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Attending job interviews


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Attending job interviews

  1. 1. Attending job interviewsAppropriate Answers ForInterview Questions
  2. 2. Useful Tips of Answering Interview Questions• Know the facts -research the job and the company• Stay calm & take your time – think of the qualities looked for• Take every opportunity to promote yourself• Share your accomplishments• Give examples• Ask for clarification• Have questions ready to ask – show your interest in the job
  3. 3. answering tough questions What is your greatest Mention a weakness which can be weakness? turned into a strength - mention how to improve the weakness. Why should I hire you? Think of your strengths – unique skills, experience, personal qualities.If you had an argument with Explain how your problem solving your manager, what would skills and experience would help you do? you. Relate it with your career objectiveWhere do you see yourself 5 – show that you’re highly motivated. years from now?
  4. 4. ASKING QUESTIONS Remember! Avoid asking about the IN salary unless theINTERVIEWS interviewer brings up the issue.
  5. 5. T h e b a s is o f a n s w e r in g in t e r v ie wq u e s t io n s is k n o w in g yo u r ‘ s tre ng ths a ndw e a kne s s e s
  6. 6. S tre ng th o r w e a k ne s s ? S a m p le a n s w e r sI am an independent person. I can I tend to spend too much time work well with minimum making sure the customer is supervision. During my studies, I satisfied. However, I began setting managed to complete all of my time-limits for myself if I noticed individual projects successfully. this happening. Some people think that I’m not I am self-motivated. Whenever I serious in my work. Actually, I’m face a problem in doing my job, Ian easygoing type of person. I like to take it as a challenge. It motivates make my work enjoyable so that I me to move forward because I will won’t be stressful. But, I think I only be satisfied once I manage to should be more serious especially solve the problem. when handling important task.Sometimes I am too demanding in Some people say that I’m fussy. I my work. I set a lot of rules want everything to be precise and especially to my workers. But, I detailed. But, I’m trying to be morerealized that sometimes I have to be accepting and understanding more laid-back so that I won’t put towards one’s limitation. stress on other people.
  7. 7. In t e r v ie w s a r e n o t s im p ly t o f in d o u t f a c t s , b u t t of o r m a s u b je c t iv e o p in io n o f t h e a p p lic a n t ’ s p e r s o n a lit y .
  8. 8. 10 reasons you didn’t get the job offerLow energyVague answersToo talkative or too quietNot listening well and instead answering what you feel likesayingNot offering strong examples of things you’ve done wellArriving lateDressing inappropriatelyActing unprofessionally and/or overly friendlyPoor eye contact or body language (too stiff, too shlumpy)You act the way you think they’d want you to and aren’t beingyourself