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Corporate presentation Buljan & Partners Consulting


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Buljan & Partners Consulting Spain is an international consultancy firm with offices in Madrid, Munich and Portugal specialized in Customer Centric Management (CCM) and Customer Experience.

With over 10 years of experience we bring our customers to success through a customer-oriented and specialized methodology in the following areas:
- Customer Centric Management Leadership (CCML).
- Customer Centric Process Leadership (CCPL).
- Customer Centric Technology Leadership (CCTL).
- Customer Centric Talent Leadership CCTalent).
- Customer Experience Management (CEM).

Our clients are SMEs and multinational companies across all industries and business models.

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Corporate presentation Buljan & Partners Consulting

  1. 1. Buljan & Partners Consulting Consultancy specialized in Customer Centric Management (CCM) January 2015
  2. 2. 2 00. Are you Customer Centric? 01. Get to know Buljan & Partners Consulting 02. Customer Centric Management • CC Management Leadership • CC Process Leadership • CC Technology Leadership • CC Talent Leadership • Customer Experience Management • Retail Performance Program • Partner Relationship Program 03. Our Clients 04. Our Offices copyright ©2015
  3. 3. 00. Are you Customer Centric? 3 X Do you offer your customers unique experiences? X X X X Is your technology useful for employees and does it facilitate the relationship with your final customers? Are all touch points well aligned in both directions: customer-company and company-customer? Do your leaders consider both the financial and non-financial impact of being a customer centric company? Do your employees have the empowerment to offer personalized services? copyright ©2015
  4. 4. 4 Why do our customers choose us? Unique focus on Customer Centricity Our customers Who are we? o The leading consultancy in Customer Centric Management o Our project experience: > 130 projects > 20 countries > 12 years Large companies and SMEs o Partner: the worldgate group o Offices in Europe: Madrid, Munich and Lisbon 01. Get to know Buljan & Partners Consulting copyright ©2015
  5. 5. 5 01. Get to know Buljan & Partners Consulting copyright ©2015
  6. 6. 6 02. Customer Centric Management The global vision Area Target group Duration Services CC MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP CC PROCESS LEADERSHIP CC TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP CC TALENT LEADERSHIP CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT C-Level Management Whole organization Whole organization Teams Whole organization 6 months < 1 year > 1 year < 1 year < 9 months Leadership Processes Technology Human Resources Customer Experience Executive coaching in groups and individually Process Health Check Process Design Process Alignment Vendor selection Rollout Management Test Management CC Talent Map CC Talent Plan Experience mapping KPIs and Action plan CEM certification copyright ©2015
  7. 7. CUSTOMER CENTRIC MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP Buljan & Partners Consulting, in cooperation with the worldgate group, has developed the Customer Centric Management Leadership program which allows you to: o Ensure that a product oriented company becomes a customer centric one o Establish the adequate mindset within the C-level management o Support executives in obtaining the necessary awareness, the understanding of key elements and drivers of CCM, to commit to CCM and learn to lead by example 7 02. Customer Centric Management CC Management Leadership 90% 100% Of managers turned into drivers for CC after the first group coaching Group and individual commitment generated and shared at the end of the program Executive skills improved in two years, especially teamwork, innovation, positive attitude and assertiveness RESULTS SERVICES We offer a 6 months long program: coaching sessions in groups and individually: Awareness (Group coaching): Understand and assimilate Immersion (Individual coaching): Explore and decide Empowerment (Individual coaching): Individual and third party motivation Collaboration (Group coaching): Action plan and group commitment 100% copyright ©2015
  8. 8. 8 02. Customer Centric Management CC Process Leadership CUSTOMER CENTRIC PROCESS LEADERSHIP Buljan & Partners Consulting has developed the Customer Centric Process Leadership program, which allows you to: o Define Customer-related processes from a "outside-in” perspective: The process flow is adapted to the needs and objectives of the client rather than just domestic needs o Ensure a closer customer involvement with the company, with more feedback, preventing loosing customers and encouraging loyalty o Get employees to not only know the customer related processes but also to understand and show their commitment to engage with the CC culture 66% 100% RESULTS SERVICES Principles: Customer Centric Process design Health Check process: Formally via “Capability Model” Dynamically via awareness workshops Alignment: Once our Customer Centric processes are defined, we align people, systems, processes and strategy to obtain a sustainable model Support Services: Project Management (training or consulting) Change Management (training or consulting) 100% Of employees believe that it is essential to take them into account when creating processes Of our clients believe in a higher implication of employees in the creation and implementation of processes Of our customers who have hired us to help them with their processes are very satisfied with our work, and they have become loyal customers copyright ©2015
  9. 9. CUSTOMER CENTRIC TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP Buljan & Partners Consulting has developed the Customer Centric Technology Leadership program, which allows you to: o Innovate your customer centric processes with support of efficient technologies o Select contemporary and adequate software packages (i.e.: CX, Big Data, Multi Channel) in order to improve the customer and partner related processes and enable decision making on strategic and operational levels o Manage the development, implementation and integration of your technology, organize and deliver training and ensure quality of the software providers 9 02. Customer Centric Management CC Technology Leadership >120 RESULTS SERVICES Innovation Management Project Management Integration Management Requirements Management System Audits System Business Cases, ROI calculation Independent Provider Selections Project Management System Trainings Customer Analytics (CRM, BI …) Roll-out Management Test Management Quality Management >1800 >40 CC Technology Leadership projects implemented More tan 1.800 CRM users trained on Customer Centric process and technology More than 120 international projects completed with high customer satisfaction copyright ©2015
  10. 10. 10 02. Customer Centric Management CC Talent Leadership CUSTOMER CENTRIC TALENT LEADERSHIP Buljan & Partners Consulting has developed the Customer Centric Talent Leadership program, which allows you to: o Identify the current Customer Centric Talent in your organization o Provide a plan with proven consulting, training and coaching solutions that enhance and / or support the shift towards a Customer Centric culture o Work with your employees with an emotional-rational approach, which is easy to apply, sparks the interest and promotes confidence and motivation towards sustainable Customer Centric Management change o Maximize the profitability and loyalty of your external customer 19% 53% Increase of operating profit with engaged employees Of CC Talent employees are motivated to improve the level of service quality and customer satisfaction Of motivation and competence of your employees is determined by their middle management leaders RESULTS SERVICES Phase 1: Customer Centric Talent Leadership Map Define the current “photo” Measurement of the initial and final impact after the implementation of the CC Talent Leadership Plan Phase 2: Customer Centric Talent Leadership Plan Interest: Awareness session Understanding: Training and Coaching Trust: Supervision and Monitoring Illusion: Measuring the impact 81% copyright ©2015
  11. 11. RESULTS 11 02. Customer Centric Management Customer Experience Management CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE MANAGEMENT Buljan & Partners Consulting has developed the Customer Experience Management program, which allows you to: o Create value the customer is willing to pay for, which drives companies to profitability, competitiveness and sustainable growth o Provide: • Tools to identify the elements that hinder the progress towards an Customer Centric approach • The guide to develop the perception of customer value • The precise criteria for an efficient allocation of efforts between the different areas of action: Management, Process, Technology and Talent o Involvement of internal and external customer relationships designed to achieve WIN-WIN- Relationships Customers have increased their spending for a better customer experience Increased profit margin in less than 12 months Increased productivity of customer service 40% 15% SERVICES Customer Definition. Customer Experience Mapping. Situation analysis. Action plan. KPIs and measurement. CEM Certification. Financial valuation of experience. Innovation in customer experience. 25% copyright ©2015
  12. 12. 12 02. Customer Centric Management Marketing and Sales Programs PARTNER RELATIONSHIP PROGRAM Buljan & Partners Consulting intercedes between his clients and third parties in order to achieve optimal coordination and time savings. Otherwise, the client would have to talk to third parties, which often leads to inefficiencies This program allows to establish unique and stable commercial relations RETAIL PERFORMANCE PROGRAM Buljan & Partners Consulting defines, implements and standardizes the Customer Life Circle Processes oriented at achieving short-/medium– and long-term results This program allows to establish continuous process monitoring in order to increase follow up and conversion ratios as well as the traffic of interested customers copyright ©2015
  13. 13. 13 03. Our Clients copyright ©2015
  14. 14. 14 04. Our Offices SPAIN Buljan & Partners Consulting S.L. Avenida de Manoteras 26, 3ºB 28050 Madrid t: +34 914 488 882 f: +34 914 488 943 GERMANY Buljan & Partners Consulting GmbH Jakob-Klar-Str. 4 80796 München t: + 49 89 890 65 76-0 f: +49 89 890 65 76-29 PORTUGAL Buljan & Partners Consulting S.L. Av. República, nr. 6 - 7º Esq. 1050-191 Lisboa t: +351 213 303 720 f: +351 213 195 609 copyright ©2015
  15. 15. Contact us for a free information session! copyright ©2015