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Introduction to EETT Classroom Visitations


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An overview of the classroom visitation process for the EETT Round 8 teachers.

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Introduction to EETT Classroom Visitations

  1. 1. Introduction to Enhancing Education Through Technology Classroom Visitations January 26, 2010
  2. 2. Why Classroom Visitations? ✤ Required by the grant ✤ Provide assistance with grant implementation ✤ Discover promising practices ✤ Assist with generating agenda for EETT meetings
  3. 3. Classroom Visitation Process ✤ Schedule visitations during meetings ✤ Complete pre-visitation data collection ✤ Teach the scheduled lesson ✤ Individual feedback (optional) ✤ Review visitation data during meetings
  4. 4. Sample Teacher Data Gathering
  5. 5. Sample Student Data Gathering
  6. 6. Sample Teacher Data Report
  7. 7. Sample Teacher Data Report
  8. 8. Sample Student Data Report
  9. 9. Sample Student Data Report