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Sex and the city


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Sex and the city

  1. 1. » Sex And The City İs An American Comedy Drama Series Created By Darren Star And Produced By HBO.» Broadcastered From 1998 Untill 2004.» The Original Run Of The Show Had A Total Of 94 Episodes.» Spawned Two Films : 2008 And 2010» Received  7 Of 54 Emmy Award Nominations  8 Of 24 Golden Globe Award Nominations.  3 Of 11 Screen Actors Guild Award Nominations.
  2. 2. A Television Show About Women• Their Friendships,• Their Sex Lives, Living İn New York City.• Their Experiences• Carrie Bradshaw İs The Main Protagonist Of The Show,The Central Character Linking Together Her Three, DistinctiveFriends:• Samantha Jones• Charlotte York• Miranda Hobbes
  3. 3. • Lover Of Shoes And Fashion• Is A Sex Columnist For The Fictional Paper The New York Star.• It is Through The Lens Of Her Columns That Each Episode İs Shaped.
  4. 4. • Sex-loving• Public Relatıons Executive• Slightly Older, And Certainly More Promiscuous Than Her Friends
  5. 5. » Is A Traditional» Is A Hopeless Romantic Who Believes İn The Fairy Tale Version Of Love.» Develops Over The Years To Realize That Fantasy Rarely Matches Reality
  6. 6.  Is Unconventional Not Willing To Sacrifice Herself For A Man.
  7. 7. » Mid 19th – early 20th century.» Fight for social and political equality.» Struggle for women’s suffrage (right to vote)1918 granting the vote to women over the age of 301928 Women received the vote on equal terms as men» Key concerns included education, employment and marriage laws.» Successes – higher education for women, married women’s property rights and the widening of access to professions such as medicine.
  8. 8. » Liberation movement of 1960s and 1970s.» Largely to do with struggles for equal pay, equal rights at work and better representation in public bodies such as Parliament.» Access to contraception: increasing use of contraception and the growth of womens power in decisions about having children.» Highly publicised activism.» Stereotype of humourless, dowdy, man-hating feminist.
  9. 9. » 1980s And 1990s» A Movement To End Sexism , Sexist Explotation And Oppression.» This can be accomplished true political involvement, the writing of feminist theory, the way one dresses, placing important on female friendships.» Continue to reflect a diverse way of thinking and doing feminism.
  10. 10. » Shows That There Are A Multitude Of Different Ways That Feminism Can Manifest İtself Within Popular Culture And Sex And The City Fit İn With The Third Wave Movement, Thanks To İts İnherent İnclusiveness And Diversity.» To some degree, feminism in Sex and The City mirror the pop culture.
  11. 11. These Seven Categories Are The Mainİngredients That Comprise TheDefinition Of Pop Feminism.• MODERNİTY• AGGRESSİVENESS• STRENGTH AND POWER• POSİTİVE SELF-ESTEEM• CHOİCE• SİSTERHOOD• SEXUAL EMPOWERMENT
  12. 12. » Based on the three terms  “modern”  “subversive”  “edgy ”» Example : • the acceptance of historically unacceptable behaviors such as homosexuality • open conversation about sex and other such taboo ways of thinking and living.
  13. 13. » Not Demure ,Unladylike, Catty , Raw, Doesn’t Care, Doesn’t Bite Her Tongue, Bawdy, Shock Value, Vocal, Fierce, Aggressive, Boldness, “Most Of The Time You Have To Hold Her Back.» Speaking One’s Mind, Even İn Situations Where Possible Objections May Occur.» In Pop Culture, Feminists Are Portrayed As Aggressive İn Behavior.
  14. 14. » power, unshakable, “we liked our decisions, we just had to stand by them,” control, strong, strength, “we can take care of ourselves,” tough and savvy.» pop culture portrays feminist women as people who can deal with many situations from a position of control in both the public and the private spheres.
  15. 15. » pride, self-respect and “the crusade to wipe out the shame and embarrassment that many women still associate with their bodies or their sexuality.
  16. 16. » independence, freedom, “limitless, not limited,” “the ability to choose,” individualist.» applicable to many facets of life – from relationships to career to children to the privileges associated with having basic civil rights.
  17. 17. » forging a direct link with females.» Though we all come from different backgrounds and points of view, we can find a place to understand one another as fellow women and friends.
  18. 18. » Sex Positivity» Sexy, beautiful» Having Badass Clothes» Stylish.
  19. 19. In each episode Carrie Bradshaw has a questionthat she talks about in her column. And thesequestions have a gendered perception.
  20. 20. » Women Make Up The Majority Of The Principal Characters.» What Are The İmplications Of This?- Women’s Voices, Their Thoughts, Feelings,Opinions And Such Are Constructed To BeThe Main Message Of Sex And The City.
  21. 21. Demographics of the characters• Mid thirties• White• Professional• With at least college education• Of upper class status• Heterosexual and single This demographical information suggests that the audiences of Sex and the City are mainly those who feel connected with these types of women – probably middle to upper class, white, single, young, heterosexual women. We know that women of Sex and the City are highly visible and the voice of the show can be thought of as the voice of the female characters. We know that any values that can be seen in Sex and the City come from a particular segment of the population – those that are in their thirties, white, with much disposable income, educated, heterosexual and single.
  22. 22. Sex and the City expresses modernity through theembracing of singleness, the acceptance ofhomosexuality, the portrayal of unconventional views onsex/relationships, the rejecting of motherhood, thinkingabout gender roles and differences and racial issues inrelationships.• Embracing Of Single Life• Acceptance Of Homosexuality• The Domination Of Untraditional Views Of Sex And Relationships• Motherhood• Feminist-like Comparisons Of Sex And Gender Roles• Untraditional Attitudes Toward İnterracial Relationships
  23. 23. Aggressiveness Was Definitely Something That Seemed ToBe A Part Of The Represented Feminist İdeals İn Sex AndThe City• the use of profanity• the display of authority within sex and relationships
  24. 24. The importance of women’s friendship bonds andunification – is one of the significant ways that the showportrays pop feminism.• through their frequent togetherness
  25. 25. Sexuality is one aspect of the correlation between Sex andthe City and pop feminism.• most visible through varied and frequent sexuality
  26. 26. • Through Representations Of The Women’s Careers• Through The Power Dynamics Within Their Relationships With Men.• Through Sex And Relations .
  27. 27. Through The Presence Of • Self-confidence • Self-respect
  28. 28. • Through Life Choices• Through Many Romantic Relationships These Women Are İnvolved İn.
  29. 29. • Third Wave Feminism Can Be Characterized As Diverse And Varied İn İts Focus And Methods• Seven Categories That Define Pop Feminism’s Vision Of Feminist Women Are Modern, Aggressive, Sisters, Sexually Empowered, Self-aware And Possessing Power And Choice That Are The İngredients That Alone Or Together, Make Up How Feminism İs Thought Of And Portrayed İn Television, Movies, Magazines, Et Cetera.• Sex And The City Fulfills Each And Every One Of These Pop Feminist Categories And Therefore, Proves To Be An Excellent Example Of Pop Feminism.• Sex And The City Should Be Seen By The Feminist Movement As A Legitimate Voice, Because Though İt Does Not Address Political İssues Or Academic Discourse As Feminism Stereotypically Has İn The Past, İt İs Positively İnfluencing The Lives Of Women Today.• It Serves To Connect With And Empower Women To Overcome The Boundaries That “Sexism, Sexist Exploitation, And Oppression” Have Set For Women İn The Areas Of Sex And Relationships.• The Show And The Women İn İt Defy Expectation At Every Turn, İnstead Challenging Their Own Roles As Women And, İn Turn, Challenging İts Viewers To Do The Same.• Sex And The City İs A Powerful Statement To America – That Feminist Women Are Here To Stay. Feminism İs Not Dead.
  30. 30. • Love or hate it but accept that it is a cult. Sex and the City definitely is a cult. Everyone who has television probably watch at least one episode. Some think that it is a stupid and blank show and some think that it is the show which save and give freedom to woman. So everyone loves it or hates it. But everyone has an opinion so this makes "Sex and the city" is a cult show.
  31. 31. Sex and the City changed huge amounts for women. Women now have alanguage with which to talk about their experiences and their friendships..Its almost given them permission to have female friendships that are moreimportant than anything else. It has given a respectability to somethingthat previously was just gossip - something less than conversation. Theepisode about breastfeeding and Mirandas entire pregnancy was justrevolutionary. Thank god!. It was the first time youd ever seen anengorged breast on TV.I think its fantastic that women now feelcomfortable talking about vibrators, whether you choose to buy a RampantRabbit or not. My favourite episode was the last one in the last series, whereSamantha admits her age. She says, "Im 40 fucking five and proud of it. Itmade my heart sing with joy to hear that. That whole issue hadnt beendiscussed like that before - it was a celebration of women ageing.Carrienin Manolo Blahniks My other favourite episode was the one whereCarries Manolo Blahniks get stolen at a party - that whole dialogue about"I have spent money on wedding presents and on other peoples childrenand no one has ever celebrated the fact that I am single."