Modern interior design tips


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Modern interior design tips

  1. 1. Modern Interior Design Tips
  2. 2. Interior design is one discipline that can have a profound effect onthe look, feel and perception of your home. Even if a home is largeror in a more desirable neighbourhood, if the design aspect is lackingso will people’s perception.Interior design using modern furniture, concepts and accessories is agreat way to keep your home with the times or boost the resalevalue if you’re looking to sell.Here are some modern interior design tips that will make your homelook great.
  3. 3. Modern Design Through the YearsFirst, here’s a quick list of some of the more popular modernfurniture and design styles since 1900: Gothic Revival (1851-1914) - natural materials and designs. Art Nouveau (circa 1900) - based on flowing lines and influencedby Japanese art. Art Deco (1918-1939) - lots of colours and patterns; influencedby cubism and primitive art. Bauhaus (1919-1933) - more technological, man-made items.
  4. 4. Through the Years cont… International Modern (1925-1947) - no regional, or historicinfluences; focus on machine-age technology. High Tech (1980-1990s) - lots of emphasis on machines andscience and technology. Adirondack (1890s - present) - rustic and natural-looking woodpieces. Helps to create a lodge type of look and feel.
  5. 5. Don’t Be Afraid of ColourIn modern interior design, colour is your friend and you shouldn’tshy away. If you really want to dive into modern design and usemodern furniture, get on board with the bright colours andunconventional shapes that are used.It’s not uncommon to see accent colours like yellow, purple,orange, red and green in things like throw pillows, bowls, painted orpapered accent walls and vases.
  6. 6. Make It PersonalEven though some modern furniture and design concepts may seemunorthodox, it’s important to fit your own identity in there, as well. Take the time to make your space personal, so there is no doubtthat it belongs to you.This may include your favourite colours, or accessories that showyour interests and hobbies. Another strategy is to include yourspecific tastes in clothing in your interior design.
  7. 7. Consider the SpaceBefore you really get into the planning and implementation, it’simportant to consider the space so you are comfortable and familiarwith the size and layout of each room. Every design will havelimitations in some area, so figure out what yours are before you gettoo far into it.
  8. 8. Keep Comfort In MindSome modern furniture may look sleek and colourful and stylish, butif it isn’t comfortable it will ruin the whole effect. Keep in mindthat you want this furniture to sit on and for your guests to sit on. Ifit uncomfortable no one will ever feel relaxed in the space, includingyou.
  9. 9. Keep It SimpleA cluttered space is a huge mistake, no matter how stylish andmodern your furniture is. Using too many pieces and accessorieswill make the room look smaller and can create anxiety for anyonenot fond of small spaces.It’s ok to exclude or get rid unnecessary items that you rarely useand are making the room or rooms look cluttered.
  10. 10. Further Reading…Buona Furniture has Toronto & Mississauga’s largest selection of discount furniture for your bedroom, living room & more. Visit us today at