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Questionnaire and chart

  1. 1. We have analysed the results from the questionnaire that we handed out to 20 Orpington College students. We will use these results to plan our music video, digi pack and website.
  2. 2. We used different methods to hand out and receive the questionnaire. The different methods we used were Facebook notes, sending email, and physically giving it out. This is an example of a mail we sent out to individuals
  3. 3. Question One: What age group do you belong to? 13-16 17-19 20 -23 23+ Age Group 13 - 16 17 - 19 20 - 23 23 + Nearly 75% of the responses were between the ages of 17 and 19 . This indicates that this is who we should be aiming our video, digi- pack and website to. A good way to do this may be to include people from this age group in the music video.
  4. 4. Question Two: What gender do you belong to? Male Female Gender Male Female Over half of the people we asked were females. This does not necessarily mean that Giggs target audience to predominantly female, but it does but up the evidence from the other target audience research that he does have a broad female fan base.
  5. 5. Question Three: How do you listen or watch music? YouTube iPod/Phone/MP3 Music Channels Artists official website Others Where do you watch or listen to music? YouTube MP4 Music Channels Offical Websites Other This question had quite a varied answer but it is clear that the least popular method was to seek music on the artists official website. The most popular was music channels, which may be due the convenience of the television being central to the family home. Radio was a suggested method to listening to music.
  6. 6. Question Four: Do you prefer abstract music videos or the ones that go with the lyrics? Abstract Performance/ Narrative Video Concept Abstract Performance/ Narrative The performance or narrative video concept has proved to be much more popular than the abstract video. Giggs music videos are usually performance based and occasionally has some narrative to it. To do a performance based video would be following the conventions of Giggs style.
  7. 7. Question Five: What do you expect to see in Giggs music video? Drama Lots of boys Choreographed dance Club scene What would you expect to see? Drama Lots of Boys Choreographed Dance Club Scene Our audience would most expect to see a club scene in a Giggs video, and no one would expect to see a choreographed dance. Some people would expect to see drama, maybe suggesting that they want to see some kind of narrative.
  8. 8. Question Six: Which of the following is your favourite Giggs song? Talking The Hardest Look What The Cat Dragged In Let ‘Em Have It What More Do They Want Others Favourite Giggs Song Talking The Hardest Look What The Cat Dragged In Let 'Em Have It What More Do They Want Other There was a variety of answers for this question. The other songs that were chosen were; Bus Commercial, Open Up and Matic. These are quite up beat songs, therefore indicating that the audience would probably like a fast paced video.
  9. 9. Question Seven: Which of the following is your favourite album cover? Favourite CD Cover Let 'Em Have It Hustle On Walk In The Park Don't Go There The covers for Let ‘Em Have It and Don’t Go There received the best responses. Both have the artists name in a simple bold serif font and a photograph or illustration. The extreme close up appears to be a very popular choice and may be the kind of cover that we will produce.
  10. 10. Question Eight: Which of the following is your favourite music video? Hustle On Slow Songs Look What The Cat Dragged In Favourite Music Video Hustle On Slow Songs Look What The Cat Dragged In The results for this question were almost even. This could mean that all of Giggs videos are quite similar and that we should should stick to the conventions that h follows.