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Sovero Media

  1. 1. Columbus Media International GroupSOVERO 2011
  2. 2. About us
  3. 3. About the AgencyBorn 1996, successor to legendary Vneshtorgreklama established in Soviet Union in 1964Billing 2010 $35 mln.Services Media planning/buying, full scope of BTL, creative, productionStaff 50 professional specialistsMembership ACAR (Association of Communication Agencies of Russia)Head Office Moscow
  4. 4. Our Global Partner - Columbus Media International EMEA Baltics, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland Italy, Netherlands, Poland Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, Ukraine NA Canada USA APAC Australia Japan China LatAm India Argentina Malaysia Brazil Singapore Mexico Taiwan Peru Puerto Rico Uruguay Venezuela 50 offices covering 68 territories partner markets associates
  5. 5. Our Clients
  6. 6. Sovero Media: why we? Agencies Independent Network Media groups Local Plus Minus Plus Plus Plus MinusSize Size Bureaucracy + + SizeInternational  Size  Size Size Speed Local International Local Internationalexperience Dependence experience experience experience experienceTechnologies Rotation of Speed Technologies Speed TechnologiesKnowledge clients Less AC Knowledge Less AC StaffStaff System of Knowledge Staff Knowledge InstabilityPrestige priorities for Focus on Prestige Focus onStability clients a client Stability a client Expensive Understanding of specificity of the local market + Service of the international Agency
  7. 7. Outdoor & Indoor
  8. 8. OutdoorClient: Transmark CompanyBrand: MillerProject: Out-of-door advertising3x6 billboards campaign – “Nightcity in Miller style”.Execution: 3x6 billboards withunique combination of light-emitting diodes and special effects.Full volume imitation of light,shades and sizes of the real nightcity styled in frames of internationaladvertising campaign.Geography: Moscow,St. Petersburg and million-strongcities
  9. 9. OutdoorClient: TransmarkBrand: MillerProject: Advertising Campaign «Miller - it’s Halloween – it’s Miller time»Execution: Street banners with thepumpkin as the light-emitting diode ex-tender.The first short-term project of streetbanner with the light-emitting diode ex-tender in MoscowGeography: Moscow
  10. 10. OutdoorClient: SportmasterBrand: O’STINBrand: ColumbiaBrand: MerrellProject: Out-of-door campaign - more than 3 000 billboards with exceptional level of maintenanceGeography: 38 Russian cities
  11. 11. Indoor Client: Pernod Ricard Rouss Brand: Chivas Regal Project: Manufacturing and placing of unique indoor advertising construction Decision: The construction was placed in atriums of shopping center “Evropeysky”. Still it is the largest ever been indoor advertising construction in Russia Geography: Moscow
  12. 12. TV
  13. 13. TVClient: R. TWININGS AND COMPANY LIMITEDBrand: Twinings TeaProject: TV media campaignExecution:Channels in Moscow: Perviy, Russia, CTC,Domashniy, DTVChannels in Saint Petersburg: Russia, CTC,Domashniy, 5th Channel, DTVMessage format: - 30”, 20”,10” videosCampaign efficiency:Moscow: 87% of the Target Audience watched avideo in average 19 timesSaint Petersburg: 80% of the Target Audiencewatched a video in average 12 timesGeography: Moscow, Saint Petersburg
  14. 14. TVClient: Luigi LAVAZZA S. p. A.Brand: Lavazza CoffeeProject: Local TV campaignTV Channels:Perviy, Ren-TV, DTVMessage format: a 30” videoCampaign efficiency: 77% of the TargetAudience watched a video in average 6timesGeography: Moscow
  15. 15. TVClient: United ConfectionersBrand: VdokhnovenieProject: National TV campaignTV Channels:Channel One, Russia, CTC,Domashniy, DTV, Euronews, 5thChannel (in Saint Petersburg)Message format: 35”, 20” videoCampaign efficiency: 90% of theTarget Audience watched a videoin average 10 timesGeography: over 50 cities
  16. 16. TVClient: Dr. Reddy’sBrand: Nise GelProject: National TV campaignTV channels: Rossiya and DomashniyFormat - 30” commercialCreative of the commercial belongs tothe Agency.Geography: Moscow + regionsBrand: SenadeProject: National TV campaignTV Channels: Rossiya and 5 channelFormat – 10”, 20”,30” commercialCreative of the commercial belongs tothe Agency.Geography: Moscow + regions
  17. 17. Print
  18. 18. PrintClient: Mirax GroupBrand: Mirax GroupProject: National press campaignExecution: glossies Life Style and luxury, on-boardpressUnique placements: “house” inside an envelope, postpackage tape, perforationGeography: RussiaClient: AutoMirBrand: AutoMirProject: Image companyExecution: Male gloss: placement of brandedadvertising tapes on the magazines, special full-colorprinted envelopes for magazinesGeography: RussiaClient: SynergyBrand: BelugaProject: Premium national campaign in pressExecution: placement in glossies, thick paste,gate folder and weeklies in the clipGeography: Russia
  19. 19. PrintClient: Dr. Reddy’sBrand: MycoflucanProject: Brand positioning campaign in pressExecution: Creation and placing ofadvertorials in women’s magazinesGeography: RussiaClient: Pernod Ricard RoussBrands: AllProject: National complete PR supportExecution: Development andimplementation of PR campaigns for 11brands – more than 3 yearsGeography: Russia
  20. 20. Internet
  21. 21. Internet Client: Mirax Brand: Asrta Montenegro Project: launch of campaign increasing BA of Astra Montenegro among target: “Montenegro is the best place for real estate purchase” Execution: re-launch of company web-site, increasing the traffic and number of calls to the call-center, placing of banners at chosen sites Chosen sites:,,,,,,,, Message format: banner formats 240х400 and 180х200, text-graphic block Period: March 23 – May 03 2009 Campaign efficiency: Advertising banners were shown more than 20 mln times The scope of the audience composed more than 6 mln. unique users (2.3 times higher than planned) The CPT index was much less than planned. 7.813 people were attracted to the site as newcomers. The campaign was recognized as the most efficient internet campaign of the customer
  22. 22. InternetClient – Dr. Reddy’s LaboratoriesBrand – MycoflucanProject: National advertising campaignExecution: Creation of banners and placing in social networksChosen sites: Pochta,,, Odnoklassniki.ruMessage format: banner 240х400Period: October – November 2009Campaign efficiency:27 999 unique clicks, 19 983 users visited the campaign site via clickGeography:Russia
  23. 23. InternetClient : LayalinaBrand: Layalina magazineProject: Advertising campaignExecution: Creating and placing of banners at life-style sites –Chosen sites:,,,, Afisha,TV@Mail.ruMessage format: banner 240х400 and 600х90Period: May 15-30 2010Geography: Moscow
  24. 24. PR Events
  25. 25. PR&EventsClient: Pernod Ricard RoussBrand: ChivasProject: project marking the brand outamong the rivals and creating of the“Association of loyal brand users”.Decision: The Agency recommended theestablishment of the first gentlemen-bar inMoscow.Lists of members-invitees were published inthe issue of Kommersant Weekend.Campaign efficiency: 98 % of inviteesvisited events. “Association of loyal brand users” wascreated efficiently.
  26. 26. PR&EventsClient: BorkBrand: BorkProject: launch of campaign increasing brand loyalty among targetExecution: Creation and launch of the national TV campaign - “Bork is the official sponsor of TV football translations for World Cup 2006”
  27. 27. PR&EventsClient: CosmopolitanBrand: CosmopolitanProject: launch of the special event for furtherpremiumisation of brand - Cosmopolitan BikiniBumExecution: Organization of the event; pre-and post-coverage: outdoor, indoor, radioMessage format: Billboards 3х6; Posters;Flags in the airport; City-formats in long-distance trains; Commercial 30 sec.1923 girls who laid out the logotype Cosmo.ruwith their bodies on the sand during the eventGeography: Sochi, Krasnodar, KrasnodarTerritoryCampaign efficiency: The Agency Guinness world record was established in Sochi!!!
  28. 28. Creative & POSM
  29. 29. POSMClient: DifferentBrand: DifferentProjects: Own design and manufacturing of booklets, invitations, press-packs, brand books. Different premium materials• Direct order of gifts from Asian and European companies; branding
  30. 30. POSMClient: Pernod Ricard RoussBrands: Martell. Royal Salute 21, Kahlua, Malibu, BeefeaterProject: Strengthen premium brand positioning creating glorifiers for placing in luxury POSExecution: Creating of exclusive glorifiers and installations design using modern premium materialsGeography: Russia and CIS
  31. 31. POSM Client: Pernod Ricard Rouss Brand: Martell Project: Development, manufacturing and installation of unique advertising units Execution: Placement of unique branded installations in duty free area, in the territory of airports and retail. Geography: Moscow (Sheremetyevo -2), St. Petersburg (Pulkovo)
  32. 32. Columbus Media International GroupThank you! 14, M.Pirogovskaya str., Moscow, 119435tel.: +7 495 775-55-90; fax: +7 495 775-55-91 e-mail: Denis.Samokhin@SOVERO.RU