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Published in: Self Improvement, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Stay in silence...
  2. 2. Are there many“noises” inside you...... “listen” in the depths of your being...
  3. 3. Are there many“preoccupations” in your mind... ...that made your heart so “heavy”… ... “listen” in the depths of your being...
  4. 4. ... Stay alone...... “listen” in the depths of your being...
  5. 5. ... Enter into your “depths” ... ... “listen” in the depths of your being...
  6. 6. “The Lord is here and He is calling you...” ... He loves you and He is waiting for you... ... “Listen to Him” in the depths of your being…
  7. 7. “Stay in silencebefore the Lord..."
  8. 8. Forget your words, forget your memories,your petitions, your projects; Look at Him, Listen to Him without being destracted from the voices within.
  9. 9. Stay in peace with Him,abandon yourself to Him, all your troubles, all your concerns,all your preoccupations, forget all of them.
  10. 10. Stay detached, free from your desires,poor as the wood dying in winter,empty everything that is not God.
  11. 11. Stay alone, Nothing within your heart that no creaturewill destract your exchange of gaze : you and God.
  12. 12. Stay without grumbling, nor being disturbed,nor with strange “visitors”, nothing, except God.
  13. 13. Stay with all your heart, remembering nothing but God, not looking for human consolations, “buried” with Him and in Him, denying yourself make yourself a “gift” inside your heart..
  14. 14. Stay without any anguish, nor resentments, without pride,nor false images of your own self..
  15. 15. Stay and listen to His words,transformed into His Word and His will.
  16. 16. Stay powerless,without priveleges, without honor,idols
  17. 17. Stay in deep adorationthat nothing will alter your attention, nor sorrow, nor joy Abandon yourself to Him...
  18. 18. Stay in silence before the Lord, Forget yourselfand that He alone is living in you.
  19. 19. “Stay in silencebefore the Lord..."
  20. 20. “Stay in silence..."
  21. 21. “Stay..."
  22. 22. “Stay in silencebefore the Lord..." (Psalm 37, 7)