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Facebook Timeline for Brands


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A quick guide for migrating your Facebook Brand Page to the new timeline.

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Facebook Timeline for Brands

  1. Facebook Timelinefor BrandsA quick guide for migrating your Facebook Brand Page to the new timeline
  2. 3 NEW MARKETING SOLUTIONSFacebook announced three new marketing solutions PAGES   REACH  GENERATOR   PREMIUM  Mission control for your business on Make sure your fans see your stories The most impactful way to distributeFacebook your content on Facebook
  3. 3 NEW MARKETING SOLUTIONSThis presentation aims to explain Facebook Pages to inspire professionals and helpstart their Facebook migration. Therefore management tools (a secondary step)such as Admin Panel and Activity Log are not included but can be reached PAGES   REACH  GENERATOR   PREMIUM  
  4. Facebook PagesFacebook Pages come with many new features including;Cover PhotoViews & AppsLarge StoriesMilestonesDate SelectorFriend ActivityPinned PostsStar Activity and many more
  5. Cover Photo Brands can now add a cover photo to the top of their Page.Tip:Think of cover photo as your showcase. Use Avoid text overlays on image that best fits your brand but also Keep an eye on Facebook Policymake sure to create impact and emotion. i.e. Facebook doesn’t allow CallsDon’t forget to update regularly. to Action.
  6. Profile Picture Tip: You can make a creative overlap of your Profile Picture and Cover Photo but remember to avoid repetitionYou can use a separate image as profile picture. Usecompany logo or image associated to page content
  7. Views & Apps Photos and custom apps appear at the top. A detailed view is available by the far right arrow.Tip:You can customize images for your apps and rearrange them in theorder of importance. There are many other details for this section, it’simportant to get to know them.
  8. Larger Stories Tip: Works great with videos as well The new page design allows the use of bigger more impactful photos to tell better stories. You can also include a person with, date and location with your story.
  9. Milestones Set milestones for key moments through time. Timeline is a perfect fit for history of events.Tip: You can use timeline to createnostalgic moments, a wow effect orsimply to inform.
  10. Star Content You can expand a post by clicking the star to underline a specific story, event or campaign. You can also hide posts that are irrelevant or not as engaging.Tip:Star Content works well with image and videos. You can easily attractattention to featured campaigns, moments or even products/services.
  11. Friend Activity When you visit a Page, you will see a list of friends with similar interests. You can also see a friends recent post on the page.Tip:Friend activity is a good way for users to find out moreabout friends with similar interests and their opinionon brands and organizations.
  12. Pinned Posts You can pin a post to keep an entry at the top of your page. A pinned post can be kept for up to seven days. Tip: Pinned posts are great for campaigns that you want to keep alive.
  13. Date Selector Users can navigate in time and jump to a specific period to discover past stories and events. Tip: For established brands it’s always great and effective to share how things started with the company whether it be an image of the first store, first product packaging or pictures of founders.
  14. TakeawaysRedesign your Brand Page using new timeline features.Upload a cover photo but be sure of Facebook policy [See Pages Product Guide]Make use of image and video content to drive engagementYou may need to rearrange your views and appsPost once per day. Posting more than once reduces your reach [See Reach Generator Guide]Make sure posts do not exceed 90 characters for maximum efficiency.Use Facebook recommended image standards [See Pages Overview]Use Reach Generator to reach and engage with fans more than ever [See Reach Generator Guide]
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