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алушкин ев.


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алушкин ев.

  1. 1. Alushkin Evgeny 9 “б” class
  2. 2. It was built in the Empire style in 1834 in theheart of Palace Square,by the architectAuguste Montferrand by decree of  EmperorNicholas I to commemorate the victory of hisolder brother Alexander I over Napoleon.
  3. 3. Baikal is in the southern part of EasternSiberia, the deepest lake on a planet
  4. 4. Balalayka — Russian national musicalinstrument, from 600 — 700 mm to 1,7meters in length, with the triangularwooden case.
  5. 5. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov(17 [29] on January 1860,Taganrog, Ekaterinoslavskyprovince (Rostov region) —2 [15] on July 1904,Badenvayler) — anoutstanding Russian writer,a playwright, and a doctor.
  6. 6. Feodor MikhaylovichDostoyevsky (on October30 [on November 11]1821, Moscow, theRussian Empire — onJanuary 28 [on February9] 1881, St. Petersburg,the Russian Empire) —one of the Russian writersmost considerable andknown in the world andthinkers.
  7. 7. Ekaterininsky palace(also known as Bolshoythe Tsarskoselsky palace, the CatherinePalace) — the former imperial palace; one ofthe largest in vicinities of St. Petersburg.
  8. 8. Feodorovsky Convent - сonvent of theRussian Orthodox Church in Pereslavl. Fullname of secular sources- Pereslavl Great Monastery of St. FeodorаStratelates.
  9. 9. The Guamsky gorge - a place which strikeswith the scale, a force of nature and thepeople who have cut through in walls the shelffor the narrow-gage railway.
  10. 10. Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka— the Russian composer,the founder of nationalcomposer school.
  11. 11. The Hermitage in St. Petersburg — the largestin Russia and one of the worlds largest art andcultural and historical museums, culturefederal state institution.
  12. 12. Isaakiyevsky Cathedral (the official name - theCathedral of St. Isaac of Dalmatia) - thelargest orthodox church in St. Petersburg. Locatedon St Isaacs Square. It has the status of the museum.
  13. 13. Iosif VissarionovichDzhugashvili (Stalin) —the Russianrevolutionary, the Sovietpolitical, state, militaryand party figure. Figureof the internationalcommunistic and labormovement, theorist andpropagandist ofMarxism-Leninism
  14. 14. Sergey Pavlovich Korolyov —the Soviet scientist, thedesigner and the organizerof production of space-rocket equipment and therocket USSR weapon, thefounder of practicalastronautics. The largestfigure of the XX century inthe field of space rocketproduction and shipbuilding.
  15. 15. The Luzhetsky monastery (male) — is locatedin the city of Mozhaisk, exists since the XVcentury. Unique from 18 medieval monasteriesof Mozhaisk, remained up to now.
  16. 16. Moscow - the capital of theRussian Federation, thecity of federal value, anadministrative center ofthe Central federaldistrict and the center ofthe Moscow region. Thecity of Russia largest onpopulation (11 612 943people), on this indicatoris included into tenlargest cities of the world.
  17. 17. Matreshka — Russian wooden toy in the formof a painted doll in which there are dolls of thesmaller size similar to it.
  18. 18. Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev —the Russian scientist-Encyclopaedist, the publicfigure. Chemist, physicalchemist, physicist, metrologist,economist, technologist,geologist, meteorologist,teacher, aeronaut,priborostroitel. Professor of theSt. Petersburg university; thecorresponding memberaccording to the category"physical" Imperial St.Petersburg Academy ofSciences. Among the mostknown opening — the periodiclaw of chemical elements.
  19. 19. The NizhegorodskyKremlin — a fortressin Nizhny Novgorod,the historical citycenter, the stone beltcovering top of themountainous capeand ledges lying onVolga slopes.
  20. 20. Aleksandr NikolaevichOstrovsky — the Russianplaywright, whichcreativity became themost important stage ofdevelopment of Russiannational theater.Corresponding memberof the PetersburgAcademy of Sciences.
  21. 21. Aleksandr SergeevichPushkin is a Russian poet,a playwright and a prosewriter. AlexanderPushkin has agreat reputation and thegreat Russianpoet. Pushkin isconsidered as the founderof modern Russian literarylanguage
  22. 22. Red Square — the main and most known areaof Moscow. The total area of Red Square makes23 100 m ², length — 300 meters, width — 70meters.
  23. 23. Konstantin SergeyevichStanislavsky (Alekseev)— the Russian theatricaldirector, the actor and theteacher. The founder ofthe well-known actorssystem which for 100years has hugepopularity in Russia andin the world. Nationalactor of the USSR (1936)
  24. 24. The Tretyakov gallery — an art museum inMoscow, based in 1856 merchant PavelTretjakov.It has one of the largest world’scollections of Russian fine arts.
  25. 25. Uspensky cathedral of theMoscow Kremlin — theorthodox temple locatedon the Cathedral squareof the Moscow Kremlin. Itis built in 1475 — 1479
  26. 26. The Vyborgsky castle - completelyremained monument of the WestEuropean medieval military architectureunique in Russia goes back to the XIIIcentury.
  27. 27. War and Peace -an epic novel of LeoTolstoy, describingthe events of thewarsagainst Napoleon in 1805 andthe World 1812.
  28. 28. Thank you