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What is flipping the classroom?


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Published in: Education, Technology
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What is flipping the classroom?

  1. 1. Flipping Your Classroom Aaron Mullally Rasmussen College Tweet me: @AaronMullally #flipclass Email:
  2. 2. Better connections with students, while enhancing learning outcomes Tweet me: @AaronMullally #flipclass Email:
  3. 3. What’s different?When I was a student… Students now…• Friends called me on my • Call each other on their home phone that was own mobile phone they plugged into a phone jack carry in their pocket• Walked to the television to • Use a remote control for change channel nearly everything• Purchased music on • Download music & lectures cassette tapes from iTunes• Asked my parents for help • Ask Google or Wikipedia to with my home work help with homework Tweet me: @AaronMullally #flipclass Email:
  4. 4. What is Flipping the Classroom?• “Flipping the classroom is a form of lesson planning that allows the teacher to turn their classroom into a more active, student- centered environment that meets the diverse needs of our students through application.” – Aaron Mullally
  5. 5. My classroom is flippedOnline videos providestudents with lessonobjectives in advance• Identify what organ system theintegumentary system is•Be able to describe the primarypurpose of skin and its secondaryfunctions•Identify the three layers of skinand describe how they contributeto the functions of skin Tweet me: @AaronMullally #flipclass Email:
  6. 6. The flipped classroomThe traditional classroom The flipped classroomToday’s lecture is… Today’s activity is… Tweet me: @AaronMullally #flipclass Email: