Making Passive Income: What is The Real Trick ?


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If you have ever thought about tips on how to make passive income you're not alone.
Our education on the best way to make passive income has already helped thousands keep away from the pitfalls countless others fall into and create a true blueprint for success within your personal business.

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Making Passive Income: What is The Real Trick ?

  1. 1. Making Passive Income: Whats The Real Trick ?If youve ever thought about how to make passive income youre not alone.Who really wants to continue working 50, 70, (or even more ! ) hours a week the rest of their life? No one . And we now know according to Social Security, that only 5 % of people arefinancially equipped to retire at age 65. And that was before the economy tanked !Thus, the idea that you would be able to take time off whenever you want to,without worrying about whats going to happen to your business or income iscertainly something worth exploring -in fact its a no-brainer- thats the allure ofmaking passive continues to come in no matter what else youre doing.When I work with people I explain that there are really only two types of income-passive and linear.Linear is when you get paid for work you are doing yourself- a contract or by-the-hour wage are examples of this type of income. Its what 99% of people do , whichis trade their time for money. Some trade their time for more money than othersbut either way this type of income is all based on what YOU do. If you dont showup, you dont get paid.Passive income is when you have set systems in place to create income for yourselfeven when youre not there-in other words, you are making money while you sleep. It sounds pretty nice right?But its not easy to make this type of income , or else every one would be doing it.Most forms of making passive income take special skills -acquired throughadvanced training and schooling, such as stock investing, real estate development,or in most cases, an online business or internet marketing.Leveraged Income and Making Passive IncomeLeveraged income leverages the work of others to create income for you.However it is not always the same as passive income , as a couple of the examplesbelow will demonstrate :
  2. 2. An e-book author selling her e-book through affiliates who promote the product A network marketer who builds a downline and receives commissions on the sales made by people in his downline (actually this example would be passive income. ) A general contractor who makes a profit on the work completed by sub- contractorsFranchising your business model to other entrepreneurs (the ultimate leveragedincome)Again, there are many different models of making money off of other peopleslabor, rather than primarily your own. Its far better to earn a small percentage offof many peoples efforts than to rely exclusively on your own. The best ( and mostlegitimate ) way to do this is to have your own business. The Smartest Way To Make Passive IncomeWhen it comes to really making passive income , internet is a landminefield of bad choices waiting to explode on you. A lot is promised byvarious offers and opportunities and by and large the only peoplemaking the money is the person who created the program- not the oneseeking to make money.This leaves you with only two real choices then: learn how to makethese kinds of questionable offers to people, how to market them andsimultaneously ignore your conscience, OR learn how to build yourown business from home that makes passive income.Our training on how to make passive income has already helpedthousands avoid the pitfalls so many others fall into and develop a realblueprint for success in your own business.
  3. 3. If youre serious about learning to make passive income andbuild long-lasting wealth you need to check out my wealth-building secrets course, pronto.