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"Unleash Your Creativity" - Smartphone & Tablet App for made for everyone who needs to unleash creative potential inside.

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Unleash your creativity

  1. 1. Unleash Your Creativity smartphone/tablet application Tomislav Buljubašić
  2. 2. How to be creative?You need to start creativeprocess and create ideas?How to do it?Check this App!
  3. 3. 6 parts of AppIntroduction to creative & innovationprocessAdvices to creative personStart of creative processReshape ideaFinal step – finish your idea beforepresenting it to anyoneFamous Qoutes of great Innovators
  4. 4. First introduce yourself to creativity!
  5. 5. Inside the first menu:I have an idea and what now?This is the introduction to creative process:• What is Innovation?• Creativity• Characteristics of an innovator• Criteria for innovation success• Types of innovations• Prototyping• Hitting the wall• Be innovative!• Brainstorming• Savings and improvements• The way to find an idea!• Ideas inside organizations• What’s similar with innovations and soccer• Catch the big idea!• The biggest risk is not to innovate• Convince the first person• Maybe it’s time for small idea!• There is no space for ideas in hostile environment• Open Innovations
  6. 6. Where are similarities between innovations and youth academies at soccer clubs?Think about a soccer team that have up to 500 kids inyouth categories. All kids are in training process foryears and after some period selection is done. Then,only the best will play in the first XI in their category.When they have 17-18 years, maybe 5 youth playersper season get an opportunity in first team (and that’stoo much to say!). And from those 5 players, maybe 1or 2 will become players in first XI.If we compare that with business process, we have 1or 2 from 500 success rate!Now, you can see the similarity with innovationprocess, where many ideas don’t have real chance.That’s why you must be prepared, that many ideas willfail.The best soccer clubs in the world have the best youthacademies or they are good in scouting young stars.Note:Think about your favorite soccer club.Are you satisfied with their youth academy?What can be improved?Can see the similarities with your work?
  7. 7. 2nd menu - advices:Creative advices – how to be more creative?• Advice for creative person• Advice for creative manager• How to be more creative?• Top places to get ideas• Creative resources?
  8. 8. Here is the small insight from “Advices” section of this App:15 tips to help you make more creative:1. talk with creative people that you know2. take a walk every day an make “internal” brainstorming3. change the look of your office4. write down your ideas5. keep your idea notebook on your desk6. read books that are not connected to your work7. always ask yourself about the simplest solution8. ask your colleagues how they will improve your idea9. try to describe your idea as that you must explain it to totalstranger who is not an expert for your field of work (HomerSimpson is good example)10. don’t go from work if you haven’t write down one idea or acomment in idea notebook11. make an investigation about certain destination, eventhought you don’t plan to travel there – maybe you will findinspiration12. decide to be creative13. eat at another restaurant14. go to work with public transportation15. leave yourself a few minutes in a day for daydreaming
  9. 9. Start creative process: Create!Use some of followingtechniques in order to startyour creativity:• Connect picture• What if?• Redesign• 30 ways• Random words• Time travel• Ask yourself!• Discover destinations• Daydreaming
  10. 10. Now reshape your idea:Ask yourself some of thefollowing group of questionto be able in reshaping youridea.• Nations• Famous persons• Old groups• Budget• Time travel
  11. 11. Finish your idea!Use some of thesetechiques to finish youridea:• Elevator• Sleep on it• Present it to non-expert• Movie Project• Pros and Cons
  12. 12. QuotesCollection of famousquotes related toinnovations &creativity
  13. 13. Newsfrom web-site 7innovation
  14. 14. Notes:• You can add Notes in this App• Usable for taking your ideas• Place to have a quick overview on your ideas
  15. 15. Some reactions:“REFINING IMAGINATION APPS‘Unleash Your Creativity’ is an app that helps formulate and pushthe creative mind to full potential. Everyone gets those ahamoments moments when you think of an idea that’s Nobel Prize-worthy and shortly after, the bright light bulb goes out.So with handytablets and smart phones by your side, the Unleash Your Creativityapp allows you to jot down ideas and save them. Users can furtherenhance their creativity with an assisting step-by-step to-do list.There’s even a ‘Finish’ tab to give you a rundown on what to dobefore broadcasting your idea; it’s safe to go through this step inorder to avoid copyright disputes or fist fights.This app is perfect forrefining ideas, enhancing your creativity and generating thatingenious person inside you. Check out this app to discover theeccentric person you really are.” - TrendHunter“Unleash Your Creativity: Developed by Tomislav Buljubasic, theUnleash Your Creativity app app started life as a book written inCroatian on creative problem-solving techniques. After he couldntget it published in his native country, due to the limited size of themarket there, Buljubasic decided to go the 21st century route. Sohe had it translated and converted into an iPhone and iPad app.Think of it as an interactive electronic book. You can inspire yourmuse with its colorful images simple three-step ideation process(create/refine/finish) and then record your ideas in its built-in note-taking section.” – Innovation Tools
  16. 16. Where can I download it? App Store linkMore info on web site: 7innovation
  17. 17. contactTomislav Buljubašićweb-site: www.7innovation.wordpress.commail: tomislav.buljubasic@gmail.comtwitter: twitter.com/buljubasict