A How-To Guide to Video + Social Media


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A How-To Guide to Video + Social Media

  1. 1. Like, Link, Share, TweetA How-To Guide toVideo + Social MediaBrightcove, Inc.© March 2011From blended distribution to social sharing functionalityto metadata, this guide covers everything you need toknow to extend, enhance and amplify your online videostrategy with social media.
  3. 3. 3What We’ll CoverSocial media and video together make a very powerfulcombination. Whether you are a media company syndicatingyour content to social channels or a brand marketer using socialprofiles to build awareness and nurture customer relationships,video and social media can work together to address wide-ranging business goals.In this guide we’ll talk about how social media platforms helpyou connect with your audience to maximize the reach of yourcontent. We’ll look at the scale of the opportunity, how videoand social media supports key business goals, and share tips tooptimize activity for each unique site. You like this.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. 4Is Video Social? Social Media TodayWhen people talk about social media, the first things that Social media in all forms is approaching its adolescence. It’sinevitably come to mind are social networking platforms like no longer brand new, and a lot of folks have eagerly adoptedFacebook and Twitter. Video, on the other had, has often it and have become comfortable making it a daily part of theirbeen thought of as a presentation medium for broadcasting sharing and consumption habits online. Social sites are rapidlyone-to-many messages, rather than encouraging conversation growing the size of their share of the time that users spendand allowing for social contribution. So can video really be online. Activity on social networks and blogs now accounts forconsidered a social medium? 22.7% of time spent online.1Of course it can. And it should be! Video is one of the most We’re in the middle of a period where we can finally reach thepopular and fastest-growing content types shared across the world directly. Relationships and connections are codified toWeb today. Video has become a basic expectation among spread content and ideas. Customers are responding directly toInternet users for how we communicate with each other on the their favorite brands. Companies keep engaged with their mostWeb and across mobile and desktop devices. active customers.Video is inherently social: Budgets look a lot different than they used to in traditional advertising models. Publishers are making the next transition Video is a powerful and potent medium. Moving images to push their digital content to socially syndicated channels. show the full range of human emotion, topped only by Companies, brands, and organizations are evolving their talking to someone face to face. marketing messages to become content producers using Video wants to be shared. It reaches its highest impact all available media to tell their stories in the places where when it goes viral. consumers increasingly spend the bulk of their online time: on Twitter, on Facebook, YouTube, and RSS/newsreaders. High quality production is getting cheaper by the And the opportunity here is enormous. Between the scale of day, and cameras are everywhere – on mobile phones, these audiences, and the engagement and page views were webcams, Flip Cameras. Video has become the medium seeing on social sites, it would be silly to ignore the amount of of the people! user attention that is put toward these sites daily.Video sits at the center of a set of emerging platforms Here is a recap of the scale of social media today to give you aand powerful trends online that are changing the way we better sense of the activity and opportunity:communicate, share information, and engage with media. Social Media2 9 out of every 10 U.S. Internet users are now visiting a social network each month. 15.6% of all time spent online globally is on social networks amongst users ages 15 and older 4.5 hours is the average time spent on social networking sites each month by U.S. Internet users© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. 5 Video and Social Media: A Match Made in HeavenFacebook 3500 Million active users. By comparison, that makes Videos shared through social media outlets perform very wellFacebook’s user base equivalent to the third largest global compared to their static counterparts. We have seen a directpopulation, second only to China and India. correlation between social media referrals and engagement rates, so there is an easy reason to keep social sharing tools on130 friends for each average user as the default in your video players.900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, When social media users come across videos in their feeds,events, community pages) they have a lot of reasons to click play:80 connections per average user (pages, groups, events) The fact your friend bothered to share the video at all90 pieces of content created each month by the average user seems to suggest that it is something worth your time.30 billion pieces of content (Web links, news stories, blog Videos coming from a friend, whether close or anposts, notes, photo albums) shared each month acquaintance, gives weight to the content.20 million Facebook applications installed every day Friends are statistically likely to have similar interests, so3rd largest site for watching video in the U.S. that gives further motivation to click play.10% of U.S. page views in 2010 can be attributed to Facebook These conclusions might seem like no-brainers, but the data79% growth in total time spent on the site in the U.S. for 2010 bears this out as well.Twitter 4 Social Media Referrals and Engagement175 million registered users In our partnered quarterly research with TubeMogul, we have95 million tweets are sent per day found out a lot about the relationship between social media and video referrals. Video referrals describe the ways peopleYouTube5 discover your videos, whether that is by searching for keywords13 million hours of video were uploaded during 2010 or by clicking a link from social media such as Facebook or Twitter.35 hours of video are uploaded every minute As of last quarter, Facebook surpassed Yahoo! as the referral700 billion playbacks in 2010 source second only to Google in driving traffic to online4 million people are connected and auto-sharing to at least video content for media companies and brands. Facebookone social network now accounts for 11.8% of all referred video traffic to media companies (See Figure 1). To put this in perspective, Google1 AutoShared Tweet results in ~6 new YouTube sessions accounted for 66.6% and Yahoo! accounted for 16% of the U.S.Online Video6 search market in the same period according to comScore.88.6 million average daily unique viewers in the US Facebook’s emergence as the top referring site for video is an important change to grasp. More people are finding videos14.2 hours of online video were watched on average in using the social platform than they are using the popularDecember 2010 by US audiences search engine and content platform. One factor driving this201 videos streamed on average per month by Americans is Facebook’s increasing support for white-listed embeddedvideo viewers in December 2010 video players that allows video to play directly in the social stream, allowing for contextual viewing without requiring anyUsers are consuming, sharing, and clicking through, all filtered redirect of traffic to view videos.through their social connections. What search did for relevancein results, social networks are doing for content discovery.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. 6Figure 1 Figure 2Source: Brightcove & TubeMogul Online Video and the Media Industry Source: Brightcove & TubeMogul Online Video and the Media IndustryReport Q4 2010 Report Q4 2010In Q4 2010, Facebook and Twitter accounted for the highest TIP: Make sure you have equipped all the video players onengagement rates across all media categories by referral your site with prominent social sharing buttons. The easiersource (See Figure 2). This means that viewers that discover you make it for viewers to share your videos through socialvideos through friends and influencers that they follow are platforms, the more chances you have to generate engagedmore likely to watch more or even complete an entire video. follow-on views. Of course, there are special use cases where you might not want people to share your videos away from the original context, but we think that is the exception to the rule.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. 7The Business of Social Media:Or, Why My Boss Will CareSocial media is nothing but a buzzword if you don’t have Loyalty: Fresh video content gives loyal customers reasonsbusiness goals to align and motivate your social activity. But to continue to engage with your company, especially if youwhen social media and video join forces, they contribute to a continually share with customers that are following yourspecial mix of business outcomes that you and your boss will activity through their Facebook or Twitter feeds.get excited about. Evangelists: Social sharing is quite possibly the easiest way forTraffic: Videos, whether or not they go viral, will inevitably companies to empower their biggest fans to evangelize anddrive more traffic to your site. Forrester found that pages with share their enthusiasm for your company with their friends andvideo stand a 50% better chance than text pages alone of followers. Social sharing buttons enable evangelism throughshowing up on the first page of Google search results.7 Sites sharing like never before.with video are also more likely to be clicked in search results Context: Publishing through social media outlets is really allbecause videos grab searchers attention in text based search about context. By delivering video in the places where usersresults. Video metadata paired with text on the page will also spend their time, you have more chances of making a strongsignificantly contribute to your site’s SEO. impression. You don’t have to drive users to your website toAwareness: Every business wants to build awareness of engage with them, and email is not the only inbox to pushits mission and brand. By making use of the social graph, content to customers these days. Feeds are the new context.businesses can foster word of mouth promotions passed from Putting your video in the social feed context lets customerscustomers to their own networks with incredible ease. The interact with your content in their own preferred mode ofintroduction of Facebook “like” buttons and click-to-share consumption, whether that is through RSS readers, Twitterfeatures removes all friction to make sharing a seamless and streams, or Facebook news feeds. A customer who mightnatural activity, and will result in introducing new opportunities follow you on Facebook won’t necessarily be a Twitter user.for brand impressions to new prospects. We can’t think of any company that does not want to cultivateEngagement: Marketers want both potential and returning and support each and every one of these elements.customers to have a reason to stay on your site and continueconsidering your products and services. Media publishers wantto keep viewers coming back for more content to increaseimpressions. Engaging video content can keep folks on yoursite longer. Socially shared videos have high engagementrates, which results in longer and more meaningful impressionsthat can stay with that viewer to influence their purchasingdecisions later on.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. 8Social Sites and Video:Use Cases from the FieldWe know of course that all social networks are not created Thomas Pink has partnered with Brightcove and Adjust Yourequal. Each has its own mores and modes of interaction and Set to build a robust in-video clickable shopping experience. Asactivities that are inherently built into to the way the sites viewers watch videos on Pink TV on the Thomas Pink website,are designed. This means that best practices for video use calls-to-action overlay the video to highlight items that areand sharing on each platform can vary greatly. Let’s take a featured in the video. Viewers are encouraged to share videoslook at each social platform, talk about how video is uniquely on Facebook and Twitter with sharing buttons right in theintegrated into each one, and look at some Brightcove player controls.examples from the field.FacebookThe News FeedFacebook users look to their constantly updating stream tocatch up on what friends are doing, sharing, and liking. Videosthat playback in the news feed allow viewers to watch withoutnavigating away from their main browsing activity. To supportin-feed playback, Brightcove has partnered with Facebookto white-list video playback of our players so that your fansor friends can view videos without ever leaving the Facebookhomepage.This can be especially important for media companies thatmonetize their content with ads. Videos embedded in theFacebook feed will include whatever ads you have scheduledas they would appear on your own site, so you can make everyimpression count.For brands, the player experience can be as important as thevideo itself. Brightcove player’s basic WYSIWYG customizationor fancier BEML (Brightcove Experience Markup Language)customizations will present those details persistently, whereverviewers share or embed the video, so the experience ispreserved. No other video hosting service allows you this level What’s most exciting about this implementation is that theof customization to ensure that your videos are shared with all clickable video experience travels with the player, whereverthe full-range of support of features that you might get on your it is shared. Check out how Thomas Pink videos shared onown website. a Facebook Wall keep in-player calls-to-action with product details:© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. 9PagesCompanies, celebrities, publications, and brands alike are The U.S. Department of State and the Secretary of State Hillarybuilding Facebook Pages to connect with and encourage Clinton have garnered a significant following on Facebook, withdiscussion amongst their fans. One key element of Facebook about 65,000 fans to date. In an effort to reach constituentsPages is often video. It is just one more place to share your wherever they may be, the Department of State simultaneouslyvaluable content with users that are ready and willing to live streamed Hillary Clinton’s seminal speech on Internetengage where they spend their time. Freedom across all her Web properties using Brightcove, including state.gov, blog.state.gov, America.gov, and its Facebook page, Facebook.com/usdos. The State Department also makes good use of its video content by featuring recent appearances, statements, and events in a video gallery tab where clips are queued up for viewing.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. 10The BBC’s popular car show TopGear uses Brightcove on its With nearly 7,000,000 fans, TopGear’s Facebook page includessite to feature clips from the show and additional content. The high-intensity videos of sleek new cars. Below the video, fanssite’s homepage also features prominently social icons for the are encouraged to “like” the video, which will send it out to theirFacebook pages and Twitter accounts where fans can get more friends’ wall feeds, and viewers are also given the opportunitycontent from their favorite show. to comment on the content. When logged in, you’ll also see the some of your own friends who have already liked the page, which then encourages users to share their interest along with their peers.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. 11TwitterWith a mere 140 characters at your disposal, ever letter counts.That’s why there is a plethora of URL shortening tools out there,from bit.ly to Twitter’s own t.co. More and more publishersare building branded URLs that will automatically use a vanityshortener that displays the brand that will often be the defaultlink used in social sharing buttons associated with a page.Brightcove recently introduced the bcove.me domain to allowsharers to copy a video-specific short URL to include in Tweets.Here is a sample of Twitter users sharing videos using thebcove.me short URL. The link leads Twitter followers directly to this video page with an article and a related video. To the right of the player, WIRED is promoting its own Facebook page where you’ll see friends of yours that have also liked WIRED on Facebook. And at the bottom of the player, WIRED features prominently the email, sharing, link, and embed code options for anyone interested in sharing the video.For media companies, Twitter is a great way to draw attentionto new content as it goes live your website. WIRED uses Twitterupdates to push new videos to their 760,000 some-oddtech-savvy followers. This tweet resulted in 21 retweets, whereWIRED followers watched the video and re-shared it with theirown followers again. You’ll see that they have defaulted to showing the short URL to make it easy for viewers to copy that for wherever they wish to share. The Twitter and Facebook buttons connect to those services to automatically post on those accounts where you are already logged in on your browser.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. 12YouTubeYouTube is of course the ultimate combination of social video, As a publisher with a lot of content, managing video for bothas it was originally built to support social video sharing and YouTube and your own website could become a full-time job.response. YouTube is actually the second largest search engine, Thankfully Brightcove’s YouTube Sync feature allows publishersonly behind its parent company, Google.8 to synchronize their videos directly to your YouTube channel, all from the Brightcove Studio. You can sync all or just someMany publishers are beginning to adopt a blended video of your videos with tag-based rules. Video metadata travelsdistribution strategy that uses Brightcove to serve professional, along with the videos, so you don’t have to spend lots of timehighly customized video on their websites and uses YouTube copying and pasting to duplicate SEO-essential metadata infor exposure and awareness building. There are a few unique both places. And the metadata updates continuously – anyways to optimize YouTube videos that are specific to marketers changes you make to the video will be reflected in the channelwho aim to build awareness and drive viewers back to their site. automatically.Some things to focus on: We have set up our own channel that demonstrates these best Metadata is everything. Detailed and specific video titles practices and uses the full functionality of the YouTube Sync and descriptions with unique keywords will help your features. Notice that each video’s description provides a link video reach its highest relevance potential. The same back to the page it originally appeared on our website. We goes for tags and longer descriptions. have also taken advantage of the Branded Channel features to Don’t miss a link opportunity. Every video you put out further customize the page. Check out the channel for yourself. your channel can and should link back to a relevant page on your website. Use YouTube for its search and discovery capabilities to introduce new audiences to your content and make it do some work for you as a complementary referring site. That makes it easy for people who enjoy your videos to find out more about your company or organization. Adding a URL to the short description of your Brightcove videos will then show up in the description field in your YouTube video. Brand your channel. If you are working with a large amount of video, your YouTube page can serve as another landing page for your brand. Include details about your company in the About section, provide lots of contextual links, and take advantage of the extra branding features that are available to Brand Channels, including channel banners with clickable logos and messaging areas lower on the page.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. 13MobileA lot of companies are developing mobile apps to keep in “There is no better way to showcase Warehouse’s collectionstouch and bring their content to consumers when they are on coming to life and to tell our story than through video,” saidthe go. As it turns out, mobile users are more engaged with Danielle Brown, head of marketing at Warehouse. Here video,content of all types. Facebook has suggested that people using social media, blogs, and ecommerce come together to giveFacebook on their mobile devices are twice as active as non- loyal customers more reasons to keep coming back for fashionmobile users.9 Mobile doesn’t just mean people on the go. It is inspiration.commuters watching a clip on their train ride home. It is iPad iPhone users can also browse the collection and add itemsusers lounging in their living rooms using an app from their directly to their mobile shopping cart the collection, or sharefavorite magazine. clothing with friends using email or Facebook. The app alsoMobile viewers are prime targets for social sharing. Because pushes deal notifications to users, giving frequent shoppersthey view from a small screen, they tend to be very engaged, even more reasons to keep interacting with the app.rather than distracted users who are toggling between multipletabbed windows on a laptop. So if you put those social buttonsprominently in front of your users, whether on your website orin custom mobile apps you develop in-house, you’ll remove allthe friction for mobile users wishing to share with their friends.UK-based fashion retailer Warehouse has developed amobile commerce iPhone app using Brightcove’s iOS SDK torepackage the company’s content and clothing catalog for themobile experience. Browsers can watch videos that Warehousehas developed for its Style Studio TV channel, and read postssyndicated posts from their blog.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. 14Measurement: Social MediaPerformance with Analytics The Quest for the Viral VideoIn order to track the success of your campaigns, you’ve got It is on everyone’s minds when you talk about social media andto have measurable metrics to track. How do we define a video: viral hits. Those videos that become so popular over asuccessful campaign? Where are my viewers coming from? really short period of time that it seems like the entire InternetHow are they finding my content? Once you’ve put all those is talking about it. With the success of viral memes like Doublesocial features out there, there has got to be a way to follow up Rainbow and its chart-topping remix by the masters of auto-on whether that traffic strategy is working. tune, the Gregory Brothers, brands like Old Spice are starting to aim their targets on viral video strategies.Brightcove analytics reports offer detailed insights intoReferring Sites to let you know where viewers are finding We will say, however, that there is no formula for viral success.your video. The report will show traffic sources by domain, so But your video won’t go viral if you aren’t putting it out there,you can see just where viewers are coming from, whether it is either!organic search from Google or from Facebook.com and Twitter That being said, celebrities and media outlets still garnersources. audiences at a scale to be able to push your video over the inflexion point of viral spreading. So one strategy is to identify those appropriate influencers and nurture them as potential sharers for your videos. Others like Old Spice have packed their videos with meme- worthy references that resonate with a specific Internet audience who are more likely to pass on and talk about the videos, which in turn, draws more attention to the campaign. Viral and Social are not the same thing. Viral and social marketing are really two different approaches. One is all about word of mouth recommendations based on positive experiences and trust, and the other is more about making a quick hit with content that gets lots of people talking all at once.Looking at Search Term reports will also help you identify video Most importantly, video does not have to be viral to makekeywords to that can help your site and your videos get found. an impact on your business. Video can deliver the businessYou can use those insights to tweak and adjust metadata, titles, benefits of traffic, awareness, engagement, and loyalty, noand tags to influence the performance of your social video. matter what scale your video operates at.To round it out, you might also think about supplementing withyour own searches on Twitter, using Facebook’s page activitypanels if you are a manager of a page, and monitoring yoursynced YouTube channel traffic. That will give you the mostcomplete picture of your social media and video activity.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. 15Now the [not so] Hard Part: Brightcove SocialProducing Good Social Video Video ChecklistTraditional big-budget, heavily produced video is fair game for There are a few key things that Brightcove publishers can dosocial sharing, but that’s not really the wheelhouse of social to ensure their videos, content, and players are optimized forvideo. Social video best practices derive from lessons from social media:UGC (user generated content) characteristics. Here are a few Enable social sharing buttons in players. Keeping thempointers for qualities that will help your video get shared. on makes it a no-brainer for viewers to start sharing yourMake a good first impression. You need to grab viewers in videos.the first few seconds of your video, so be sure to use thoseseconds wisely! Enable embed codes for sharing. Same goes for exposing embed codes. Give people an incentive to talkShort videos. While long-form content is starting to perform about your content in context to expand your reach.really well in the online video world, it is not the stuff of socialsharing. If you keep your videos under 3 minutes, you will find Promote sharing at video completion. Remind peoplethat people are more willing to share with friends without the that their next step can be a social one.caveat that it will take the length of a regular TV episode. Ifyou’ve got something longer, think about distilling down the Create dedicated social sharing templates. The defaultessential bits into a bite-sized length clip that is more sharable. players are great, but consider creating a dedicated BEML player template that gives your video an extra strongBe funny. Humor is a one of the most common theme across brand impression when your video appears in Facebookviral videos. People tend to want to share things that make streams.them laugh out loud, rather than things that are sad orpoignant. Embed clickable calls to action. Consider equipping yourRemix. Parodies and spoofs do really well in social media video player with clickable call to action overlays thatbecause we all share a common frame of reference. Pick a song, draw engaged viewers back to your site when vieweda movie trailer, or an Internet meme and make it your own. from within the Facebook social stream.Be real. Videos about corporate culture are more likely to be Review performance. Use analytics to monitorpassed around and admired if they truly show the nature of its performance of videos, especially looking at referralemployees’ personality and values. sources to get a sense of how your videos are being shared.Tell a visual story. No one wants to watch a talking head all thetime. Use graphics, use motion, and use color to tell a visual Use scheduling rules. Coordinate social media targetedstory and make the most of the medium. campaigns with rules-based controls in the studio.Don’t worry about fancy production. The right lighting, decentsound, and a plain background can do wonders for a video, Use your metadata. Having complete titles, descriptions,even if you are shooting the image with a Flip Camera. By now, and tags will make it easier for your videos to be found inInternet audiences are used to low-fi user generated content, the first place. Videos are nothing without context!so it can actually add a sense of authenticity and humanness toyour video, not to mention nearly anyone can do it.© 2011 Brightcove Inc. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. 16Social Video ResourcesNow that you are primed and ready to spread your socialvideos, we’ve pulled together some handy resources to helpyou get started.Social Video Brightcove Partners Facebook ResourcesBrightcove Technology Partners build complementary products Facebook Open Graph Social Plugins in Brightcove Playersand services that you can easily integrate with your online Facebook and the Emergence of the Socially-Validated Webvideo experiences and backend workflows. These partnersspecialize in creating interactive social video experiences by Adding a Brightcove player to your Facebook Fan Pagebuilding on the existing Brightcove platform features. Tools Facebook ‘Live Stream Box’allow you to integrate in-context social chat for live events, orlink to a specific timestamp within a video. YouTube ResourcesChatroll YouTube Sync Streamlines Blended Distribution:Clearspring Seriously, it’s so easy.Echo Distributing Video to YouTubeFilemobileFuhu ContactsClipsync Sara Watson Inbound Marketing Content ManagerEmbedly Brightcove Inc.Gigya 617-245-6079IntenseDebate swatson@brightcove.com @smwatLeanInMeebo Brightcove @NabbrOneLoginPluck1 http://blog.nielsen.com/nielsenwire/online_mobile/what-americans-do-online-social-media-and- 6 comScore 2010 US Digital Year in Review games-dominate-activity/ 7 http://blogs.forrester.com/interactive_marketing/2009/01/the-easiest-way.html2 comScore 2010 US Digital Year in Review 8 http://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2010/7/comScore_Releases_3 http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics June_2010_U.S._Search_Engine_Rankings4 http://twitter.com/about 9 http://www.facebook.com/press/info.php?statistics5 http://www.youtube.com/t/press_statistics One Cambridge Center 617 674 6500 tel www.brightcove.com Cambridge, MA 02142 617 395 8352 fax