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Fairy Tale Elements


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This presentation was created as an introduction into Fairy Tale Unit for elementary students.

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Fairy Tale Elements

  1. 1. How can I make a Fairy Tale!?
  2. 2. Join Fred in his search for the elements essential in creating a fairy tale. Hello, I’m Fred!
  3. 3. Setting: Where should my story take place?
  4. 4. Characters: Who are my main characters? What do they look like?
  5. 5. PLOT: What is going to happen?
  6. 6. How will the story begin? What will be the problem? How is the problem going to be resolved? s T R U C T U R E…
  7. 7. THEME: What is the theme or message I am attempting to communicate?
  8. 8. Now I’m ready to create my own Fairy Tale! Good Luck!
  9. 9. Created by Bridget Burke for CEP 817, Spring 2008 Bye!