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Maritime Medical Insurance by Bupa 2012


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Bupa Maritime Medical Insurance, Maritime Medical Insurance by Bupa International

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Maritime Medical Insurance by Bupa 2012

  1. 1. Introducing Bupa MARITIME PLAN COVERBupa Maritime Plan
  2. 2. WHAT IS COVERED ?Bupa Maritime Plan
  3. 3. Overall Yearly MaximumBupa Maritime Plan
  4. 4. Outpatient TreatmentBupa Maritime PlanFor Indonesia Oil and Gas Companies
  5. 5. InPatient TreatmentBupa Maritime Plan
  6. 6. Further BenefitsBupa Maritime Plan
  7. 7. Bupa Maritime Plan
  8. 8. Optional Benefits Evacuation Straight to the nearest Centre of medical excellence. Wherever you are, you’re just a phone call away. Our 24/7 multilingual helpline is ready and waiting. To get you to the nearest medical centre. As soon as possible.Bupa Maritime Plan
  9. 9. Optional Benefits An option to be treated in your home country. Our higher level of assistance cover gives you choice of returning your staff to their national country of origin for treatment, if, Repatriation for medical reasons, the treatment is not available locally.Bupa Maritime Plan
  10. 10. Exclusions to Maritime Plan • Pre-existing – Conditions that are present prior to joining Bupa Intl • Preventative – Inoculations, routine checks, health screenings • Congenital – Conditions present since birth • Self Inflicted – Attempted suicides, self harmBupa Maritime PlanFor Indonesia Oil and Gas Companies
  11. 11. Bupa Maritime Plan
  12. 12. Starting a Maritime Plan With minimumBupa Maritime Plan
  13. 13. Maritime Subscription Rates These subscriptions are applicable from 1st October 2010 and relate to the cost of cover per person.Bupa Maritime Plan
  14. 14. Transferring Membership We are able to arrange direct Transfer of covers for your staff If they leave your company, so as to ensure that they receive continuation of Bupa cover in Asia or other parts of the World.Bupa Maritime Plan
  15. 15. Bupa Maritime Plan
  16. 16. Bupa Maritime Plan
  17. 17. Bupa Contact (United Kingdom) Bupa International Russell House Russell Mews Brighton BN1 2NR United Kingdom Contact Numbers : General Enquiries: +44 (0) 1273 323 563 Medical Centre: +44 (0) 1273 333 911 Fax: +44 (0)1273 820517Bupa Maritime Plan
  18. 18. International Emergency Number Bupa Alarm Centre in London uses state-of-the-art technology and currently has over 50 people working shifts around the clock 24/7 – 365 days.Bupa Maritime Plan
  19. 19. Bupa Maritime Plan
  20. 20. The Bupa Group Based in UK Provides healthcare Over 10 million with customers to more than 30,000 customers in 192 countries companies around the world Treats more than Spends $6m 800,0000 people each day on In hospitals health care every year Looks after Looks after Provides 100,000 more than 1700 more than 16,000 Health checks children in creches elderly people each year British United Provident Association Founded in 1947
  21. 21. Growing World of Bupa UK Denmark Tunisia Bupa Chicago Bupa UK UK Hartford Bupa China Ireland El Paso Hong Kong FranceSan Diego Spain Bupa (IHI) Hong Kong Miami (Amedex) Bupa Hong Kong Mexico Miami Spain (IHI) (IHI) Bupa Guatemala Bupa Thailand Malta Bupa Costa Rica Arabia Nicaragua Petonville, U.A.E. San Juan, Bolivia St Thomas, (IHI) Santo Domingo Ecuador Bolivia (Amedex) Egypt Bupa Venezuela Australia Argentina
  22. 22. Bupa International Vision “Taking care of the lives in our hands”Bupa Maritime Plan
  23. 23. About Bupa International • Based in London, United Kingdom • 40 years of medical insurance experience • Over 11 million membership • Customers in over 195 countries • More than GBP5 Billion in reservesBupa Maritime Plan
  24. 24. About Bupa International • Has about 300 private healthcare homes in UK • Has more than 7,500 Panel Hospital Network • Bupa is the World Largest Expatriate Health Insurance Provider • Operates a 24/7 - 365 days Multilingual Hotline • Won the prestigious Queen’s Award for 8 timesBupa Maritime Plan
  25. 25. About Bupa International World Class Healthcare ProviderBupa Maritime Plan
  26. 26. Bupa Cromwell Hospital Bupa Cromwell Hospital 162-174 Cromwell Road London SW5 0TU, United KingdomBupa Maritime Plan
  27. 27. Specialist Schemes by Bupa Oil & Gas Maritime Industry Industry Bupa International offer discounted rates to groups who fall under these two industries. Members can choose between Essential, Classic & Gold cover, although benefits and age bands may vary.Bupa Maritime Plan
  28. 28. Bupa Maritime Plan