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himachal explorers 5

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  1. 1. All roads lead to H.X – 5 : 11-16 th September 2007
  2. 2. Himachal Xplorers 5 : Summary When: 11-16 th September 2007 Where: Himachal Pradesh, covering Lahual, Spiti and Pin vallies Route: Delhi-Karnal-Ambala-Chandigarh-Mandi-Kullu-Manali-Rohtang Pass-Chandratal lake-Kunzum Pass-Kaza-Kibber-Pin Valley-Tabo-Sumdo-Nako Lake-Sangla-Chitkul-Rampur-Narkanda-Shimla-Kalka-Ambala-Karnal-Delhi How extreme is it going to be: HX-3 covered this route and some bikes had parts falling off. This should give you an indication of the road conditions. At places, one has to ride thru rivers, streams, glaciers, rocks and what not Pillions: Pillions are most welcome, provided a rider agrees to carry him/her thru out the trip. The Pillion will not force other riders to carry him/her Back up vehicle: No, we arent taking along a back up support vehicle. Riders will carry their luggage on their own in backpacks or in cramster saddle bags
  3. 3. Itinerary 11 th september A long and tiring day to start HX-5. Manali will be the destination for the day Timg Notes Distance/Elevation 0500 Assemble at Karnal bypass 0 0515 The ride begins 0 0715 Breakfast break just before tolltax booth at Karnal 120 0800 Ride continues 120 0900 Cross Ambala and take the Chandigarh highway 190 1000 Cross Chandigarh and take the Manali highway 245 1130 Cross Kiratpur and enter Himachal Pradesh 317 1300 Cross Bilaspur 375/2200 1530 Lunch enroute, cross Mandi 444/2475 1700 Cross Kullu 513/4022 1815 Manali. Destination for night stay. Head to Old Manali, the place to be for bikers. 553/6765
  4. 4. 12 th September A tough day ahead. We will cross two passes, Rohtang and Kunzum. In order to avoid traffic jams enroute, its necessary to leave early from Manali Timing Notes Distance/Elevation 0700 Wake up call by me 0815 Time to leave 0.0/6765 0845 Cross Kothi. Have breakfast 16/8349 1015 Cross Marhi 40/- 1045 Rohtang pass. Pictures and play with the snow 52/13134 1145 Continue the ride. 1200 Gramphoo. Take a right to spiti. Tough roads ahead 63/10560 1245 Chhatru 80/11784 1330 Batal. Head to Chandratal lake 104/13068 1400 Chandratal lake. One hell of a place to be at 120/14091 1430 Head back. Kunzum should be done before evening 1530 Kunzum pass. Highest point of the trip. Visit the temple, take pictures, and continue the ride by 1630 148/15018 1715 Losar, destination for the night 167/13460
  5. 5. 13 th September Another tough day. Highlights will be a ride to the worlds highest motorable village and a visit to the biggest monastery in Spiti valley. Today's destination will be Tabo Time Notes Distance/Elevation 0730 Wake up call by me 0930 After breakfast at the hotel, the ride continues 1000 Cross Kiato 15/13081 1100 Rangrik . Take diversion for Ki and Kibber 57/- 49/12210 Take diversion to Ki monastery and Kibber village Ki monastery is the largest monastery in Spiti valley. Kibber village is the worlds highest motorable village 1400 Reach Kaza . Have Lunch and continue for Tabo 82/11880 1600 Reach Tabo, night in the Monastery 127/10065
  6. 6. Another adventurous day today with ending it all in Chitkul. We will be camping for the night. Chitkul is the last town before the tibet border in Sangla valley Time Notes Distance/Elevation 0730 Wake up call by me. 0830 Time to leave 0930 Reach Hoorling and have breakfast 24/9520 1015 Continue the ride 1200 Reach Nako lake. The ride continues after spending some time at the lake 63/12540 1330 Reach Puh 42/9362 1530 Powari 103/- 1545 Karcham. Take a right to Sangla/chintkul 117/6266 1730 Reach Chitkul 161/11385 14 th September 2007
  7. 7. 15 th September 2007 Our last proper day in the Himalayas. From Chitkul, we ride down to the lil hill station of Chail. A long day too, involving a ride of 270kms! Time Notes Distance/Elevation 0730 Wake up call by me 0830 Time to leave 0930 Reach Sangla, have breakfast 26/8844 1030 Continue the ride 1100 Reach Karcham, take a left towards Rampur 44/6266 1230 Cross Jeori 101/4557 1415 Reach Kumarsain and have lunch 179/7095 1500 The ride continues towards Chail 1615 Cross Theog 227/7758 1645 Kurfi. Leave NH22 and take the route to Chail 241/8283 1745 Chail. Destination for the night 270/7095
  8. 8. 16 th September 2007 The last day of HX-5... A boring and fast ride back Time Notes Distance/Elevation 0700 Wake up call 0900 After breakfast, leave for Solan 1015 Solan 45/4725 1115 Parwaano. Break for tea at the open air snacks bar 87/- 1200 Rides continues towards Kalka 1245 Cross Ambala 150 1345 Break at Karnal Mcdees 220 1500 Rides continues 1700 Reach the Karnal Bypass 340
  9. 9. Expenses involved Fuel: Taking example of a Karizma Total km: 1618 Avg Fuel economy: 37kmpl = 43.7L of fuel Total fuel cost: 43.7 * 45 = 1967 Accomodation: app 300 per night per person = 1500 Food: app 150 per person per day = 900 Misc: 500 Total: 4800-4900 (ex-delhi) For riders joining in from other cities, factor in cost for getting the bike by train, plus accomodation in Delhi. Cell phone network: There will hardly be any cell network on day 2,3 and 4 For any other query, shoot an email to [email_address]