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Course introduction to Using ICT in Education: EY stram

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  • Family Teaching … experiences, student …poster
  • … adding technology to the classroom is the easy part. The difficult work is reshaping the relationship between teachers and students. The real revolution is not about adding technology on top of the current structure of schooling. Instead, the real revolution is about a transformational shift of control from the school system to the learner. Teachers are faced with the historic opportunity of teaching students to know what to do with the power to access unlimted amounts of information and to extend their relationships of learning. We are embarking on a journey where the traditional boundaries of schooling are likely to be challenged and redesigned. If we are up to the task, many more students will be empowered to see learning as an adventure.November(from Empowering Students with Technology)
  • This is NOT a “how to” course, yes, I will demo & share many useful (& awesome) apps , technologies & web tools (and I hope you can share some too!) – but I will not go step by step on HOW to do this or that … the best way to learn is to PLAY & try things, not watch me show you. I am interested in getting you to think about the big picture, to expand your repertoire, to try new things, to reflect about HOW & WHY these tools can be used. How can you incorporate these tools into your teaching for the benefit to benefit the LEARNING of your students. How can you SHIFT your paradigm and move from the OLD ways to BETTER ways of teaching. This takes work, thought (CRITICAL & CREATIVE thought). Be CRITICAL .. But keep an open mind, try & think before you judge. ICT can change the way we learn & teach …indeed , it has … the teacher is key in these transformations, but if we don’t start the change, our students will turn off and go their own way.My ideas of ICT in education are based on a model, called TPACK, proposed by Matthew Koehler & PunyaMishra ….
  • Welcome to ict3621ey

    1. 1. Welcome to: ICT in Education (EY)
    2. 2. Are you feeling a little like this?
    3. 3. Course karma:
    4. 4. A little about me …
    5. 5. … happens! Will it happen for YOU!
    6. 6. Clip 1 Or will you be this kind of teacher ? Clip 2
    7. 7. Poster by: Jose Picardo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boxoftricks/5026565473/
    8. 8. Poster by MikeFisher, http://www.flickr.com/photos/grade6kms/5104158304/in/photostream/
    9. 9. adding technology to the classroom is the easy part transformational shift of control learning as an adventure. Alan November (from Empowering Students with Technology)
    10. 10. Did you know? ?
    11. 11. By D. Kuropatwa (via flickr, creative commons)
    12. 12. Let’s take a quick look at: COURSE GUIDING PRINCIPLES
    13. 13. The 6 C’s • • • • • • Curation Communication Collaboration Citizenship Critical Thinking Creativity Check this out: http://www.slideshare.net/amckiel/the-5-cs-riding-the-wave
    14. 14. Content Pedagogy TPACK Technology Technological, Pedagogical & Content Knowledge A model by Mishra & Koehler: http://www.hippasus.com/
    15. 15. SAMR A model by Dr. Ruben Puentedura : http://www.hippasus.com/
    16. 16. And ... Personal Learning Networks Professional Responsibilities
    17. 17. A Complete syllabus/outlinecourse … little about this on Moodle http://www.flickr.com/photos/dkuropatwa/3838583501/
    18. 18. • Central gathering place: moodle • Faculty of Education NING • Ed Tech @ BU site
    19. 19. Join course in Moodle (key: _________ ) Read syllabus Create a gmail account (optional but highly useful!) Complete the Admit slip Answer Polls (on moodle) Join Faculty of Ed NING