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Bulwork Presentation English

  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Bulwork ® is the first specialized company in Bulgaria for recruitment and assessment of professionals in the Information Technology and Telecommunication industry. Bulwork ® is the first HR agency specialized in recruitment, testing and assessment of associates/agents in BPO and ITES sector. Bulwork ® is one of the leading recruitment companies for middle and senior management staff in the finance and production sector.
  3. 3. MAIN FIELD OF EXPERTISE Recruitment – single employees or an entire team ; Outsourcing to Bulgaria as a subsidiary of your companie s; Market information – labor market and competitors market shares ; Building professional tests covering different OSs, programming languages, programming tools, databases, and frameworks ; Possibility to outsource entire projects to our company – we have experience in software development projects
  4. 4. POST RECRUITMENT HR ACTIVITIES In Bulwork ® we believe that hiring is only the beginning of a successful cooperation. That is why we offer the following services: Team-building activities for newly hired employees; Various trainings for language and presentation skills, technological skills, communication and customer service skills; Consultations for local market salary levels (Bulgaria), as well as remuneration structure, motivational programs, labour law and labour code; Competition mapping and due diligence process at our customers' business areas.
  5. 5. OUR CORE VALUES CLIENTS At Bulwork ® we believe our success depends on the success of our clients. With every new project, we aim to exceed our customers' expectations and become trusted advisors for each business we encounter. EXCELLENCE At Bulwork ® we strive for excellence to ensure quality of our service and bring value in everything we do. We approach each project with enthusiasm and derive immense satisfaction from achieving our c lients' business objectives through the effective hiring and post selection processes. ENTRAPRENEURSHIP Part of the corporate culture in Bulwork ® is to encourage our employees to strive and nurture their entrepreneurial skills. We encourage our staff to adopt a winning attitude and think outside of the box, always finding paths to our customers' success.
  6. 6. Sutherland Global Services On January 28 th , 2008 Bulwork ® started due diligence process for Sutherland Global Services to ensure the availability of technical & customer support specialists with 14 European languages (bilingual and trilingual) in several Bulgarian cities. The company opened its subsidiary on May 26 t , 2008 in Sofia and hired 130 people. SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS On March 25 th , 2009 Bulwork ® supported Sutherland Global Services and Cisco (Linksys) to launch the first technical support center with 9 languages in Sofia, Bulgaria. A third successful project was completed when a team of 45 Accounts Receivable Specialists with Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch and Italian languages was launched in the beginning of October 2009.
  7. 7. SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS SAP Labs Bulgaria Bulwork ® started this project in December 2002 and faced the challenge of finding 500 qualified JAVA software developers. Later, 112 of them were hired in SAP Labs Bulgaria . Novell In May 2007 Bulwork ® executed a market test for Novell . Bulwork ® successfully managed to collect 10 qualified and certified Linux engineers with excellent knowledge of English, French and German languages. Although the company decided to not open an office in Bulgaria, it offered Bulwork ® a long-lasting partnership.
  8. 8. SUCCESSFUL PROJECTS Hewlett-Packard On August 24 th , 2005 Bulwork ® faced the challenge of finding 100 qualified IT professionals with German, French and English languages in just 4 weeks time. Seventy two of the candidates were chosen by HP for the day of the final interview a month later and soon after were hired for the project. At present, 1500 qualified Support Engineers work in the company's office in Bulgaria's capital. Contribution to final number of successful candidates in Hewlett-Packard HR Project
  9. 9. OUR OFFICES: SOFIA THE FIRST OFFICE December, 2000 Bulwork ® opened its first office in Sofia, Bulgaria and started its business by specializing in human resources management solutions for the IT sector. Today Bulwork ® services more than 240 Bulgarian and International companies. Bulwork ® has created a dynamic team of experienced HR and IT Consultants who provides a high level of competence in various areas: IT Recruitment, Testing and Assessment, Training and Qualification.
  10. 10. June 2006 Bulwork ® opened a representation office in Plovdiv. Bulwork ® managed to attract clients companies like Weblancers, AptSys, Idea Marketing, Greenstar, Icygen, Blogtronix. Bulwork ®  convinced some of its clients from Sofia to open their own representations in Plovdiv. Some examples are: ProxiAD, Seeburger Informatik GmbH, Asic Depot, Infonetica. OUR OFFICES: PLOVDIV LOGICAL FOLLOW-UP SAP Labs Bulgaria
  11. 11. OUR OFFICES: ROUSSE THE CHALLENGE TO GROW July 2007 Bulwork ® opened its representation in Rousse. Some of our clients there include: Keros Ceramica S.A., Montupet S.A., ZMM Stefan Karadja, WITTE Automotive. Bulwork ® signed a contract for mutual cooperation with Rousse University “Angel Kunchev”. Bulwork ® is actively working on attracting new investors to open their representation offices in the city. Thanks to our efforts, Sutherland Global Services made a decision to include Rousse in their due diligence process as the next location of their activity in the country.
  12. 12. 18.02.10 OUR OFFICES: AMSTERDAM INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION February 2010 Bulwork ® opened a representation office in the World Trade Center in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Bulwork ® soon found a number of clients and HR partners in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas. Due to the excellent working conditions in the country, local, as well as foreign candidates quickly expressed their interest in the offered positions.
  13. 13. CLIENT LIST BPO / Contact Centres Telecommunications Software Hardware Banking, Finance and Insurance ERP and System Integration Retail and consuming
  14. 14. DEVOTION TO CUSTOMERS SUCCESS „ From my personal experience, Bulwork is a very professional and dynamic company. I was living in Belgium when I reacted by mail to a job offer and within 30 minutes i was discussing the position with a Bulwork consultant. After exactly 3 phone calls, including 2 interviews, I signed my conctact. Bulwork is an agency that delivers what they promise and with an excellent personal touch. Thumbs up!“ By Nico Muselle, Belgium Network Support Engineer/Cisco EMEA „ Bulwork has been our preferred partner for different services. The team there is professional, client-oriented and very motivated to deliver the results needed. Working with them is always a pleasure. “ By Hristina Dobrinovich, Bulgaria Senior HR Executive/Sutherland Global Services
  15. 15. CONTACT INFORMATION Website: www.bulwork.com E-mail: [email_address] Phone: +359 884 575 555 +359 88 5 417 410 +359 88 8 670 892 Attn: Snezhana Raykinska Galina Georgieva Petko Mirchev