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Ethics and Computer Responsibilities


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ethics and Computer Responsibilities

  1. 1. New EGHS Students Internet Safety And Brevard County Schools’ AUP Agreement
  2. 2. Student Responsibilities • Network User ID • Network password
  3. 3. Student Responsibilities • Forgotten passwords and locked accounts can be fixed by visiting the technology office in the media center.
  4. 4. Student Responsibilities • Use of the internet is limited to assignments and research given by your instructor. • Information from Internet sources used in projects should be sited the same as references to printed materials.
  5. 5. Student Privacy • Privacy in communication over the Internet and the Network is NOT guaranteed. • The District reserves the right to monitor, review and inspect any directories, files and/or messages residing on EGHS computers.
  6. 6. District Filters • Brevard County employs a filter to protect students from harmful sites on the World Wide Web. • FILTERS ARE NOT 100% GUARANTEED
  7. 7. Proprietary Rights • Websites created and hosted through the District’s servers remain the property of Brevard County Schools.
  8. 8. Downloading/Saving information • You may not download programs or information to your computer without teacher approval. • You are requested to use jump drives for saving information.
  9. 9. If you are a hacker….. • DON’T…..that’s all…DON’T
  10. 10. Acceptable Use Policy •All students must have a signed AUP on file in the Technology Office at EGHS. • NO AUP = NO COMPUTER ACCESS
  11. 11. Netiquette • Be Polite • Be courteous • Be respectful • Use appropriate school language • Never reveal names, addresses, phone numbers or passwords of yourself or other students while communicating on the internet.