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We are a full service management firm dedicated to indentifying and creating new routes to market, driving top line growth and enhancing economic value for our clients.

We have assisted more than seventy global retailers and consumer products manufacturers in the development and execution of strategic initiatives for growth and revenue enhancement. We participated in new capital funding for more than twenty of these companies.

We have participated in the reorganization, repositioning, or turnaround of more than twenty retailers. Of these, five launched successful initial public offerings.

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New Market Solutions Credentials

  1. 1. Who We Are, What We Do, How We Do It Our Credentials
  2. 2. Who We Are  We are a full service management firm dedicated to indentifying and creating newroutes to market, driving top line growth and enhancing economic value for ourclients.  We have assisted more than seventy global retailers and consumer productsmanufacturers in the development and execution of strategic initiatives for growthand revenue enhancement. We participated in new capital funding for more thantwenty of these companies.  We have participated in the reorganization, repositioning, or turnaround of morethan twenty retailers. Of these, five launched successful initial public offerings.  We have assisted more than thirty emerging venture backed companies in theidentification and development of new market opportunities with strategic partnerssuch as Accenture and IBM.  We are retained by concerned management, business owners, board of directors,lead investors, private equity and attorneys. Company directors, officers and ownersalso call upon us for management support and/or advisory services.  The scope and design of our services are determined strictly by the needs of ourclients and driven by an uncompromising sense of urgency and integrity in all thatwe do.
  3. 3. New Market Creation  For a large west coast based department store, created and launched a “first ofits kind” new business concept around gourmet cooking and gourmet foods.Sourced, developed and merchandised all product for this concept. Developed thebrand identity and “look and feel” of the concept. Launched the concept in twostores, within one year this business successfully grew to twelve locations andultimately growing to more than 300 stores nationally becoming one the mostprofitable and recognized brands within the company.  For a group of Asia based manufacturers, created, developed and built a highlysuccessful US based private label design, manufacturing and product outsourcingcompany. Led all US based retail account development, design and manufacturing.Over a five-year period, retailers including J.C. Penney, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s,Mervyns, Gap, Nordstrom and Neiman-Marcus outsourced private label productdevelopment, design and production to the company. Sourced product productionand developed manufacturing facilities throughout Asia. The company quicklygained a reputation for high quality and high value product, delivered on time and aspromised. By year five, the company operated at a nearly twenty percent EBITDAallowing for the successful sale to a nationally know apparel manufacturer.
  4. 4. New Market Creation  For the Vintner’s Association of California’s leading wine producing region,created a fully integrated “turn key” retail merchandising concept to promote andenhance sales of premium wines and build brand name recognition for theseregional wines in Europe and Asia. At the time, just two percent of the regions wineswere being successfully exported with the bulk being in the lowest price points. Thegoal was to leverage the high brand name recognition of this wine region in theglobal marketplace and capture a twenty percent share of the French dominatedpremium wine business in Europe and Asia. The concept was funded throughexclusive merchandising agreements with more than seventy member winerieswithin the region. The export goals were realized in just over five years.  For a large global consulting firm, identified and developed a new businessconcept to capture and launch venture funded start-up’s and spin offs. Utilizing thefirms’ vast technology resources and alliances, people resources, managementexpertise and global network, the Business Launch Centres became the means bywhich young companies could rapidly scale and speed time to market. Twenty fiveBusiness Launch Centres were created globally; within six months more than twohundred start ups had become clients of the firm creating a significant increase intotal revenue. Additionally, the firm received equity participation with each BusinessLaunch Centre client. Within one year the consulting partnership committed $ 300million to further fund this opportunity.
  5. 5. Strategic SolutionsWith a bias for results, we provide end-to-end solutions – including development,execution and management. Utilizing our proprietary analytic tool set we workclosely with management to develop and execute strategic initiatives for revenuegrowth, brand development and positioning, product/services development, newbusiness development, strategic alliances and acquisitions. We excel at identifyingand creating new market opportunities. Notable examples:  Retained by the third largest US jewelry manufacturer to enhance revenue andshareholder value. We assisted in redirecting sales, marketing and merchandising.In addition, based on our market analysis, we developed and helped executemarket plans for opening new retail distribution channels. Results included a nearly40% increase in sales and the achievement of the highest gross margin and netearnings in the company’s fifteen year history.  Retained by a four billion dollar retailer to enhance gross margin across keymerchandise categories. Developed and conducted a key vendor diagnostic whichidentified numerous purchasing, negotiating, pricing and promotion opportunities.Created a key vendor partnership initiative which upon implementation improvedgross margin by 210 – 330 basis points depending on vendor.
  6. 6. Investment Industry ServicesWe have developed a proprietary set of industry specific templates for the rapidassessment of the overall business and market condition, operational weaknessesand strengths and potential strategic growth opportunities. We work specificallywith the investment industry in the areas of portfolio development, oversight,support and management. Following are examples of how we have assisted privateequity investors to enhance portfolio values and accelerate liquidity events.  Developed a client relationship with an eight billion dollar financial institution toidentify underperforming retail and consumer products companies for potentialequity investment or acquisition. Over a three year period sought, identified anddeveloped the investment strategy and the growth plan for ten specialty retailersranging from $ 50 million to $ 300 million in revenue.  Assisted a Silicon Valley venture capital firm to monitor, assess and developstrategic solutions for its retail portfolio. Developed the retail growth plan for four oftheir specialty retailers, developed the turnaround plan for three who had becometroubled due to overexpansion and assisted in new capital funding for three others.
  7. 7. Operational TurnaroundsWith a bias for action, we are committed to the four key accelerators of asuccessful turnaround: Speed, Communication, Partnerships and the creation of adetailed roadmap. Our mission is to stop the hemorrhaging within the first onehundred days. Our goal is to achieve cash breakeven by month ten, if not sooner.Our objective is to begin implementation of the growth plan by the end of year one.How we do it….Speed In the first one hundred days, assessments are made of customers,products, markets, operations and management by strategic business unit. All keycompany sites and suppliers are visited and key analytic metrics are developed tomeasure performance and identify weaknesses. Areas for consolidation,reorganization, restructuring and closure are identified. The detailed roadmap isdeveloped and “vetted” .Communication We openly and continuously communicate with all employees,customers, suppliers, lenders and shareholders. We keep no secrets and ouractions are known by all. We listen well, too.Partnerships We believe successful turnarounds are a result of making theemployees, customers, suppliers, lenders and shareholders partners in theprocess. “Buy-in” and support is crucial. So are concerns and suggestions.Detailed Roadmap Direction, Course and Destination. Includes the executiontimetable, expected results and contingency plan ( just in case ! )
  8. 8. Operational Turnarounds  For a Chicago based private equity firm, developed the successful acquisition strategy and retail turnaround plan for a 145 store Women’s specialty apparel retailer. Assuming an operating executive board level position, assisted management with the execution of the plan including the reorganization and restructuring of store operations, central merchandising and product sourcing and development. Results The investor group exited the transaction within twelve months realizing a 100% ROI.  For a NY Private Equity firm, developed and executed the successful recovery and restructuring plan for a renowned luxury multi-channel specialty retailer of fine jewelry, gifts and home furnishings. With existing management in place, reorganized operations, merchandising and personnel. Results included the elimination of all operating losses, the profitable liquidation of all unwanted inventory and the elimination of all bank debt. Upon completion, successfully undertook the sale of the company to the largest direct mail retailer in the United States. The restructuring, recovery and sale were successfully accomplished over a six month time frame.
  9. 9. Operational Turnarounds  Retained by the Board of Director’s to assume management control of agrossly over leveraged $150 million general merchandise retailer with year endlosses exceeding 15% and a debt to equity ratio of 6:1. Within nine months,completed the reorganization, remerchandising and repositioning of thecompany.Results 30% reduction in inventory, 8% expense reduction, and 33%reduction in bank debt. Gross Margin improved by 226 basis points with acorresponding improvement in EBITDA. Also recruited permanent seniormanagement to take the restructured, newly competitive company forward.  Retained by the Board of Director’s to assume management control of a $ 60million group of manufacturing companies with facilities in the United States,Canada and England. The group’s bank covenants had been breached due toseverely declining sales, operating margins and excessive inventory levels.Results Over a ten month period, brought the company from a $12.0 millionnegative cash flow to cash flow break even. Restructured and reorganized allsales and marketing activities, repositioned and enhanced existing productlines, reduced SKU assortment by 60%, developed new customer service andproduct programs and opened new consumer focused distribution channels.The customer base expanded by a factor of twenty. Secured an additionaltwelve million in new equity capital to further grow the company.
  10. 10. Operational Turnarounds  Retained by company ownership to take management control of the largest publisher and distributer of art in the US. Products ranged from posters, calendars, and greeting cards to fine art prints, framed art, limited edition and original fine art. Products were distributed through more than 25,000 retail outlets and galleries globally ranging from independent retailers to the top five retailers in the US. The company had been experiencing a steep revenue and earnings decline . Results Over a ten month period repositioned the company from an art publisher to a manufacturer and producer of exclusive fine art imagery represented in a variety of wall décor and greeting card formats. Refocused sales efforts to the leading national US retailers in the mass, department store and specialty home furnishings market segments. Developed a private brands division to create proprietary products for key targeted retail customers. Consolidated all sales and marketing efforts, created an award winning web site, which generated over a million dollars in sales in its first six months and fully integrated the supply chain to create significant expense reduction and enhanced speed to market. Results included 500 basis points increase in gross margin, 800 basis points reduction in operating expense and, in month eight, a return to positive earnings .
  11. 11. Partial Client ListInvestment Industry ServicesBerkeley International Canaan PartnersCharterhouse Capital Group, Intl. CID CapitalCM Equity Partners Hambrecht & QuistHeller Investments Interwest PartnersMohr Davidow Nightengale & Assoc.Price Waterhouse Quadrant Management GroupRoberston Stephens Sienna HoldingsUS Venture Partners Walden GroupStrategic ServicesBloomingdales Bose CorporationCadillac Fairview Corp Canadian Industries, Ltd.Deloitte Touche Duty Free Shoppers (DFS)Hanover Direct Levi StraussMacys Mervyn’sNational League for Health Care Napa Valley Vintners AssociationThe Tom Peters Group Winn Devon Art GroupOperational TurnaroundsAmerican Specialty Corp. Best Buy StoresCharles Shaw Winery CPG International, Inc.Devon Publishing Group Evan’s FursGibson Holdings Gump’s HoldingsHome Express Imposters, Inc.JC Penney Mecanorma France)Nordstrom Pace Enterprises
  12. 12. BIOHelen C. BulwikPresidentHelen has a long and distinguished career in successfully identifying, developing andexecuting strategies for top line growth, new business development and enhancingeconomic value for leading retail and consumer companies. She is nationally recognizedas a leading retail strategist and analyst. She has served as Chief Executive Officer orExecutive Chairman of six middle market retail and consumer companies, successfullydeveloping and implementing strategies for growth and competitiveness.In addition, as a senior level retail strategist with three of the most retail sophisticatedconsultancies in the world - IBM, Accenture and the Tom Peters Group, Helen hasadvised senior management of more than seventy of the top one hundred global retailersand consumer companies in the development and execution of strategic initiatives forgrowth and a sustainable competitive advantage. Helen serves on a number of for-profitand non-profit Boards of Directors and is a past President of the Association forCorporate Growth. She earned both her undergraduate degree and MBA from theUniversity of California – Berkeley, Haas School of Business where she also served asan Adjunct Professor for Strategic Retailing, Consumer Demand and Marketing. She is asought after speaker frequently and widely quoted in top business publications and thenews media.
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