15
  17. 17. Systems Thinking Helps Us Understand Creativity Creative Individual Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Creativity Flow and the Psychology C ti it – Fl d th P h l of Discovery and Invention. Domain Field • No one can make rules by himself (Ludwig Wittgenstein, Philosophical Investigations). • If you think about it: No one can break rules (productively) by himself either.16
  18. 18. Meet Innovateurs Martin Stockmann And Karsten Heyne For all of us with human, not titanic livers!17
  19. 19. Next Iteration: Schumpeter Stiftung • Healthcare Innovation System: - Business Development Company - Business Angel Syndicate - Digital Health Hub - Exchange (2-way) with Silicon Valley and Boston - … • Renew the Bauhaus:18
  20. 20. Stephan Gutzeit, Executive Director Stiftung Charité | Charitéplatz 1 | 10117 Berlin Telefon: 030 450570-509 | Telefax: 030 450570-959 E-Mail: www.charite-summit.de19