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The Best of Both Worlds Delivering Digital Transformation


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AppOrchid and Hortonworks

Published in: Engineering
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The Best of Both Worlds Delivering Digital Transformation

  1. 1. 506 | The Best of Both Worlds: Delivering Digital Transformation in E&U with Open Source and Proprietary Enterprise AI Tim Noe, AppOrchid & Timothy Spann, Senior Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks
  2. 2. Actionable Intelligence Transforms Energy & Utilities REVENUE PROTECTION SINGLE VIEW OF CUSTOMER PREDICTIVE EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE CONSERVATION VOLTAGE REDUCTION ENERGY LOAD FORECASTING Asset Data Customer Surveys Weather & Environmental Service Fleet GPS Data Smart Meter Streams Commodity Prices Social Media GIS Data SCADA Outage Histories CIS Records EDW
  3. 3. DATA CENTER Databases Stream Analytics Deep Historical Analysis Exception Monitoring Legacy/ Operational Data Cyber Security IoT Edge Analytics Social Mobile Machine Learning/ Artificial Intelligence Telemetry – Connected Devices Time Series Sensors, Control Systems IoT CLOUD Geo Location EDGE Hybrid Data Architecture
  4. 4. 4 © Hortonworks Inc. 2011–2018. All rights reserved The core focus for HDP 3.0 is: HDP 3.0 — Faster, Smarter, Hybrid Data FASTER time to deployment and insight at a lower TCO SMARTER decisions made based on support for deep learning workloads and in-memory improvements for analytics HYBRID data environment to enable on-premises and cloud deployments
  5. 5. Global Data Management • Hybrid • Multi-cloud • End-to-end security and governance 100% Open Source: • Innovation • Interoperability • No vendor lock-in • Strength of partnerships Proven Business Model: • 1,300 enterprise customers • First to IPO • Fastest to $100M • First to profitability Most Comprehensive Platform • Data at Rest and Data in Motion • Any style of workload • Centralized management, security, governance Why Customers Choose Hortonworks?
  6. 6. Data = Variety + Volume + Velocity + Variability Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 6 Data source, Data structure and data content are known For example : Claims Data, Customer Records, Safety Incidents, Financial Ledger, ERP , CRM and BI applications KNOWN KNOWNS Data source is known, but not the data structure or content E.g. NIH Data sources, Weather & Traffic Data, Word Documents, Financial documents, Twitter feeds, Email & Internal Memo Databases KNOWN UNKNOWNS step 03 Data source, content and structure is unknown E.g. Tribal Knowledge, Worker Experience, Intangible Mindshare, Undigitized Human Knowledge UNKNOWN UNKNOWNS Predictable Asset Management Improved Insight into Financial Metrics and Business Development Discovery Improved Insight into Extraneous Operational Factors Improved Customer Satisfaction and Customer Relationship Improved Delivery of Sustainable Goals such as Energy Efficiency & Renewables Improved Work Management & Field Service Operations Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Insight Improved Workplace Safety, Risk Management & Compliance People Process Things step 01 step 02 UnstructuredData StructuredData IoTData
  7. 7. App Orchid’s Approach Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 7 AO Analytics = Analytics + Semantic Intelligence + AI Real Time Big Data Graph Databases Unstructured User has a Question • Knowledge acquisition & Discovery is automated • A consumer-like “App Driven” interface • Capable of Human conversation. Natural Language Interface DeepLearning Knowledge Acquisition Knowledge Discovery Knowledge Curation
  8. 8. American Water Journey Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 8 7642 Q12017 Q22017 Q217 Q118 2019 Q217 Q417 Q118 • Pilot launch in July 2017 • Company wide launch in September 2017 • 3000+ FSRs and CSRs using the system • Continuous improvement based on field inputs • Track Incidents and Near misses as they happen • Integrate disparate data sources – Medical Reports, Weather details, Employee Info etc. • Advisories • OSHA and other Analytics • Compliance Management • Integrated,Security analytics • Water Quality • Call Center Analytics Other Use Cases • Cloud hosted scalable platform for scenario modelling • Q&A system based on AW data • AI/ML for insights Intelligence On Demand • SPOG for Customer Information • Tools for FSR/CSR to get insights into Customer issues • Sentiment Analysis, Neighborhood Average, Consumption Prediction Customer One Meter Analytics • Unexpected Zero Reads • Consecutive Estimates • Inactive Consumption • AMI Leak detection • Consumption/Bill estimates • Pilot Launch in Q4, followed by state rollouts • Incident Capture and OSHA Analytics go- live • AI assisted Advisories in development • Integrated field work management system • “Uber” like approach for work allocation and management • SPOG for Short Cycle, T&D and Plant work • Expected Launch in Q3 2018 Work 1 View
  9. 9. Acquisitions 550 1,356 AW METERS METERS FROM ACQUISTIONS Pedigree Tracking – Identifying Risk across the Ecosystem
  10. 10. Meter Operations – Asset Management Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 10
  11. 11. Inoperative Meters Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 11
  12. 12. The Platform Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 12 Scripting Framework Confidence [Inference Framework] Annotation Framework Query Framework UX Framework Pipeline & Transformation Framework Document Parsing Framework App Provisioning Framework Foundational Services Adapters for Foundational Services Security and Access Control MSO Management Rules Manager AI & Machine Learning Management Foundational Data Access Manager Feature Extraction Management Search and Retrieval Manager Schema on Read Manager Intelligence On Demand Service Manager Machine Training and Testing [Epoch Calibration Manager] Conversation Managers (Q&A, Chatbots) Core Services Platform Functions Knowledge Discovery Knowledge Curation Knowledge Acquisition Knowledge Warehouse [Content] Discover / Create MSO Improvise / Enrich the MSO Machine Train for new Discovery Objectives Attach Apps/ µ-Apps Develop Rendering Logic Inter-App & Composite App Determination Define SOR Strategy Build Persistence Strategy Develop Data sources Conversational Information on Demand
  13. 13. Our Vision Confidential Property of App Orchid Inc Copyright : 2017 - 2018 13 Production Assets Industrial Assets Knowledge Worker Water Quality Cyber Security Meter Readings Worker Safety Medical Attention Workforce Dispatch Logistics Assets Compliance Business Development Employee Empowerment Mobility Financial Health Corporate ComplianceCyber Security SCADA Digital Call Center Customer Sat Customer Retention Digital Experience Digital Conversation User Security Quality
  14. 14. A few of our Key Customers……
  15. 15. Thank you for attending! Please complete an evaluation form in the event mobile app or a paper-based form and drop it in the collection basket located at the back of the room. @PaasDev @Hortonworks