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Thats Trust - what we can offer?


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Thats Trust - what we can offer?

  1. 1. The internet is the fastest growing communication medium.It’s a huge market that can not be neglected.Advertising on the Internet is now the cheapest and most effective form of promotion.You could say that companies who do not exist on the Internet do not exist at all.
  2. 2. The Main Benefits of Owning a Websiteease to reach new customerspresentation of offers and information about the company without brochures or unnecessary direct contactsflexible communication with partnerslowers the cost of advertising in the target environment as compared with traditional means such as newspapersopportunity for direct sale of its products through an online storeprofessional web site builds a positive image of the company
  3. 3. What do We have to Offer?A domain name – www.yourwebsite.comSpace for website and file storage – store extra files with ease.A customized email – Want a company email? No problem!WordPress – We’ll even set it up for you. It’s possibly the best tool for websites sense… Well, ever!We are open to any suggestions and ideas - we will help you so that they become reality.Turn up online in few minutes - contact us!
  4. 4. Why WordPress?WordPress is a revolutionary tool that allows you to create beautiful websites with speed and ease.WordPress has over 2,000 free themes and templates. You can always change or buy a commercial theme.WordPress has over 19,005 plugins which make it incredibly easy to customize your website.WordPress has tools to put your website on the front page of Google and other popular search engines.WordPress has social media plugins that will allow your company to connect to its customers.WordPress is totally FREE! You do not have to pay huge prices (up to $ 1,000) for design your site!
  5. 5. How do we do it?We hope that you will stay with us for years. Why so long? Because we’ll miss you too much! Yes, even after youcancel your payment. Our passion for just how awesome you really are goes far beyond that.We know how difficult it is for you to juggle a business, and then there’s family, and then basically life! Yes, it’shard being you. To make it easier being that bundle of awesome that you are, we created a plan to work by. It goessomething like this.“Creating a page should take place on the stage so that it will “live” to attract new users of the internet each andevery day.”You see, our services meet the latest standards for creating web pages that leave users in awe.
  6. 6. What’s the Science of it?Innovative technical solutionsWe look forward to assist you in delivering your services and introduce innovative technical solutions foryour business. We are open to any suggestions and ideas - we will help you so that they become reality.Social NetworkingConnectivity and networking through social media. We can take advantage of this to better connect you withyour customers and give you company or service a personality.Offline MarketingAdvertising your website outside the internet world. This is extremely effective as barely anyone will go thisfar for advertisement.
  7. 7. Are there any Steps I can Follow?1st: Analysis The operation begins with understanding your needs and expectations in relation to the functions of the service. It is necessary here to answer the fundamental question: What is the purpose formed and to whom it is addressed? It is also important to determine the content of which is to be presented. All the time with our experience, the most recent offering solutions.2nd: Planning Based on the information provided, we determine the form of service: Presentation of Content – various forms of content presentation, mechanisms for navigation (Simple and clear navigation mechanism is the basis of good performance) System administration – allow the landlord to keep control of the content of your site and update the information contained therein.3rd: Development The Concept of Graphical Design: The collected information translated into graphical presentations of customer expectations, should be communicated during the very first second a customer makes eye contact on your website.
  8. 8. 4th: Implementation At this stage, we will crystallize the target project. They are created, and all the visual elements of the cement expectations and technical mechanisms responsible for the interaction with the user will be implemented.5th: Commissioning Install the page on our server, and the Internet domain attaches. 6th: Open the world: Creating pages is an important step in the occurrence of the network. But you should think about taking care of service and proper promotion. This also will help you in… Thank you for your time!