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Green Business Advantage Prospectus Burnet D Brown


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Green Business Advantage Prospectus Burnet D Brown

  1. 1. "I personally believe that sustainability is the most important issue facing the automotive industry and industry in general in the 21st Century." — William Clay Ford, Jr., 2000 Chairman, Ford Motor Company RNV-2
  2. 2. “I recognize the right and duty of this generation to develop and use the natural resources of our land; but I do not recognize the right to waste them, or to rob, by wasteful use, the generations that come after us.” — Theodore Roosevelt, 1910 Slide #3
  3. 3. What is Sustainability? ❏  Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable Development, Brundtland Commission, 1983 ❏  Sustainable products and services are products, materials, and services that create more productive and healthier work environments that respond to today's needs without imposing additional costs upon future users. They are guided by the efficiency advantages of "cradle-to-cradle" rather than "cradle- to-grave" cycles. Slide #4
  4. 4. Why Green Products? ❏  Green products (also called Sustainable Products) deliver compelling advantages. ❏  Sustainability Advantage = Competitive Advantage…  Operational savings  Increased worker productivity (Studies by USPS, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, GAO, RMI)  Reduced contingent liability  Greater indoor air quality, visual, thermal, and acoustic comfort creates a healthy, low-stress environment that improves productivity and reduces liability risks. (GSA)  Green buildings typically sell or lease faster, and retain tenants better than non-green buildings. (McDonough) Slide #5
  5. 5. Why Green Products? (Continued…) US Post Office Productivity Chart Source: Romm (DOE) and Browning (RMI), "Greening the Building and the Bottom Line” 1994 Slide #6
  6. 6. Why Now? Trends… GBA " Slide #7
  7. 7. International Trends ❏  6E (Ecology, Ergonomics, Economics, Emissions, Energy and Efficiency)   Developed by TCO, The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees (Swedish professional trade organization with 1.2 million members) to make it easier for companies and their employees to be able to develop systematic operating methods that respect both the external and working environments..   Product labeling. Informed decision-making. Higher productivity. Slide #8
  8. 8. Where Should We Start?   Start with the low hanging fruit: companies that already manufacture and market green products. Slide #9
  9. 9. The Situation   There are approximately 100,000 companies in the U.S. that make or sell green products.   These companies have a clear understanding of the environmental advantages offered by their products and services.   Logically, these companies should be at the forefront of buying and using green products and services. And some are... Slide #10
  10. 10. ...But most are focused on “selling” green rather than “buying green.”! Slide #11
  11. 11. The Situation ❏  Most do not apply the same level of sustainable thinking to their own purchasing practices and management operations.  The manufacturer of electric hybrid vehicles does not necessarily buy recycled computer disks or office carpets made of sustainable materials.  The waste management company does not necessarily purchase energy efficient light bulbs or sustainable “cleaning products.”  The manufacturer of solar panels does not necessarily use recycled 80-20 modular carpeting or bio-based packaging materials for shipping its products. Slide #12
  12. 12. The Need ❏  Manufacturers and marketers of sustainable green products and services need higher sales to secure greater levels of growth and market share advantages over their “non-green” competitors. Slide #13
  13. 13. The Advantage ❏  The financial health of green companies and the green industry will benefit significantly by capitalizing on opportunities for “buying green” from sister companies. ❏  Green companies already understand the principle of environmental advantage: They need only broaden its application. ❏  They have a vital interest in accelerating market demand for green products. Slide #14
  14. 14. The Advantage ❏  Companies benefit through...   Sustainable cost savings yielding competitive pricing advantages & higher margin potential   Reduced exposure to liabilities & litigation   Healthier and more productive workforce   Lower insurance premiums   Higher resale value, faster leasing, sales and longer tenant occupancy (where sustainable building design and management is employed)   Sales advantage ‘point of difference’ by growing safe and trusted products, services and brands   Networking advantages with companion ‘green companies’   PR advantage over “non-green” competitors Slide #15
  15. 15. The Obstacles ❏  Most companies are not aware of the wide range of new green products available that are capable of displacing non-green products that they are currently using. ❏  Most companies cannot afford the labor and time-intensive effort required for researching and tracking down “green products” that are not conveniently available through conventional retail distribution channels. Slide #16
  16. 16. The Solution ❏  A business-to-business enterprise that:  Enables companies to easily find and purchase green products and services to meet their needs.  Offers a compelling convenience advantage.  Allows you to minimize transactional costs associated with researching, identifying, testing and acquiring.  Offers the opportunity not only to benefit as a buyer of green products but also as a seller of green products.  Enables companies to reach a highly qualified customer base already pre-disposed to environmental and sustainable values.  Promotes demand for sustainable products and services. Slide #17
  17. 17. Introducing the Green Business Advantage... Green Companies User Friendly Product Source for Competitive Search Finding Green Advantage Support ! Products! Customers Pre-disposed to Green Product Buy Green Information Products! Resource Sales Teams Price Targeting Key Advantage Market Discounts! Segments ! Full Service E-commerce Website ! Slide #18
  18. 18. GBA Products and Services ❏  A simple, user-friendly, one-stop information clearinghouse and e-commerce shopping resource that companies can turn to for “Greening” their operations. ❏  Product search support for companies seeking “hard- to-find” green alternatives. ❏  Discounts on green products and services for GBA registered member companies. ❏  3rd party independent evaluations which rate product performance enabling buyers to make “informed purchase decisions” and minimize purchase risks. Slide #19
  19. 19. GBA Products & Services (continued) ❏  Opportunity for inclusion of your product in GBA partner sales team presentations to key target market segments. ❏  Access to special training seminars, industry experts, “how-to-implement a green procurement program in your company.” ❏  GBA-hosted conferences and trade shows. Slide #20
  20. 20. GBA Products & Services (continued) ❏  E-commerce portal featuring online store where companies can find and order “green” products. ❏  Enables companies anywhere in the U.S. to access and order quality brand green products and services. ❏  Additional features including online advice, product reviews, bulletin boards, links to green company and government websites. Slide #21
  21. 21. The Target Market Priority Criteria Sub-Category Examples Manufacturers of "Green Renewable Energy Companies Siemens Solar, BP Solar Products" Energy Efficiency Manufacturers Johnson Controls, Inc. Water Conservation Companies ETL, Niagara Electric, Gas & Water Utilities SCE, Con Ed, LADWP Energy Services Companies Armstrong Industries, Interface Building Products Manufacturers Kenaf Internat'l, ADM, Cargill Bio-based Products Manufacturers Enviro-Tech Resources Recycled Products Companies Calstart, DaimlerChrysler AFV Transportation Companies Retailers and institutions Nature & Wildlife Retailers Wild Birds Unlimited, appealing to customers Backpacking & Outdoor Retailers Adventure 16, REI, etc. and constituents with Green Hotels Sheraton Suites Alexandria environmental values Colleges and Universities Green Hotels Association Organizations with Government (local state and federal Kings County, WA, Cities of aggressive green agencies) Chattanooga, Santa Monica procurement programs Private Sector Warner Bros. Organizations with National & State Parks Yosemite National Park primary environmental Eco-Tour Companies Lindblad Cruises missions Conservation Agencies Calif. Conservation Corps Slide #22
  22. 22. Target Markets (continued) Priority Criteria Sub-Catego ry Examples Professional Services Energy & Environmental Consulting Ogden Environmental Firms & Energy Services Engineering, Construction Engineering and management ICF Kaiser, Tetra Tech & Management Services services firms in construction, Turner Construction energy services (ESCOs), Johnson Controls, environmental, water & resource Honeywell, etc. management. Environmental Achievers Recipients of Environmental and Innovators Awards A. Government (partial list)  FEMP Energy & Water Wright-Patterson Air Management Award Winners Force Base  EPA Closing the Circle Awards U.S. Postal Service  California Waste Reduction Target Stores, Disney, Award Recipients Herman Miller B. Private Sector (partial list)  Hotel Assn's Stars of the Hilton Hotels (Hilton Industry Good Enviro- Washington & Towers) Management Award Organizations with Private sector companies with 3M, McDonalds, Ben & Aggressive Environmental demonstrated commitment to Jerry's, Patagonia, The Programs environmental values Body Shop Slide #23
  23. 23. Target Markets (Continued) Priority Criteria Sub-Catego ry Examples Engineering, Pollution Solid waste, hazardous materials, Waste Management, Inc., Control, P2 and Waste toxic substances, ground water Woodward Clyde Management Services protection, land reclamation, etc. Trade Organizations Green Building Industry Green Building Council Environmental Industry Assn of Environmental Professionals Energy Industry Assn of Energy Services Professionals Media Trade media organizations Energy News, Envir'l Science & Technology Broadcast and print media Discovery Channel, companies Outside Magazine Organizations with Primary Medical Equipment & Hospitals Kaiser Permanente, Health-Related Missions Fitness companies Baxter Healthcare Corp. Companies with Companies seeking a turn-around Ford Motor Company Announced Desire or emphasis in their organization's Exxon Demonstrated Need corporate environmental values & product offerings Companies with records of environmental fines, violations, water conservation problems, etc. Slide #24
  24. 24. Why GBA Online? ❏  The Online Advantage ❏  Trends  E-commerce trends  Business-to-business trends  Logistics trends Slide #25
  25. 25. Strategic Partners ❏  Green Seal ❏  AARC (venture capital) ❏  Government Sales Associates ❏  Green Product Advantage Slide #26
  26. 26. Organizational Strategy (In development) ❏  Sales Force ❏  Channel managers ❏  Customer feedback mechanism Slide #27
  27. 27. Phase 1 Sales Priorities GBA Phase 1 Sales Team PriorityTarget Market Segments Parks Hotels Colleges Military Slide #28
  28. 28. The Challenge ❏  If you consider your company to be a “green company” do you…  Have “sustainability” incorporated as a central precept in your management strategy and operations?  Have a green procurement program in place?   …A program guiding purchases of furniture? Carpeting? Cleaning products? Lighting? New building initiatives? Office equipment? Vehicles? Shipping services? Etc. Slide #29