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School staff


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School staff

  1. 1. Let’s learn the staff of the School WHO works in school?
  2. 2. CLEANERCleans the schoolMops the floorsEmpties andcleans the bins
  3. 3. TEA LADYMakes tea andcoffeeServes tea andcoffee,
  4. 4. DIRECTOR
  5. 5. ENGLISHTEACHERTeaches EnglishgrammarTeaches speakingEnglishTeaches writing inEnglish
  6. 6. SCIENCETEACHERTeaches thebiology, chemistry,physics.Teaches thechemicals andelementsTeaches how tomake anexperiment
  7. 7. GEOGRAPHYTEACHERTeaches the regionsTeaches thegeographical features(rivers,mountains, lakes,seas,oceans,waterfalls,plains etc.)Teaches the seasonsand weatherconditions
  8. 8. MATHTEACHERTeaches thenumbersTeachesmultiplication, division, addition, subtraction
  9. 9. ARTTEACHERTeaches drawingTeaches paintingTeaches usingcolours
  10. 10. PHYSICALEDUCATIONTEACHERTeaches physicalfitnessTeaches playingfootball,volleyball, basketballTeaches tumbling
  11. 11. MUSICTEACHERTeaches themusical notesTeaches playingmusicalinstrument (guitar,flute etc.)Teaches singingsongs.
  12. 12. RELIGIONTEACHERTeaches thereligionsTeaches the sinsand good deedsTeaches praying
  13. 13. OK. Now Think About Your School,Your Teacher WHO IS YOUR SCHOOL DIRECTOR ? What is his name? Our school director is Sadık YAZICI
  14. 14. WHO IS YOUR ENGLISH TEACHER? Our english teacher is Buket KILIÇOĞLU
  15. 15. WHO IS YOUR MUSIC TEACHER?Our music teacher is Nimet KARAARSLAN
  16. 16. WHO IS YOUR ART TEACHER?Our art teacher is Hüdavendigar GÜLCÜ
  17. 17. WHO IS YOUR MATH TEACHER? Our math teacher is Özgür EKİNCİ
  18. 18. WHO IS YOUR GEOGRAPHY TEACHER? Our geography teacher is Yavuz OSMANLI
  19. 19. WHO IS YOUR SCIENCE TEACHER? Our science teacher is Bayram GÜLER
  20. 20. WHO IS YOUR PHYSICAL EDUCATION TEACHER? Our physical education teacher is Şenay ÇAKMAK
  21. 21. WHO IS YOUR RELIGION TEACHER? Our relıgıon teacher is Necmettin UZUN
  22. 22. WHO IS YOUR TURKISH TEACHER? Our turkish teacher is Vecide