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Next Day Leaflet Printing Bought By Opera Pizzeria in Nov 01


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Next Day Leaflet Printing Bought By Opera Pizzeria in Nov 01

  1. 1. Next Day Leaflet Printing Bought By Opera Pizzeria in Nov 01Ive got our fruit and veg expenditure down to £12 a week max, it was often £17 - £20 andhave bought very little for the last few weeks except loo roll and whoopsies.printerReally happy with my spends this month, waiting to see Plums super 6 ,then will meal planfor week.morning all hope everyone is well printingwell just done a meal plan for week all from stuff in cupboards and print printertoday- chicken printing,mash,roasties,stuffing,carrots,swede,yorkie pudsmonday-chicken tikka curry,rice and garlic and corriander naan bread.tuesday-meat pie,mash peas and carrotswednesday-prints chops,new potatoes,colslawthursday-sausage pasta bake (will need to buy some mushrooms)friday-fish fingers chips and peaspack printing will be hm mini pizza,sandwiches,bagel or the mini cheese and onion pastys ivejust madeso if all goes to plan i should only need to buy mushrooms and any ys reductions :cool:i am on a mixture of nights and earlys this week so should be able to get some goodreductions.ive got 8 working days left then on holiday for 3 weeks and then start my maternity in the newyear printerprinterprinter so am planning on using all stuff in print and cupboards and makinglots of printing from scratch.sorry for long post hope everyone has a good weekend (whats left of it)printingso sorry for your loss and expenses, sounds horrible.Back when my dad passed we had problems with money too, and then our washing line wentand broke - thankfully the company gave us a new one for free as we had it less than amonth, and also I got a flat tyre a few weeks later! Not quite on the same par but bad thingsalways happen in threes I find.In any case I hope you get back on the straight and narrow soon. Youll be needing thoseholidays I bet! printing--Big Ts shop today as promised, quite a few bargains, used up nearly all the coupons Iwanted to as well.Got a £167. 59 shop down to £142.05 - saving us just over £25! printer
  2. 2. Reduced/couponed stuff this time around:Cushelle £2.18 -> with coupon down to £1.68Velvet loo roll £1.75 -> with coupon down to £1.25Select a Size Thirst Pockets £2.00 -> with coupon down to £1.50Velvet Balm Tissues £1.50 -> with coupon down to £1.00Nivea Lotion 250g £3.49 -> with coupon down to £2.49Welchs Grape Juice £1.29-> with coupon FREE printingMatchmakers £1.00 -> with coupon FREETropicana Grape Juice £2.28 -> with coupon down to £1.78Roseanna Pink Onions £1.30 -> with coupon down to 90pOld El Paso Sour Cream Dip £1.99 -> with coupon down to £1.69Old El Paso Jalepenos £1.39 -> with coupon down to £1.09Roudele Garlic and Herb spread £1.69 with coupon down to £1.29Choc a Block Ice Cream £3.99 -> with coupon down to £3.49Beef chili enchiladas x 2 £2.50 reduced to £1.32 eachVeg & cheese enchiladas £2.20 reduced to £1.13Strawberries £2.10 reduced to £1.45Diced Turkey £4.00 reduced to £2.70Ready meal pasta pot £1.50 reduced to 90pLitho Leaflet Printing Bought By Sainsburys in Jun 03, 170gsm Gloss Leaflet Printing MadeFor Manchester United FC in February 2005