Maritime Medical Insurance by Bupa 2014


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Bupa Maritime Medical Insurance, Maritime Medical Insurance by Bupa International. Email to

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Maritime Medical Insurance by Bupa 2014

  1. 1. Bupa Maritime PlanIntroducing BupaMARITIME PLAN COVERMARITIME PLAN COVER
  2. 2. Bupa Maritime PlanWHAT ISCOVERED ?
  3. 3. Overall Yearly MaximumBupa Maritime Plan
  4. 4. Outpatient TreatmentFor Indonesia Oil and Gas CompaniesBupa Maritime Plan
  5. 5. InPatient TreatmentBupa Maritime Plan
  6. 6. Further BenefitsBupa Maritime Plan
  7. 7. Bupa Maritime Plan
  8. 8. Wherever you are, you’re just a phonecall away. Our 24/7 multilingual helpline isready and waiting. To get you to thenearest medical centre. As soon as possible.Straight to the nearestCentre of medical excellence.EEvacuationvacuationBupa Maritime PlanOptional Benefits
  9. 9. Our higher level of assistance cover givesyou choice of returning your staff to theirnational country of origin for treatment, if,for medical reasons, the treatment is notavailable locally.An option to be treated inyour home country.RRepatriationepatriationOptional BenefitsBupa Maritime Plan
  10. 10. Exclusions to Maritime PlanFor Indonesia Oil and Gas Companies• Pre-existing– Conditions that are present prior to joining Bupa Intl• Preventative– Inoculations, routine checks, health screenings• Congenital– Conditions present since birth• Self Inflicted– Attempted suicides, self harmBupa Maritime Plan
  11. 11. Bupa Maritime Plan
  12. 12. Bupa Maritime PlanStarting a Maritime PlanWith minimum
  13. 13. Maritime Subscription RatesBupa Maritime PlanThese subscriptions are applicable from 1st October 2010 and relate to thecost of cover per person.
  14. 14. We are able to arrange directTransfer of covers for your staffIf they leave your company, soas to ensure that they receivecontinuation of Bupa cover inAsia or other parts of the World.Transferring MembershipBupa Maritime Plan
  15. 15. Bupa Maritime Plan
  16. 16. Bupa Maritime Plan
  17. 17. Bupa Contact (United Kingdom)General Enquiries: +44 (0) 1273 323 563Medical Centre: +44 (0) 1273 333 911Fax: +44 (0)1273 820517Bupa Maritime PlanBupa InternationalRussell HouseRussell MewsBrighton BN1 2NRUnited KingdomContact Numbers :
  18. 18. Bupa Alarm Centre in London uses state-of-the-art technology andcurrently has over 50 people working shifts around the clock 24/7 –365 days.Bupa Maritime PlanInternational Emergency Number
  19. 19. Bupa Maritime Plan
  20. 20. Treats more than800,0000 peopleIn hospitalsevery yearProvides healthcareto more than 30,000companiesOver 10 millioncustomersBased in UKwith customersin 192 countriesaroundthe worldProvides 100,000Health checkseach yearLooks aftermore than 1700children in crechesLooks aftermore than 16,000elderly peopleSpends $6meach day onhealth careBritish United Provident AssociationFounded in 1947The Bupa Group
  21. 21. Growing World of BupaBupaUKBupaIrelandBupaSpainBupaMaltaBupaAustraliaBupaThailandBupaHong KongBupaArabiaChicagoHartfordTunisiaEgyptU.A.E.Hong KongUKArgentinaGuatemalaBolivia(Amedex)Miami(Amedex)El PasoSan DiegoMexicoNicaraguaCosta RicaEcuadorPetonville,San Juan,St Thomas,SantoDomingoVenezuelaFranceSpain(IHI)Miami(IHI)UKHong Kong(IHI)DenmarkBolivia(IHI)BupaChina
  22. 22. Bupa International Vision““Taking care ofTaking care ofthe lives inthe lives inour handsour hands””Bupa Maritime Plan
  23. 23. Bupa Maritime Plan• Based in London, United Kingdom• 40 years of medical insurance experience• Over 11 million membership• Customers in over 195 countries• More than GBP5 Billion in reservesAbout Bupa International
  24. 24. Bupa Maritime Plan• Has about 300 private healthcare homes in UK• Has more than 7,500 Panel Hospital Network• Bupa is the World Largest Expatriate HealthInsurance Provider• Operates a 24/7 - 365 days Multilingual Hotline• Won the prestigious Queen’s Award for 8 timesAbout Bupa International
  25. 25. World ClassHealthcareProviderBupa Maritime PlanAbout Bupa International
  26. 26. Bupa Cromwell HospitalBupa Maritime PlanBupa Cromwell HospitalBupa Cromwell Hospital162-174 Cromwell RoadLondon SW5 0TU,United Kingdom
  27. 27. Specialist Schemes by BupaBupa International offer discounted rates to groups who fall underthese two industries. Members can choose betweenEssential, Classic & Gold cover, although benefitsand age bands may vary.Oil & GasIndustryMaritimeIndustryBupa Maritime Plan
  28. 28. Bupa Maritime Plan