8th Grade 1st Term 1st English Exam


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8th Grade 1st Term 1st English Exam

  1. 1. NAME / SURNAME : MARK:NUMBER: 02/11/2012 2012/2013 ACADEMİC YEAR ADEM YAVUZ SECONDARY SCHOOL 8th GRADE 1st TERM 1st ENGLISH EXAM (60 min) 1. Look at the pictures given below and describe the each person’s physical appearance.(mention about hair, skin, eyes, and face shapes and use physical description adjectives. (30 points ) Height : 185 cm Height: 168 cm Weight: 80 kg Weight: 55 kg Height : 145 cm Height: 190 cm Weight: 36 kg Weight :78 kg Height: 160 cm Height: 172 cm Weight 85 kg Weight: 58 kg 2.Complete the sentences with TOO or ENOUGH and the adjective in brackets. (20 points)a. Peter is _______________ to become a police officer. Hes only 1.65 cm tall. (short)b. Kelly is __________ to drive a car. Shes only 14. (young)c. David is a fast runner, but he isnt _________ to beat the Italian runner. (fast)d. Im a good swimmer, but Im not __________ to enter a championship. (good)e. The beach was ___________ to sunbath yesterday, so we decided to go somewhere else. (crowded)f. We wanted to go to Paris last weekend, but the plane tickets were ____________ to buy , so we stayed at home. (expensive)g. We didnt buy the sofa because it wasnt _________________ to sit on it. (comfortable)h. The students are ________________ to study everyday.(lazy)i. The music is ___________ to hear anything you say (loud)j. I don’t have _________________ to clean the house because I have to finish my homework (time)
  2. 2. NAME / SURNAME : MARK:NUMBER: 02/11/2012 3.Complete the sentences with an ADJECTİVE or an ADVERB correctly. (20 points) Tom is_____________ (slow) . He works ____________. Sue is a _____________(careful) girl. She climbed up the ladder ______________. The dog barks ____________ (angry) . I think ,it is ____________. He acted __________________(excellent) . Hes an_____________ actor. They learn English_______________ (easy) . They think English is an _________language. Max is a _______________(good) singer. He sings______________ . Its ________________ (awful) cold today. The cold wind is _____________ . Dogs rely on their noses because they can smell ______________ (good) The little boy is ________________ (sad) . I went over to comfort him and he looked at me ________ I tasted the soup ______________(careful) but it was _____________ (wonderful) .4. Fill the blanks in the sentences with the appropriate personality adjectives given in the box (15 points) Noisy Imaginative Selfish Sociable Generous Reliable Pessimistic Lazy Stubborn Shy My friend always shares his things with others. He is a very .............. person. Aslı is ……………... friend. She never tells lies ,always tells the truth. Robin is a very ……………… boy. Whenever I see him, he always sleeps. He never does anything. Sandy always sees the bad sides of events. She is so ……………….. Mark dreams different creatures all the time. He is very ...................... Lora hasn’t got any friend. She is always alone. She is afraid of talking to someone. She is very .............................. Halil has got lots of friend and he makes friends easily. He is very …………… My sister is very …………………If she decides something, anyone can’t change her decision. She never changes her plans. I can never sleep well because my little brother makes to much noise. He is very ………………. I hate my cousin because she always thinks of herself. She never thinks of anybody. She is so ………………………. 5.Think about the friendship relations. How should a true friend be according to you and howshouldn’t a true friend be? What kind of personality should a true friend have? What qualities should atrue friend have? Make a list of them. (use personality adjectives) (15 points) A true friend should be