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Jan Rezab - Socialbakers - Czech Republic - Stanford Engineering - Feb 27 2012


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Jan Rezab - Socialbakers - Czech Republic - Stanford Engineering - Feb 27 2012

  1. 1. Jan Rezab 27th of February 2012European Entrepreneurship & Innovation (ME421) Stanford School of Engineering
  2. 2. 3 things I find interesting in sharing with you today:1. My Story2. My passion / My Way3. My Company
  3. 3. Garage company U.S. vs. Central Europe• Difference between U.S. and European garage companies U.S. Now U.S. Before
  4. 4. My beginnings• Mobile gaming company REDBOSS founded in 2001 • I was 14 years old • At 18, received Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Ernst & Young • Built up to 40 people in a couple years, over 40 gaming titles, over 100+ deals with distributors around the world
  5. 5. Learning to lose• REDBOSS - closed the company in 2007/8• Losing in Europe is taken differently in Europe = it’s basically not acceptable • When you lose, you are a loser – everyone thinks you should stop working • When you lose, nobody will want to work with you • You will always carry the “loser“ mark• I built the company with zero funding, organically• This all gave me even more energy to challenge and succeed
  6. 6. Building companies from Europe• Better to be bootstrapped• Hard (expensive) access to funding• Not enough access to the network• The “Techcrunch” effect• Access to more cost effective people than in the Valley• Hard to find internationally minded people
  7. 7. How I try and do my work• Constantly learn new things – read everything on the market• Don’t become the market leader, become the thought leader first – immerse yourself in the market• Get the best people around
  8. 8. About Socialbakers• London, Prague, San Francisco, October 31, 2011 Munich “We are a „customer developed‟ company,” said Jan Rezab, who is the CEO and co-founder of Socialbakers. “Our customers kept telling us the metrics they wanted to see.”• 330,000 marketers across 60+ countries, every continent Used by Leaders• Founded in 2008 as Social Media Agency• Team of 90+ people, Launched Socialbakers platform 2009• Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant
  9. 9. Brands & Media companies• We build ranks of brands, media companies, movies, politicians, etc.
  10. 10. Brands & Media companies
  11. 11. Some facts about Socialbakers• 330.000 unique visits from marketers each month• 120.000 registered marketers, almost 100.000 fans across social networks• Hundreds of paying customers• Customers from over 60 countries
  12. 12. What we offer to marketers
  13. 13. Changing Marketing2. 1. 2012 – Socialbakers Elections infographic3. 1. 2012 – AdWeek Reports: PresidentObamas family picture most viral on Facebook21. 2. 2012 – Washington Post: ObamaSelects family photo as his key campaignimage
  14. 14. Sum-up on thoughts1.MY STORYWhen I failed, it helped see things from a better perspective2.EUROPEEurope has great potential, great possibilitiesWhen there is passion, money comes3.SOCIALBAKERSBelieving that something will be really big is key
  15. 15. Jan /janrezab, @janrezab