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  1. 1. Informatik University of Koblenz-Landau — partner in ECESIS— Klaus G Troitzsch ECESIS Kick-off Meeting Koblenz, January 20-23, 2009 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting
  3. 3. Informatik Koblenz-Landau University • originated from a collection of teachers training colleges in the late 1960s • of which only two campuses are left, one in Koblenz, one in Landau (200 km to the south) Koblenz campus, built 1998-2000 – computer science faculty in Koblenz – psychology faculty in Landau – 3 teachers training faculties in each • education • humanities • sciences “Deutsches Eck” – central administration in Mainz 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 3/14
  4. 4. Informatik Computer science faculty • institutes: – computer science – software engineering – computational visualistics – information systems – management • programs – computer science (“Diplom”) since 1978, BSc, MSc since 2006 – computational visualistics (“Diplom”) since 1998, BSc, MSc since 2006 – information management (BSc, MSc) since 2000, updated in 2006 – information systems (MSc) since 2006 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 4/14
  5. 5. Informatik Institute of IS Research in Business and Public Administration • information systems in business and public administration – corporate networks, mobile systems – computer-supported co-operative work – IT risk management – e-government • social aspects of computing • computer assisted social research and theory building – data collection and analysis, data mining – simulation 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 5/14
  6. 6. 3 years Bachelor 2 years Master 23 January 2009 10% mathematics 20 % computer science 20% computer science 20 % information systems, social aspects, research 20% information systems, methods ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting social aspects, research methods 20% integration 50% management science and economics 40 % management science and economics Overview Bachelor and Master in Information Management 6/14 Informatik
  7. 7. Informatik Term Curriculum Bachelor computer basics of mgmt science 1 mathematics science and economics computer basics of mgmt science 2 mathematics science and economics 3 computer IS, social aspects, general management science research meth. computer IS, social aspects, 4 general management science research meth. internship computer science IS, social aspects, special aspects, e.g. 5 research meth. finance, e-commerce … 6 IS, social aspects, special aspects research meth. 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 7/14
  8. 8. Informatik Curriculum Master computer information management 1st term science systems specials management information 2nd term computer science systems perhaps abroad project specials 3rd term specialisation specialisation management perhaps abroad computer science information systems specials specalisation specialisation Master management information computer science systems 4th term thesis specials 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 8/14
  9. 9. Informatik Modules available from the CSc, CV, IS and IM BSc and IM MSc programs during the 2009 and most future summer academies Module ECTS E-Business Ventures 3 International Economics 3 Digital Rights Management 3 International Management 3 Semantic Web 3 Business Software 3 E-Government 3 Research Methods 3 Additional module in future summer academies Module ECTS Introduction to Public Administration 3 … a more complete overview is available from here (Summer Academy)… 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 9/14
  10. 10. Informatik The inner city of Koblenz 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 10/14
  11. 11. Informatik Some history • Koblenz was founded by Celts in pre-Roman time. The Romans built a castle a few years B.C. (castra apud confluentes = the military camp at the confluence of Rhine and Moselle). • Place of a palace of the Frank kings in the fifth century. • Place of the negotiations (842) of the Verdun treaty (in 843, Charlemagne’s empire is divided among his three grandsons — Lothar, Ludwig the German, and Karl II) in St. Castor’s Church near the Rhine Elbow (Deutsches Eck, “German Corner”, “German Intersection”, called after the German Order or Teutonic Order or, officially, House of the Hospitalers of Saint Mary of the Teutons in Jerusalem who built an estate there in 1216, their first residence in the Rhine region, which was rebuilt in 1953 and is now a museum of modern art). 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 11/14
  12. 12. Informatik More history • Part of the territory of the Elector and Archbishop of Trier (11th century to 1798). • During this time, the fortification of Ehrenbreitstein was first built. The present fortification was built by the Prussian state from 1817 to 1878. • Capital of the French departement of “Rhin et Moselle” (1798 to 1815). • Capital of the Prussian Rhine Province (1815 to 1945). • Capital of Rhineland-Palatinate (1947 to 1950). 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 12/14
  13. 13. Informatik Rhineland-Palatinate • Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz) is one of the smaller federal states (with approximately 4.9 % of the population and 5.5 % of the area — but 70 % of the wine grown in Germany). • It was founded after World War II (under French occupation) and is composed of parts of former Prussia, Bavaria and Hesse. 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 13/14
  14. 14. Informatik Welcome to Rhineland-Palatinate • Its coat of arms, however, reminds of pre- Prussian times; it is composed of the arms of the archbishops of Note: In the Holy Roman Empire, • Trier and archbishops were also territorial princes! • Mainz (who were electors and territorial princes of the Holy Roman Empire until the French Revolution) and of • Bavaria (more precisely, of the Palatinate Count, another elector, whose territory was part of Bavaria from 1816 to 1945). 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 14/14
  15. 15. Informatik The northern part of Rhineland-Palatinate The region between Bingen and Koblenz is also known as the Middle Rhine World Heritage. Kaub: Pfalzgrafenstein 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 15/14
  16. 16. Informatik Some technical remarks • Internet use during the workshop: login as emil, password VR*?*6 in any of the computer classrooms in this building. • Mandate document: Please take one home (one per partner!) and write me an e-mail with the necessary details. • Travel cost reimbursement: Please list the travel costs which you had to pay on the respective form and return it to me, payment follows during Wednesday or Thursday. 23 January 2009 ECESIS Kick-Off Meeting 16/14