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Skyteron. A drone with wing grid propellers.


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Skyteron is the world's first unmanned aerial vehicle with a wing grill as a propeller. We have also developed a highly efficient engine and a safe emergency descent system.
The operating principle of the wing grille was first described and investigated by scientists Frenkel in 1956.
The operation of the electric motor is based on the early works of the scientist Kutkovetsky in 2014.
The emergency landing system is under patent.

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Skyteron. A drone with wing grid propellers.

  1. 1. Skyteron is a drone with wing grid propellers
  2. 2. ❏ long flight time ❏ increased payload ❏ original central permanent magnet motors ❏ safe emergency landing system ❏ good scalability Features
  3. 3. Wing grid propeller
  4. 4. 1. NACA 7409 Profile 2. 3D printing parts
  5. 5. ❏ high performance ❏ low weight ❏ low cost ❏ 3D printed parts ❏ our own development Single Central Magnet Motor
  6. 6. Use of drones Medicine Agriculture Architecture Air transportation Defense Weather forecast Power engineering Goods delivery Education Aerial photography Sea transport Humanitarian aid Personal transport
  7. 7. Drone market According to the PwC report Clarity from above, the addressable market value of drone powered solutions is over $127 bn
  8. 8. Our goal ❏ development and production of drones of various classes ❏ development of air taxi ❏ development of personal airborne vehicles
  9. 9. About us Akinora company was founded in 2014. The team of Akinora unites people who love science, art and modern technology, who create new things in different technological directions. Our team has extensive experience in building complex technological systems, and also invent new devices based on known physical principles. We work in the field of green energy, wireless technology, and medicine. We are active members of the 3D printing community and try to make our contribution to its development.
  10. 10. Our contacts site: mail: skype: vasp13 CEO Akinora Tetiana Bulgakova