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Asbestos Awareness Training Brochure


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Asbestos awareness training brochure

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Asbestos Awareness Training Brochure

  1. 1. For a sneak preview of the training course, please ABOUT THE TRAINER Asbestos visit: Joseph Burley has over 20 years Awareness Training experience in the environmental and presentations asbestos/building hygiene consulting industry and has developed a brand new training course. This training course was inspired Customized Training Solutions from years of observations of Mr. Burley is a Michigan-Accredited for OSHA Compliance inadvertent contractor exposures Asbestos Building Inspector and to asbestos due to lack of proper Abatement Project Designer and has employer notification procedures provided asbestos air monitoring by on- and worker training. site microscopy for various commercial, industrial and institutional clients. Additional training services are available (lead, mold, universal hazardous wastes and safety.) Enviro-Niche Tech Services Oak Park, Michigan RATE SCHEDULE Phone (313) 759-1133 (c) Class size Cost per person* 3-5 $75 6-10 $45 for more information, send an email to: FOR: 11-15 $30 16-20 $25 • Skilled Trades 21-25 $20 26+ $15 • Maintenance Web site: • Janitorial * plus projector and printing costs (hard had stickers available at • Construction/Demo workers additional cost) Note: the electronic version of this brochure contains • General contractors live hyperlinks.
  2. 2. DID YOU KNOW? ABOUT THE COURSE THE OSHA Under the OSHA Asbestos General Training covers the following: ASBESTOS FOR Industry Standard, Annual Two-Hour Asbestos Awareness Training is • Recognition GENERAL INDUSTRY required for any employees that meet STANDARD the following criteria: • Asbestos Work in pre-1981 buildings Disease (unless a survey has determined the building is • Precautions asbestos-free). and • Applicable Regulations Perform janitorial or maintenance activity in areas • Questions to ask your of a building that contain asbestos. employer and the building owner or Skilled trades workers such as • Your legal rights to protect Michigan adopted the Federal yourself OSHA regulations on construction and demolition occupational exposure to workers, mechanical/HVAC asbestos in 1994. techs, elevator techs, electricians, plumbers, window installers, roofers, and building Each training session is finish contractors (such as customized to the flooring installers). specific workers’ “This is your worker profession using a asbestos Bill of Rights. photographic slideshow, videos and humor to keep the attendees it!” Let’s use it! SM A SNEAK THE SPAC engaged in the class. Provided courtesy of