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Chula lunch dash script_final.docx


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Chula lunch dash script_final.docx

  1. 1. CHULA LUNCH DASH HELPFUL GUIDELINES TO GET YOUR LUNCH SEAT CHARACTERS NIC, a female freshman, who is wise, playful and active PROFESSOR, a typical professor lecturing students in class CLASSMATES, students sitting in classroom OTHER STUDENTS, students sitting in cafeteria MR.PETER, a lizard part of LUNCH DASH’s toolFADE IN:LUNCH DASH logoINT. ESTABLISHING SCENE OF NITADE CHULA- DAY Classroom at MKSW buildingSCENE 1INT. CLASSROOM – DAYMEDIUM SHOT at the classroom clock showing 5 minutes before noon. CLOSE UPSHOT at the lecture books as the pages turn over while the STUDENT writes overher notes. MEDIUM SHOT showing all the STUDENTS in the classroom. MEDIUMSHOT at the PROFESSOR teaching in front of the whiteboard. Camera turns back toa LONG SHOT of all the STUDENTS studying in the classroom. MEDIUM SHOT ofNIC surrounded by her classmates. NIC places her school book in an upright mannerwhile she plays games on her mobile phone. CLOSE UP SHOT of the mobile phoneplayed behind the book. MEDIUM SHOT of NIC playing her mobile game application.LONG SHOT of all the STUDENTS attentively listen to the PROFESSOR while NICis playing game. CLOSE UP SHOT at the PROFESSOR’s hand closing the book.MEDIUM SHOT of PROFESSOR talking to STUDENTS. PROFESSOR That’s all for today. Class is dismissed.CUT TO The PROFESSOR dismisses the class at exactly noon. LONG SHOT atSTUDENTS leaving the classroom. NIC is slowly making her way out; continuesplaying game on her phone.SCENE 2INT. HALLWAY - DAYMEDIUM SHOT showing NIC walking out of the classroom door, showing a vaguebackground of the PROFESSOR keeping her belongings. MEDIUM SHOT ofCLASSMATES waiting in front of the elevator while NIC is still playing game in the
  2. 2. back of the crowd. CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC focusing on her mobile phone application. CLOSE UP SHOT of the opening elevator door. MEDIUM SHOT showing all her CLASSMATES rushing into the elevator. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC looking up. MEDIUM SHOT of CLASSMATES smiling and waving while the elevator is closing. CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC with a dull face as she waves goodbye disappointingly. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC presses the elevator button once again. CLOSE UP SHOT representing NIC’s eye view focusing on her mobile phone application as she walks to the elevator. MEDIUM SHOT of closing elevator with NIC attentively playing on her phone. CLOSE UP SHOT at the elevator interface 3-2-1 indicating the floors. MEDIUM SHOT elevator door opens as NIC walks out.SCENE 3EXT. CAFETERIA-DAYCLOSE UP SHOT of NIC’s hands playing with the mobile phone, walking 3-4 steps.NIC stops when reach the destination. (game sound, ambient by cafeteria noise)CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC’s shocking face when looking at other tables. LONG SHOT ofthe whole cafeteria, no seats available at all. NIC I have no seat.MEDIUM SHOT of the whole cafeteria from NIC’s perspective. Logo LUNCH DASHpops up. LUNCH DASH (voice over) Do you have trouble finding an available lunch seat?CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC nods anxiously. MEDIUM SHOT of cafeteria from NIC’sperspective. LUNCH DASH log-in screen pops up. LUNCH DASH (voice over) Here are the helpful guidelines to get your lunch seat. Enter your name and click play!MEDIUM SHOT of NIC’s upper body, pressing the button. SCENE 4 INT. CLASSROOM – DAY MEDIUM SHOT of NIC shocking reaction after receiving her mission of the day while her CLASSMATES were in shocked as they have no clue what NIC was doing.
  3. 3. MEDIUM SHOT of the PROFESSOR teaching as normal. MEDIUM SHOT of NIClooking at her CLASSMATES. MEDIUM SHOT of CLASSMATES jotting notes.CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC checking the clock. MIDDLE SHOT of the clock showing 5minutes before the class is dismissed. MIDDLE SHOT of NIC looking at the left-handside, the mission pops up LUNCH DASH (voice over) (sarcastic demanding) TRICK 1: Prepare yourself before class is dismissed and leave the class as fast as you can.MEDIUM SHOT at NIC looks straight and nods to accept the mission. MEDIUMSHOT of the clock turning to 11:55, 5 minutes before dismissal. FADE IN NICkeeping her things anxiously. (clock ticking)MEDIUM SHOT of clock ticking, 4 minutes till dismissal, FADE IN the PROFESSORis still teaching. MEDIUM SHOT of clock ticking, 3 minutes till dismissal, CLOSE UPSHOT of NIC’s face waiting eagerly. MEDIUM SHOT of clock ticking, 2 minutes tilldismissal, CLOSE UP the PROFESSOR’s hand closing the textbook. PROFESSOR That’s all for todayCLOSE UP SHOT of NIC’s face waiting desperately. MEDIUM SHOT of clock ticking,1 minutes till dismissal, CLOSE UP SHOT of the PROFESSOR’s mouth. PROFESSOR Class is dismissed. (sound of siren)LONG SHOT from the back of the classroom, NIC runs out of the class, everyone isshocked.SCENE 5INT. HALLWAY – DAYMEDIUM SHOT of NIC running out of the classroom door. LONG SHOT of NICrunning past other classrooms. LONG SHOT of NIC arriving in front of the elevatorshowing signs of tiresome. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC’s tired face as she turns left toread out Trick 2. LUNCH DASH (voice over) TRICK 2: Choose the fastest route to the cafeteria located at ground floor.
  4. 4. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC nods and presses the elevator button. CLOSE UP SHOT atthe lit up elevator button. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC’s tired face. MEDIUM SHOT atelevator door opens filled with people. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC’s shocking face. NIC (getting a bright idea) Lift is full. Use the stairs!LONG SHOT at the elevator door closes showing the puzzled faces of the peopleinside.SCENE 6EXT. CAFETERIA-DAYLONG SHOT of NIC running down the stairs. LONG SHOT at NIC runs to the placewhere she thought there will be a seat for her. CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC’s face, tired. NIC Still I have no place to sit.MEDIUM SHOT of NIC turning left sharply as Trick 3 popping up on the right-hand side. LUNCH DASH (voice over)Trick 3: If there is no seat available, search for people who are showing the most signal to be finishing their lunch meals.CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC nods and stands up. CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC’s face lookingright and left. MEDIUM SHOT of NIC looking sharply and demanding to the target,arrows pointing at the STUDENT. CLOSE UP SHOT of the STUDENT having his lastspoon. MEDIUM SHOT of NIC standing next to the STUDENT waiting for him to leavewhile the STUDENT finishes his lunch meal. Then, he slides his plate to the side andcontinues talking to his friends while BEST is disappointed. (laughing sound)CLOSE UP SHOT of the STUDENTS talking with each other joyfully. CLOSE UP SHOTof NIC turning her face upward. Then, looking at the camera. NIC They won’t move. Although, they finish their mealCLOSE UP SHOT of NIC turning to the left, trick 4 popping up. LUNCH DASH (voice over) Trick 4: Standby around the targeted table, loudly state to yourself how desperate you need the seat.
  5. 5. CLOSE UP SHOT at NIC nods. MEDIUM SHOT of NIC standing over the STUDENTStrying to get attention. NIC Oh why are there no seats today? I’m so hungry. I don’t think I will make it to my afternoon class today.MEDIUM SHOT of the STUDENTS keeping on talking and ignoring NIC. CLOSE UPSHOT of NIC looking at the camera. NIC It doesn’t work.CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC looking at the left while LUNCH DASH BOX popping up. LUNCH DASH (voice over) For this special case, I think you need the help from Mr. Peter.... Here you are!CLOSE UP SHOT of MR.PETER, a lizard, moving inside NIC’s pocket. NIC takesMR.PERTER out and smirks with pleasure. MEDIUM SHOT of NIC standing behind thegroup of STUDENTS who are pleasantly having conversations. CLOSE UP SHOT ofNIC dropping MR.PETER in the middle of the group. CLOSE UP SHOT of theSTUDENT screaming terrifically in slow motion as MR.PETER is dropping down.CLOSE UP SHOT of an empty plate where MR.PETER has landed. MEDIUM SHOT ofthe STUDENTS suddenly split off leaving NIC smiling in the background. CLOSE UPSHOT of an available seat, light shining. MEDIUM SHOT of NIC sitting down in victory. (We are the Champion - music)CLOSE UP SHOT of NIC happily having seat. NIC “Thank you Mr. Peter. Thank you Lunch Dash for the helpful guidelines.”MEDIUM SHOT of NIC from high angle with LUNCH DASH logo LUNCH DASHNo problem, it’s LUNCH DASH’s duty! Remember those tricks and use them to survive in CHULA cafeterias. Good luck and Goodbye...MEDIUM SHOT of NIC waving to the camera. FADE OUT.