A pie with a difference


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A slideshow we created to pitch about a film idea.

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A pie with a difference

  1. 1. A Pie with a DifferenceBased on the old tale of Sweeney Todd: TheDemon Barber of Fleet Street
  2. 2. The SynopsisThere was once an urban legend, based on dubious piefillings… It was once thought that ‘people should only buy pieswhen you know the lady has made it.’The story of Sweeney Todd was based on this legend, howeverthere are publications from 1824 reporting how a barber andwig-maker of the Rue de La Harpe in Paris cut his customer’sthroat, relieved them of their valuables and then had theirbodies made into meat pies, utilizing the services of a pastrycook, whose establishment was on the same street.Our film will be based on this tale.
  3. 3. The TreatmentThe aim is to produce a black & white silentfilm, using similar lighting that is found in the FilmNoir genre. However, the plan is to produce the filmas a parody of a) the story of Sweeney Todd, and b)black & white films. We aim to replicate these stylesby using dramatic lighting, captioned speech andover the top acting. We’re are going to attempt atgiving the film an old-fashioned vibe by the use ofcostume and hair/make-up.The narrative will be linear, but to keep the killermysterious, we will be filming in perspective of thevictims.
  4. 4. Tone & ThemeThere will be a slightly satirical undertone, but themain body of the film will be light-hearted andcomical.The themes of the narrative are…• Death• Revenge• ObsessionHowever, the overriding ideology will be that nothinggood ever comes out of revenge…muhahahahaHAHAHAHA
  5. 5. ANGLAYZThe film is taking a light-hearted stance towardsdeath and cannibalism… lolWe are aiming our film at a younger audience as itwill feature silly jokes and sarcastic acting.13 – 25 would enjoy it more than an older audience.(We realise that black & white is quite traditional but ifthe Artist can do it so can we right?) (yeaaaah!!Wooooo go team)
  6. 6. Mise en SceneAlthough our film is comedy based, we will be usingblood in a humorous manner, but to also showrealism. We want to use dramatic sounds in order tocreate suspense which will tie with the conventionalblack and white silent films. We feel by usingdramatic sound over the top of over-the-top acting, itwill increase the comedy factor.We hope to make-shift a set to produce authenticitywhile filming the barber shop scenes.We also plan on hiring lights from the college toproduce a lovely Chiaroscuro effect. ;)We plan on starring in our own film and making apoint about re-using actors in not-so-obviousdisguises.
  7. 7. A little something like this… http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=IJhOL0_mbC Q
  8. 8. ProblamosWe realise it might not be very easy to replicate abarber shop. This is something we need to workout… Initially we thought of maybe makingsomething similar looking in the photography studiowhich would emphasize all the blood because of thewhite space it would splatter around onto.It’s ambitious to attempt a dated black & white moviewith such a short time-scale and limited resources,but we hope this will add to the comedy effect andbring a new parody element – self parody.