Centuropean Group Software and Mobile Marketing Services


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Centuropean Group Software and Mobile Marketing Services

  1. 1. Centuropean GroupServices and Solutions
  2. 2. Outline  About Centuropean Group  Solutions  Services  References
  3. 3. About Centuropean Group Founded in 2011, Centuropean Group offers full range of custom software development services including mobile services and applications development, Internet based applications development, ecommerce, and e-business consulting. Our headquarters is located in the center of Europe; in Vienna, Austria. With respected partners, Centuropean Group provides its corporate solutions on mobile marketing, e-commerce and database management systems. • Extensive mobile solutions • E-commerce, workflow management and virtual payment systems • Database management systems are developed and consultancy services are provided. • Video applications for both companies and end-users
  4. 4. Solutions Mobil Services and Platforms Mobil Marketing Platform & Applications Infotainment Services Mobile Campaign Management Platform Social Network Services Target Marketing Location Based Services Permission Marketing Group Messaging Services Sponsored Messaging Interactive Services (Games, Questionnaires, Bulk Messaging Promotion etc.) Social Media Enabled Mobile Marketing 3G Services Mobile QR Code Generation and Management Corporate Mobile Applications Mobil Device Applications Integrated Messaging Android, Blackberry, WinMobile Applications Ring Back Tone Portal (RBT based on Huawei) iPhone / IPAD Applications MMS Portal Java (J2ME) Applications Mobil Education Games (Online, Indoor/Outdoor Interactive Game Design) Vehicle Tracking WAP Sites Corporate Social Network and Micro-blogging Mobile TV Internet & E-commerce Solutions E-commerce portals (B2C and C2C portals) Corporate websites, launcher pages Dealer portals (B2B portals) Internet application development
  5. 5. Solutions – Mobile Marketing  Mobile Campaign Management  Sample Mobile Campaigns  Overview  Voucher  Web-based user, administration  Lottery and reporting interfaces  Questionnaire  Campaign creation and management interfaces  Competition  Campaign time periods may be  Poll specified  Promotion  Unlimited keyword support  Mobile Coupon  More than 100.000 queries per hour are supported  Who can benefit?  Reporting on campaign, date,  GSM operators keyword and MSISDN bases  Mobile marketing agencies  Blacklist management  Other corporate  Advanced integration structure organizations  Content providers
  6. 6. Solutions – Mobile Marketing Target and Permission Marketing Overview  Web-based user, administration and reporting interface Capability of offering different campaigns for different agencies using the same database of opted-in users  Workflow management and approval mechanism different authorization levels  Campaign creation and management with different authorization levels  Target group creation, updating and deleting  Messaging list creation and management  Various message types (SMS, MMS, WAP Push)  Reporting on campaign, date, keyword and MSISDN bases  DLR support where available  Alphanumeric description for messages  Filtering options (through database, file or remote service)  Black- and whitelist management  Setting daily or weekly message limits is possible  Advanced integration structure and zero data loss thanks to database backups
  7. 7. Solutions – Mobile Marketing Sponsored and Bulk Messaging Overview  Web-based user, administration and reporting interfaces  Capability of offering different campaigns for different advertisers  Workflow management and approval mechanism different authorization levels  Various message types (SMS, MMS, WAP Push)  Managing text and audio-visual ads for different message types  Running dates of campaigns may be specified  Ability to limit sponsored messages for any given campaign  Various advertising channels for Web, WAP and other mobile channels  Reporting on agency, brand, campaign, date, keyword and MSISDN bases  Advanced analyzing options for ads  Alphanumeric description for messages  Black- and whitelist management  Advanced integration structure  High accessibility and performance  Zero data loss thanks to database backups
  8. 8. Solutions – Mobile Marketing Mobile QR Code Campaing Management System Sample Applications  Overview  Voucher Web-based user, administration and  Lottery reporting interfaces  Questionnaire  Support for various gypes QR Competition    DataMatrix  Poll SMS, Vcard,text, url, calendar, event,  Promotion location etc.  Location games SMS Text Location Vcard URL VCalendar
  9. 9. Solutions – Mobile Services  Infotainment Services  All mobile services are provided with Mobile Service Creation environment and Content Management System  News, sports, weather, lottery games etc.  Subscription and non subscription services  Periodical message sending and query services  SMS, MMS, WAP Push and Wap based content  Promotion via SMS and WAP Channel  Location, event and promotion queries  Advanced report and support interfaces
  10. 10. Solutions – Mobile Services  Location based services  Location based services are provided with Mobile Service Creation environment  Location based application platform services  Service types:  Location based infotainment  Location based gams  Location based social network  Vehicle tracking  “Where is…” services
  11. 11. Solutions – Mobile Services  Group messaging services  Web based content management, messaging & website administration and reporting interfaces  Group creation and management  Sending messages to the group  Specifying access permissions for the group  Joining and leaving available groups  Creating messaging communities without revealing members phone numbers  Group members may be charged with 1 message per each  Message sender can be charged for all  Reporting on date, group, keyword and MSISDN bases  Advanced reporting and support interfaces
  12. 12. Solutions – Mobile Marketing Interactive Services Sample Services  Overview  Contests with multiple  Web based content management, choices messaging & website  Contests without any given administration and reporting choices, that answers are interfaces typed  Various contest, poll, voting  Karaoke and dance contests scenarios can be created and run simultaneously  Prepaid card contests  Reporting on contest, poll, voting,  Radio contests date, keyword and MSISDN bases  Newspaper contests  Winner and substitute lists  Number guessing games reporting  Mastermind game  Integration with third-party applications  Both continuous and momentary high performance (100.000 messages/hour can be processed by a basic installation)
  13. 13. Solutions – Mobile Marketing 3G Services Sample Services  Overview  3G News and Sport services  Web-based content management,  3G Video-on-demand services application administration and reporting interfaces  Different video types for different devices (transcoding structure)  Integration with Content Delivery Network (CDN)  Scenarios of paid content  Content creation both for periodic delivery or for delivery on a specific time  Video message delivery without delay, high achieving service infrastructure  Video on demand -through queries  Subscription structure can be defined  Restricted content  Advanced reporting
  14. 14. Solutions – Corporate Mobile Applications  Integrated Messaging  Web-based user, website administration and reporting interfaces  Integration points:  SMSC, MMSC, E-mail servers, Billing systems, Subscribers database and applications ,Contact list database and applications, Marketing campaign management database and applications, SSO (Single-Sign-On) structure, USSD  Different types of messaging through single interface (SMS, MMS, E-mail)  Contact list autosearch and autocompletion when composing messages, Contact, group list creation and editing  MMS Composer support  Sending a single message to many contacts and to a group  Capability of forwarding mobile messages to the application  Scalable, high achieving and secure platform infrastructure  Theme support (available for different user groups or marketing campaigns)  Advanced reporting and support interfaces
  15. 15. Thank You…Centuropean Group GmbHBusinessPark Vienna Twin TowerWienerberg Straße 11/12AVienna - Austriainfo@centuropean-group.comwww.centuropean-group.comTel: 0043 (676) 711 83 29 0043 (676) 711 83 27 0043 (660) 60 100 60