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2008 Debrief Form


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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2008 Debrief Form

  1. 1. SOS DEBRIEF FORM Facilitator’s Name: Telephone Extension: Company Facilitated: Date: 1. What issues could have been taken care of by the cadre working better amongst themselves? What things frustrated or infuriated one/some/all of the swabs? 2. What are some of the things the swabs don’t under stand, or rationalize about Swab Summer, As “that’s the way it’s meant to be.” Do you think this session has improved their chances of successfully completing SWAB Summer? 3. What are some things the cadre have done that impressed the swabs. 4. Did any other issues emerge which need to be resolved? 5. How would you judge the spirit, morale, disposition, or outlook of the SWABS? 6. Can you suggest any changes, or adjustments, which might improve the SOS program?