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Smartphone Usage According to Gender in Turkey

This presentation is prepared for FAS 2013 International Gender Congress.

Smartphones diffused with an epic pace in Turkey, and me and my colleague Mira Elif Demirhan made an academic research on usage habits and rates of smartphones and analyzed data for "gender" parameter.

Smartphone Usage According to Gender in Turkey

  2. 2. @burakBGpolatThis presentation may create question or exclamation marks.!Please do not hesitate to interact with me via Twitter during the presentation.!Now sit tight, prepare your smartphone and enjoy the next 15 minutes.!
  3. 3. What do you have to take with you when you leave your house?!
  4. 4. Keys & Wallet!
  5. 5. Keys, Wallet and Smartphone!
  6. 6. 1000000000!Billion says so.!
  7. 7. Telephone(Tele, Greek: Far off)(Phone, Greek: Sound)System for transmitting voices over a distance using wire or radio, byconverting acoustic vibrations to electrical signals.!Mobile phone(Mobilis, Latin: Movable)Telephone with access to a cellular radio system so it can be used over awide area, without a physical connection to a network.!!SMARTPHONE(Smeart, Old English: Sharp) Mobile phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer,typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable ofrunning general purpose applications.!
  8. 8. SMARTPHONEA mobile phone with advanced computing capabiliy and connectivity!Mobile communication device that uses an identifiable open operating system!Clever gadget that is more than just a phone!Pocket-sized personal computer!!
  9. 9. SMARTPHONEA Mobile Phone.!A Mobile Computer.!Smarten our lives.!!
  10. 10. 1876Alexander Graham Bellinvents telephone.!!1935First telephone call aroundthe world.!!1946AT&T introduced MobileTelephone Service.!!1973Motorola produced the firsthandheld mobile phone.!!1993IBM Simon is launched.Simon is considered as thefirst smartphone.!!1999RIM introduced Blackberry.!!2007Apple‘s iPhone: Displaywith multi-touch function,video player, mobile phone,camera and internetbrowser in one device. !!
  11. 11. Brand New Smart World!
  12. 12. + 1 Billion Smartphone Users!!Global Mobile Traffic Represents 13% of Internet’s Overall Traffic!!+3 Billion Applications Downloaded From App Strore!
  13. 13. ?! !!
  14. 14. 68000000!42000000!10000000!mobile3GsmartTurkey is mobile.!FACT
  15. 15. Turkey is connected.!90% of the smartphone users are connected to Internet.!(Highest Rank in Developing Markets)
  16. 16. Turkey is social.!75% of the smartphone users are active in social media.!(Highest Mobile Social Media Usage Rates)!
  17. 17. An innovation’s diffusion levels are high, the genderdifferential should be growing smaller,!however!there is a significant divergence inmobile phone ownership betweenmen and women.!ManuelCastells
  18. 18. !!!!!!
  19. 19. Which criteria do come out for genders on effectingsmartphone ownership decision?!What kind of smartphone usage habits do men andwomen have?!12
  20. 20. !!!218 194Demography of survey52.9% 47.1%412
  21. 21. 412Under 18!18-25!26-30!31-40!41-50!Over 50!38.8 %Demography of survey31.6 %10.7 %13.6 %2.9%2.4%Middle School!High School!Vocational School!Bachelor!Master!PhD!0-1000!1000-2500!2500-5000!5000-10000!10000+!53.9%16%13.6%7.3%3.9%5.3%27.7%31.1%29.6%9.2%2.4%AGE eDUCATIONMONTHLY INCOME
  22. 22. 28.4% 44.3%27.5% 23.7%15.6% 8,2%7,2%8,3%5,5% 6,2%Current Smartphone Brand of Participants
  23. 23. 35.8% 54.1%17.4% 26.3%18.3% 0%10.3%0.3%0.1% 0.1%deSired smartphone Brand of Participants
  24. 24. 10.7%8.9%8%7.4%7.3%7.2%7%6.9%6.7%5.9%Parameters on Smartphone purchasing decISIONOSBattery LifeApp. VarietyTouch ScreenAppearancePriceWi-FiBrand Value3GInterface DesignWi-FiTouch Screen3GOSBattery LifeBrand ValueAppearancePriceApp VarietyCam. Quality9,4%8.9%8,7%8,4%8,2%7.7%7.6%7,4%6.8%6.3%
  25. 25. Functionality connectivity
  26. 26. 0!0-0.99!1-4.99!5-9.99!10-19.99!20+!Application store expenditure52.8%11.1%9.3%12%7.4%7.4%47.9%13.5%13.5%15.5%5.2%4.2%
  27. 27. Top applicationsWhatsapp1Facebook2Twitter3Foursquare4Instagram5IBB Trafik6GMail7Evernote8Whatsapp1Facebook2Twitter3Foursquare4 Instagram5IBB Trafik6GMail7Linkedin8
  28. 28. !!!!!!BACKUP71.6% 59.2%Data is the new oil, so back up!
  29. 29. -100!-80!-60!-40!-20!0!20!40!60!80!100!Idle Timeat Work orSchool !Travelingas apassenger!Waiting inLine!Resting! Working orStudying!In theBathroom!Whileexercising!In Car(Parked orStopped)!Driving Car! ListeningMusic!Walking! WatchingTV!Shopping!When is smartphone USED?Frequently!Never!
  30. 30. !!!!!!When is smartphone USED?THE DIVERGENCE
  31. 31. -100!-80!-60!-40!-20!0!20!40!60!80!100!WhY is smartphone USED?Frequently!Never!
  32. 32. WHY is smartphone USED?THE DIVERGENCE
  33. 33. !!!!!!
  34. 34. What do you have to take with you when you leave your house?!
  35. 35. Smartphone!