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Pinterest for Brands


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Pinterest, the next big social network explained, for Brands! This presentation is completely my own, carries no commercial purpose, made for educational purposes only.

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Pinterest for Brands

  1. for brands
  2. Pinterest Joins Twitter And Facebook AsThe Newest Self-Expression Engine -
  3. What  is  it?  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard whichallows users to organize and sharebeautiful and interesting contentthey find on the web.
  4. What  is  it?    (business  edition)  It’s a beautiful platform for storingand sharing your brand’s imageswhich helps drive traffic to yourcompany website or even help sellproducts
  5. Mission    Pinterest’s goal is to connect everyone in the world throughthe things they find interesting.
  6. Pinterest  states;  People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate theirhomes, and share their favorite recipes.
  7. How  does  it  work?  Create or upload a pin Create a pinboard of Follow people or justwith an image or video your interest, categorize the pinboards you like all your pins and start sharing
  8. Users can follow what’srelevant or interesting tothem, not everythingfriends share
  9. Users  can  also  pin  on  the  go  
  10. Functions?  Users can pin, re-pin, follow, like and create boards ofinterests.
  11. Hot  for  Brands?  
  12. More  than  10  million  unique  pinners  
  13. Fastest  Growth  in  Internet  History  Launched in 2010 Pinterest is the fastest growing web site inthe US. in all categories (except for services like Google+ andYahoo which have a user base)
  14. Hot  for  Business?  •  Pinterest is driving more traffic to brand sites than YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined! (shareaholic)•  In the last 6 months saw %446 increase in traffic driven through pinterest
  15. Sample  Brand  ProHiles  
  16. Brand  ProHiles  •  Companies from all industries, publishing to food/drink, automotive to clothing and others can share cool and inspiring images of all kinds.•  Pleasing graphics, goods, inspirational images or simply a wow effect could make a Pinteresting Brand for users worldwide.•  Think great products, inspirations, corporate and social responsibility
  17. Mashable  •  Think of mashable! now remove the long articles•  Shares gadgets, web humor, infographics, social media and much more
  18. Mashable  
  19. Shopping  Sites  •  Shopping sites could easily integrate items to Pinterest and drive both traffic to their site and lead to purchase•  Take Etsy, an online handmade/vintage shopping site•  Brand profile already has over 40.000 followers•  Etsy shares purchasable items, gift ideas and inspirations•  Price tagged images are directly linked to purchase
  20. Etsy  
  21. General  Electric  •  GE develops technologies that lead to better life•  Company shares inspiring images, incredible machines, appliances manufactured and even corporate projects like #whatworks
  22. General  Electric  
  23. Fashion  Brands  •  I think there are tremendous opportunities for Fashion brands with Pinterest•  An industry made of colors, fabric, inspiration, celebrity and trends seems like a perfect fit
  24. Fashion  Brands  
  25. University  ProHiles  Imagine what it’d be like for students if they had the chance totake a detailed look at college life before they applied withouthaving to signup for a campus tour
  26. UCLA  
  27. Take  aways  •  Great potential for retailers•  Boost your brand image by sharing cool but relevant images•  If you have a catalogue this is one opportunity to digitize it•  Inspire people and generate a viral effect•  Generate lead, find out what’s interesting for users•  Never SPAM your followers•  Share what’s interesting and drive traffic to your website•  Pin, re-pin and like other users’ images that you find relevant•  Brands that only share own content are uninteresting•  Keep in mind, social network rules apply
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