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Lefdal Mine Data Center - Sindre Kvalheim - Localhost - April 2010


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Presented at Nordic Green II conference, April 2010

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Lefdal Mine Data Center - Sindre Kvalheim - Localhost - April 2010

  1. 1. Ingvild Myhre Leader Christian Berg Morten Thorkildsen Ole Schanke Eikum Birger Nilsen
  2. 2. Cold fjord for cooling Deep fjord for safe implementation of cables Norway`s national fiber backbone already in place Extreme access to green power. Close to Norwegian Central harbour Close to industry requiring hot water Close to Stadtwind and Mehuken windparks
  3. 3. Lefdal mine is surrounded by green renewable power production both from wind and water. Lefdal mine will be able to buy 100% of its power needs from renewable sources. Access to green power in imidiate surroundings: • Mehuken Windmillls 1+2: 22,5 MW • Åskora/Øksenelvane hydropower: ca 150 MW To much power to transport out of the county: Total production: 3 721 MW 13,6 TWh Total usage 950 MW 7,1 TWh Balance +2 770 MW +6,5 TWh