D/BM China Digital Map


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D/BM China Digital Map

  1. 1. 41% of time online Share spent on Weibo and SNSD/BM l Burson-Marsteller’s integrated digital and social media 32 hours per month Discuss Connect spent online, more than any other media, including TV Weibo SNS Play BBS Entertain 23% of time online Gaming Video spent watching video Trade Check In China E-Shop Web access by mobile is dominated by Gaming, Email and Video. 910M mobile users, D/BM Mobile Digital 10% of time online spent on e- commerce; Taobao leads with Popln: 500Minfluencer practice 200M smart phones, 80M 3G, 88% of C2C and 48% of B2C expected to grow exponentially market share Dating Learn News Meet 385M users of IM in China, 2nd in application popularity, only to Search Wiki IM Search Educate Chat Search is the most dominant means of Locate finding information about people, products and brands D/BM l Listen Identify Mobilize Source: GroupM Sept 2011 Digital Media Report, CNNIC July 2011 Report