Day & Night In The Damaged Goods Department by Mike Watts SAMPLE


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This second collection from Mike Watts confirms why, for some, he is the British Bukowski. But, while there is booze, bookies and sex here, Mike’s is a view from the very British streets of Hull. The streets of real life, populated by ordinary people living ordinary lives. This is the poetry of ordinary triumphs and ordinary tragedies. Sexual triumphs and bedroom tragedies. About as far from the poetry of dusty university libraries as you can get, Day and Night in the Damaged Goods Factory is brazen, humour laden, gobby, unapologetic poetry from a poet with his own voice and the knack of telling it how it is.

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Day & Night In The Damaged Goods Department by Mike Watts SAMPLE

  1. 1. Day and Nightin theDamaged GoodsFactoryMike WattsBurning Eye
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 Mike WattsThe author asserts the moral right under the Copyright,Designs and Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author ofthis workAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in anyform or by any means without the prior written consent ofBurning Eye Books, nor be otherwise circulated in any form ofbinding or cover other than that in which it is published andwithout a similar condition being imposed on the subsequentpurchaser.This edition published by Burning Eye Books Eye Books15 West Hill, Portishead, BS20 6LGISBN 978 1 90913 617 5Printed in Scotland by Bell & Bain, Glasgow
  3. 3. CONTENTSNight Terror 7Burlesque 8Six Beers 9Burn 11Cheers 12Arthritis and Debt 14Corky 16Edinburgh 17Three More Days 19Bring Me Sunshine 21… And Some You Lose 2286 Orion 24House Sitters 25Still No Change 26Going Quietly 27Him and Me 29Gunpowder 30Limp 32Medicine 33My Turn at Sadies 34No Guarantee 35By Nature 36Not a Single Tulip 37Scorching 39Round 25 40Like in the Movies 42I Kid You Not 43Bombshell 46Crime Scene 47Earwig 49Detroit 51As It Was 52Comfort 53Reunion 54Bet My Day 56Venus 57Big Dannys Girl 58
  4. 4. 1.30pm, 2nd Floor. Mr. Jacobs 60This Happened 61Deleted 63Coming Up with the Goods 65What Trees? 66Goldie 67The Referral 68Mad 69Sketches and Zeppelins 70Iron 72The Last of My Things 73Repeat Performance 74I, Thief 75In and Out of Sweet Lady Luck 76Once Again 77Only The Good 80Stuntman 82Pops 84Suspended 85Reasons to be Cheerful 87Thinking Back 90Me and Her 92In One Hand 96Slave To It 93Lifer 95Circle Jerk 96Being Bothered 98Im Back 99
  5. 5. BURLESQUEIn black silk and lace,Her thighs creamAnd her faceEmulsionedA delicate shade,Making her lipsBleed almostAs she drenchesThe mic,Purring her sex,ProwlingLike a pantherAround tables of menLost in dreamsOf a heatThey’ll never know.So they raiseTheir beers,Imagine itThrough whoopsAnd cheersAs she bendsAnd splitsAnd all the bitsShe’s fed themAre filed away,Logged in everyMemory bank.And tonightWhen it’s coldAnd there’s no-oneTo hold,At least halfWill thank herFor that.
  6. 6. ... AND SOME YOU LOSESent a text to the wrong oneAnd now I’m in the shitYou see I’ve been having my cakeAnd gorging on itSadly that’s how it goesWhen we drift off courseWhen we lap at poolsDifferent from thoseThat we are duty boundTo drinkThe new flavours weaken usWe never thinkFor more than a secondOf consequenceWe drown happilyIn our filthy ignoranceAnd there are victimsWorld’s will crumbleBe it ‘full blown’Or a fumbleIn the back of a carSomeone’s bound to seeAnd you’ll be exposedBelieve meI’m in limbo nowA wandering soulI’ve got absolutely zilchWhen I had it all
  7. 7. I played and gambledMindless of costBet it all on number one– And lost!
  8. 8. HOUSE SITTERSThe door bell is relentlessAs you clutch each ankle,Gasp at the circling of my tongueIn the front room,Curtains closed,Feet away from whoever’s there.“Fuck ‘em”, I say.Ride these two fingers,Working like bony pistons,My third and fourthPumping through the slushOf your heat.Cheap vodka’s undressed usAnd everyone’s in LanzaroteSo let’s finish this shit.GOD!Wish they’d fuck off.WE’RE NOT IN!
  9. 9. GOING QUIETLYThe taste of things,I’ll miss when I’m dead;The fry-up,The fanny,The freshly baked bread,And smells,I’ll miss them too;Tarmac as it’sBeing rolled,The drift ofSomeone’s barbecue,And sight,I’ll miss seeingThe world and allIts shapes and colours;‒ My girlfriend peeing.And touch;Never to feelThe back of a headAs it bobsUp and down,The flesh insideA dressing gown,A cool breeze,The trickle of sweat,Whisky as it hitsThe throat ‒A cigarette.And yet
  10. 10. As much as thunderExcites me,And the slapOf doggy delights me,TheCrying, lying,Bullying, dying,Bombing, bashing,Screaming, smashing,Threatening, plotting,Snivelling, snotting,Shooting, looting,Skull-polluting,That runsThrough my earsLike piss.I can tell youNow for nothing,I won’t miss.