Fisher price disney's jake and the never land pirates - jake's musical pirate ship bucky


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Fisher price disney's jake and the never land pirates - jake's musical pirate ship bucky

  1. 1. Fisher-Price Disneys Jake and The Never LandPirates - Jakes Musical Pirate Ship Bucky Price : Check Price Average Customer Rating 4.6 out of 5 Product Feature q Sail the seas with Bucky q Fully equipped to handle the evil Captain Hook and his right hand man, Smee q 3 Push buttons which activate special features including a spring loaded cannon q Cool sound effects and phrases q Includes Jake and Skully figures q Read moreProduct DescriptionBucky sails in straight from the Jake and the Neverland Pirates show! Bucky comes fully equip with all the necessities ayoung pirate would want to fend off the evil deeds of Captain Hook & Smee Bucky has great unique features; there are3 push buttons on the deck of the ship. -The 1st button activates the cannon. Load the spring loaded cannon with thewater ball projectiles and press the button to shoot them. -if you press the 2nd button you see the infamous Tic TocCroc explodes out the side of the hidden trap door chomping!! When you push the third button you will activate SFX,Jake phrases, and the theme song. There is also a working slide for the figures to slide down into action. Roll Buckyaround to your next mission and he rocks side to side as if he was really sailing in the ocean. Bucky comes with Jakeand Skully.Recommended Ages: 3 years and upRead moreProduct DescriptionJakes musical pirate ship, Bucky, sets sail straight from Never Land to your living room! Bucky is fully equipped tobattle Hook and his crew to defend Jakes treasure. The crows nest lets Jake spot Hook on the water, and thespring-loaded canon fires water-ball projectiles. The Tick Tock Croc hides behind a hidden trap door. Bucky is packedwith 25 action phrases and songs. Ready for a new adventure? Roll Bucky on its wheels and set sail, rocking side to side!Bucky comes with Jake and Skully figures and three water-ball projectiles. (Not intended for use in water.)
  2. 2. 25 pirate phrases, sounds, and music!View larger.Tick Tock attacksfrom hidden trap door! View larger.Jake can fly around thecrows nest! View larger.Fire "water balls" from thecannon. View larger.
  3. 3. Ship Fires Cannons and Plays SongsJake and Bucky are ready to handle Hook and his right-hand man Smee with this exciting playtime adventure! JakesMusical Pirate Ship Bucky features three buttons to activate special features, including the ability to fire "water balls"from the ships spring-loaded cannon and to play 25 pirate phrases, sounds, and songs!The ships realistic rolling action adds to the excitement, causing Bucky to rock from side to side while Jake flies aroundthe crows nest. But watch out! A pop-out Tick Tock Croc is ready to attack from behind a hidden trap door in the ship.You can even download the code on the front of the box to your smartphone for more fun adventures with Jack and theNever Land Crew!Never Land Fun for Ages Three and UpDesigned for children ages three and up, Jakes Musical Pirate Ship Bucky helps children improve fine motor skills asthey grasp the Jake and Skully figures and place them in a world of imagination, creativity, and discovery! The NeverLand figures and accessories take children into imaginative modes of play that include explorations and discovery ofpirate life on Never Land.Whats in the BoxPirate ship, Jake and Skully figures, Tick Tock Croc, and three water-ball projectiles. Jakes Musical Pirate Ship Bucky At a Glance: Fire water-ball projectiles from the spring-loaded cannon The Tick Tock Croc springs out from behind a door Hear 25 action phrases and a pirate-adventure song Bucky rocks from side to side as it rollsWARNING: Not intended for use in water. Age/Weight Requirements: Three years and up Assembly Requirements: Three AA R6 Alkaline batteries (not included)Trademark Information:Fisher-Price®©DisneyRead moreYou May Also LikeDisney Store Disney Jr. Jake and the Never Land/Neverland Pirates 7 Piece Action Figure Figurine Gift Play SetFisher-Price Disneys Jake and The Never Land Pirates - Jake, Izzy and Cubby Pirate Pack
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