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New Materialities

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Keynote lecture to the Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries conference, Trondheim, April 20-23 2015

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New Materialities

  1. 1. Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries 2015, Trondheim New Materialities Andrew Prescott University of Glasgow
  2. 2. Roll from the English royal chancery, 1379-1380
  3. 3. 14th-century ‘pipe roll’ from the English Royal Exchequer now made available via the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website at the O’Quinn Law Library, University of Houston:
  4. 4. The Benedictional of St Æthelwold, London, British Library, Add. MS. 49598, ff. 90v-91: Blessing for the feast of St Ætheldreda
  5. 5. 3D imaging of the eighth-century St Chad Gospels at Lichfield Cathedral by Professor William Endres, University of Kentucky:
  6. 6. Stephen Fry’s Challenge:
  7. 7. Sara Weigold, The Book of Bipolarity:
  8. 8. Cathy Horton’s interactive shipping forecast map, made using conductive ink:
  9. 9. Conductive ink and electric paint: Bare Conductive
  10. 10. Conductive ink used to draw (or write) a circuit - or paint a light switch on the wall
  11. 11. Mike Shorter and Jon Rogers, A Touch of Fry
  12. 12. Eduardo Kac, Lagoglyph Sound System, proof of concept, 2012
  13. 13. Fabio Lattanzi Antinori, Dataflags: Lehmann Brothers (2014) Somerset paper, screenprint, data from the last ten years of Lehman Brothers’ financial trading, electric paint, soundsystem, custom code, voice soprano (Madge).
  14. 14. Dalziel and Pow, Engaging Space exhibit at Retail Design Expo, London, March 2015. A combination of data projection and conductive ink is used to create an interactive mural:
  15. 15. The reinvention of the codex, paper and ink by modern artists is a reminder that books are artefacts. Each one is a iunique object, like a museum object. The way in which different owners treated the illustrations in the Voyage to Jamaica by Sir Hans Sloane tells us a lot about eighteenth-century attitudes to Empire. But to reconstruct this, we need to examine each copy of the book.
  16. 16. “Aestheticode is a machine readable and human readable aesthetic encoding system. It is similar in function to a barcode, except it looks like a Sol LeWitt wall painting or Gerhard Richter's window in the Cologne Cathedral. Its complexity is similar to that of morse code”. Aestheticodes:
  17. 17. Steve Benford’s introduction to the project is at: “We’ve made a musical instrument that tells you its own life story. It captures its history and will play it back to you”
  18. 18. Tangible Memories project: • An app that enables residents to work with families and care staff to create their own interactive life history books or group history books. Stories are recorded into the book and played back by simply scanning pages of the book. • An interactive rocking chair that enables residents to listen to audio including sounds of nature, poems and favourite music. • A tactile patchwork cushion which can be programmed to play favourite music or audio stories – personalized for individual residents, using printed images and visual recognition software. • A ‘pick up to play’ music app, that makes listening to a memory filled music playlist as simple as picking up the phone. • The use of Virtual Reality headsets that can transport residents to local landmarks and places they are no longer able to visit.
  19. 19. Physical Charts, a project by Microsoft Research Cambridge for the Tenison Road community project that set out to encourage civic engagement with locally generated data, such as surveys on traffic and air quality. The result is a mechanical pie chart made from slices of sheet plastic attached to a central motor and bar chart constructed from motorised measuring tapes, both of which animate to display real-time data. They are now on display in a shop window in Cambridge.
  20. 20. The Benedictional of St Æthelwold, London, British Library, Add. MS. 49598, ff. 90v-91: Blessing for the feast of St Ætheldreda
  21. 21. German books owned by the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge in the British Library:
  22. 22. Tom Schofield, Marginalia Machine, part of the Poetics of the Archive project based around the archive of the publishers Bloodaxe Books at the University of Newcastle:
  23. 23. YourFry Toronto: 3D wearable interactive library cards: The Library as Virtual Catalyst: befriending people from the past: Duncan Jordanstone College of Design Dundee Hack the University:
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    Apr. 28, 2015

Keynote lecture to the Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries conference, Trondheim, April 20-23 2015


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