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Design Like DaVinci


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Design Like DaVinci

  1. By: Brian SullivanOpen Camp Conference
  2. Da Vinci’s Journals• Da Vinci wrote over 13,000 pages of notes and visual diagrams in his journals• Da Vinci clustered his ideas into drawings and observations• This page is Da Vinci’s observations of the arm
  3. Creativity Must Be Unstructured• Da Vinci’s writings are idea journals based on what inspired him, daily observations• Ideas were sketched with notes. No roman numerals or bulleted lists (aka this preso)
  4. Start from the Inside Out• Da Vinci scholars suggest he sketched his main topic in the center of the page• Journal page starts as pictures without text
  5. Add Text Descriptions to Pictures• Da Vinci would add detailed notes and observations to his illustrative ideas• Da Vinci did purposely use different colors of text for his notes
  6. Cover the Entire Page• Da Vinci’s journal pages were always full.• Scholarship indicates that he revisited and refined ideas• Da Vinci captured and refreshed ideas
  7. Manage Space in a Scalable Manner• Da Vinci used an early form of the Cornell Method of notetaking• You will frequently see distinct areas: 1. notetaking 2. quick reference 3. summary footer
  8. Example of Cornell Method Page• In this example, we see a complicated idea for military ladder.• We see the drawing in a specific area with notes in another area and cross-reference in a footer area
  9. Idea Journals are Like Mind MapsMind Map of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” (courtesy of Mappio)
  10. Da Vinci Foresaw Many Things• Da Vinci is known as both an artist and a scientist.• He foresaw: - Helicopter - Tank - Parachute - Solar Power - Cardiovascular disease - Airplanes
  11. Leonardo’s Bridge to Nowhere• In 1502, Da Vinci sketched an idea for bridge for the Sultan of Istanbul.• The bridge was never built because the Sultan’s engineers deemed it unstable.
  12. Leonardo’s Bridge Built in• In 2006, Turkey completed the Leonardo Da Vinci Bridge, which is a scaled- down version with a 300-feet span and total length of 400 feet.• Da Vinci was right the classic keystone arch could be stretched narrow and widened without losing integrity.
  13. Imagine the Journals as Blogs
  14. Imagine Blogs as Da Vinci Journals
  15. Imagine Da Vinci’s Indexing
  16. Imagine Da Vinci Storing Pics
  17. Imagine Da Vinci’s Videos
  18. For Da Vinci—Ideas, Then Journal
  19. For You, Ideas, Journal, Then Blog
  20. Bravo, Gratzi, QA