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Sample graduation project presentation


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Sample graduation project presentation

  1. 1. LibrarianCareer Pathway Mrs. Burns
  2. 2. History● Bullet Points● Keep It Brief● Focus on Key Facts*Pictures should be used in slides to add value
  3. 3. History (cont.)
  4. 4. Project Description● What did you do? ○ Career ■ what you observed ○ Community Service ■ what you did for the organization ■ make sure to detail each activity ○ Creative ■ explain your process from start to finish
  5. 5. Career Pathway● Job Description ○ What is done in this field● Work Environment
  6. 6. Career Pathway● Education● Salary● Outlook & Progression
  7. 7. Community Service Pathway● Name of the organziation● Location of the organization● Mission Statement/Vision ○ What is their primary purpose● Impact on the community
  8. 8. Creative Works Pathway● Information on the process ○ What did you do? ○ What did you make/create?● Professional Critique ○ Who did it? ■ Include a quote from the critique
  9. 9. Short Term Goals● Goal ○ How this project relates ○ How this process has helped ○ How this process has changed view/mindset
  10. 10. Long Term Goals● How this project has inspired long term goals ○ Professionally ○ Personally
  11. 11. TakeAwayWhat has been learned from this projectand what were the biggest obstacles andsuccesses.
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