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  1. 1. Hum… I’m What were you terribly sorry… saying? I wasn’t listening… I was just presuming that…
  2. 2. What were you doing last night at 10:25, Ms. Jamieson? I was dinning out with the Parksons. She has a good alibi, I dare say,Holmes,don’t you think?…
  3. 3. Mr. Bullock climbed the Mr. Bullock stairs when he was tripped andclimbing the fell…stairs when he tripped Upon myand fell… faith,Watson… That’s it!
  4. 4. •Action in progress at a definite time in•Enumeration the pastof actions thatfinished in the •The action was still happeningpast when another•Result action started in the past
  5. 5. Well, I wasDid you hear or trying to read see anything last night strange last around 10:15night at 10:25? when I saw a strange light at my window. I was preparing to go to bed when I heard someone screaming.
  6. 6. …when I walked into the room. Past ProgressiveMr.Bullock and Ms. Jamieson were arguing about something…
  7. 7. Did you Could you tellsee or hear me what you were doing anything exactly at 10,25 suspect? last Monday? Strange …
  8. 8. Last…/ Years ago / in ( year)/yesterday from (year ) to + Past ( year)+Past Simple Simple While / As + Past Progressiv e
  9. 9. I waswaiting for animportantcall. 4)
  10. 10. 02 JUIN2005
  11. 11. 1. http://www.onestopenglish.com5. Dean ,Michael- English Grammar Lessons, Oxford University Press,19936. Dugal,Monique- Notes de cours FPE 7650, TIC dans l’enseignement aux moyens et grands groupes, UQAM, Fac de l’education, automne 2004