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Timeline of Progress


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Timeline of Progress

  1. 1. Date Progress 24/06/2009 Ancillary Task: ‘The Package’ – 1 minute short video. Began planning. 09/07/2009 Completed Ancillary Task: ‘The Package’. 13/09/2009 Began planning for A2 coursework main task – ‘E3’. 22/09/2009 Wrote first script, tested a few ideas to see if they were feasible. 02/10/2009 Chose cast for the film. 08/10/2009 Started shooting first scenes in Bow, East London 19/10/2009 Started to shoot scenes involving cast members. 20/10/2009 Realised script wasn’t feasible – we didn’t have the tools to shoot original narrative. 04/11/2009 Analysed four short films and their technical elements to collect ideas for our short film. 18/11/2009 Started writing new script with a feasible narrative. 22/11/2009 Wrote up research about target audience for short films and for our short film. 01/12/2009 Started shooting the new script. Realised ideas were feasible. 09/01/2010 Returned after Christmas break and continued shooting new script. 02/02/2010 Finished shooting film. 05/02/2010 Started to edit film using Final Cut Express. 12/02/2010 Finished editing using Final Cut express – film complete. 15/02/2010 Started and completed advertisement poster for our short film. 19/02/2010 Begun recording radio advert for our short film. 21/02/2010 Completed radio advert. 05/03/2010 Recorded evaluation commentary and interview. 07/03/2010 Edited evaluation using final cut express. 15/03/2010 Created DVD menu with our short film + extras on it. 15/03/2010 Finished film.