CURRICULUM VITAEIDENTIFICATIONName                 : AMANI BUKANDA AlexisNationality         : Democratic Republic of Cong...
professionals.                  SERVICES(CRS)Training on follow up of the    Organized by the CHUK.    04/12-15/12/2006pat...
alimentation and nutritional    Irene Ndomborehabilitation “PositiveDeviance’’Elaboration strategic of        Concern Worl...
EXPERIENCE WORKERSDETAILS                           INSTITUTION                        YEARProject Manager                ...
-Supervision of trainees: trainees nutritionists, nurses and social workers-Nutritional rehabilitation of under malnourish...
-Communication for the behavior change (BCC)-HygienicDuties -Proven track record in partnership building and capacity buil...
-Participation in the writing of the annually report of the program-Participation in the review of the annual budget of th...
-Elaborate the protocol of management of severe malnourished according the protocol ofOMS and UNICEF-Elaborate the report....
VII. REFERENCES1. Michelle Kouletio, Deputy Director PISAF, University Research Corporation7200 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 60...
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Cv amani anglais


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Cv amani anglais

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAEIDENTIFICATIONName : AMANI BUKANDA AlexisNationality : Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) passport number 0B0116649deliverd kinshasa on 01 April 2010 exp on 31 MAR 2015Phone number : +243998946648,+243994033427Statut : MarriedE-mail :,bukanda@hotmail.comSkipe: amani.bukanda.alexisEDUCATION DETAILSDETAILS NAME OF THE YEAR PASSING SCHOOLBachelor’s degree in High Institute of 2008- 2010Development Technical Management /BukavuOption: Entrepreneurship and (I.S.M/Bukavu) D.R.CProject Management ( A0)Diploma High Institute of Medicals 1998- 2001 in Nutrition and Dietetic Technical of Bukavu/(A1) D.R.CCertificated in Kamina /Nyangezi /D.R.C 1988-1996Pedagogy(A2)Primary School Burhembo Primary/ D.R.C 1979-1986TRAININGSDETAILS INSTUTITION YEAR TRAC PLUS-Centre forTraining of trainers in Treatment and Research on from 7th to 11th june 2010nutrition care and support AIDS,Malaria,Tuberculose andfor people living with HIV/ Other Epidemics .AIDS Monitoring andEvaluationFood Fortification and University of Illinois February 3rd to 4th ,2010Nutrition Solutions For By :Pascasie Adedze PhD,Community Health In MPHRwanda. Department of Food ScienceTechnical Conference and and Human Nutritiontraining Workshop At Serena Hotel Rwanda E-mail: adedze@illinois.eduTraining manual on infant ELIZABETH GLASER From 20th to 24th july2009and Young children PEDIATRIC AIDSFeeding for both trainers and FOUNDATIONtrained health CATHOLIC RELIEF
  2. 2. professionals. SERVICES(CRS)Training on follow up of the Organized by the CHUK. 04/12-15/12/2006patients living withHIV/AIDS.Training of the Trainers on Organized by TRAC. 25/09-29/09/2006the nutritional following ofpeople living withHIV/AIDS and patients inmedical treatment to reducevirus multiplication.Training in management of Organized by RIAM. 19/12-23/12/2005human resourcesGender Training CONCERN Worldwide From 8th to 10th March,2005Topic: Gender from ahistoricalperspective,definition ofGender,Genderimbalance,socialconstriction ofGender,sexual division oflabour,Gender roles,Genderequality and equity, Gendermainstreaming,Gender anddevelopmentIntroduction to participatory CONCERN Worldwide 17th -23th November,2004Rural Approraisal (PRA):Topis: PRA backgroundtheory and PRA tools(classroom practice)Training in StrategicPlanning and managment Organized by RIAM. 11/10-15/12/2004Research skills in socialAnalysis Concern Worldwide 20th-24th Decembre,2004 and 22and-24th febr,2005Training on the psychosocialaccompaniment at the Organized by International 28/06-30/06/2000Hospital. Handicaptrainer on focusing on Concern Worldwide From 1st to 5th June
  3. 3. alimentation and nutritional Irene Ndomborehabilitation “PositiveDeviance’’Elaboration strategic of Concern Worldwide From 14th to 19th 2004Behaving to Change the By: Michelle KouletioChild Survival ProgramQuality Assurance Concern Worldwide From 19th to 29thSample(LQAS) Patrick Migambi January,2004Inquisitor (Investigator)Feeding the baby and child : USAID,MOST,CORE,WORLD From 6th to 15thto help[ the young children RELIEF October,2003in good eating and By Warren Bergren,MD,DrPHgrowing>> andGretchen Bergren Positive Deviance/Healthy World relief CorporationLet’s face HIV/AIDS Freedom from Hunger,Worl From 10th to 14thPrevention and care of HIV/ Relief, Concern Worldwide March,2003AIDS By; Robert DAVISFeeding the baby and the Freedom from Hunger,Worl From 4th to 7th March,2003child : Relief, Concern Worldwidehelp the young children in By; Robert DAVISgood eating and growingPrinciple and practice of Freedom from Hunger,Worl From:27th February to 1stlearning by dialogue Relief, Concern Worldwide March,2003 By; Robert DAVISFIELD COMPETENCIES-Project Manager: Planning, Organization, Implemented, monitoring and evaluation-Leadership- Management of Nutrition Program (in the community and Hospital, CTC,PNBC, Nutritionemergency ,HIV / AIDS, Infant feeding, food security, SMART Methodology on nutrition,food by prescription) ,PHAST Strategy,Working with others.-Strengthening capacity in HIV / AIDS,TB, Nutrition, Malaria, Maternal and new born ,Mutual Health, BCC, hygiene, Promotion of Gender, Palliative Care-Good judgement and analytical skills in English and French-Good communication verbal and written-Proven interpersonal skills and ability to work in a multi-cultural, regional,National ad localenvironment with sensitivity .-Ability to identify client’s need and ability to establish and maintain productive partnershipswith clients.- Development of small income generating projects, cooperative management- Animation, outreach, awareness and support for humanitarian development-Social Assistance within humanitarian agencies to vulnerable people.*budget management Communication and change behavior Management and Logistics stock
  4. 4. EXPERIENCE WORKERSDETAILS INSTITUTION YEARProject Manager Action Kivu USA Kivu. From June 2010 up to January2012Project Manager: From: June 2010 to 9January 2012ResponsabilitiesEstablish and maintain effective structures and processes for the delivery of the Project andits Implementation Plan. Manage the time and contributions of the project team in closecollaboration , support office, and other support centers as necessary.Planning: Develop detailed work plans for the Project with clearly defined activities andspecific results based outputs for the implementation of the Project within the priorities ofthe community.Prepare semester budgets to support the implementation of annual work plans based on theoverall budget in the Project Documents and other resources to be mobilized.Technical and Managerial: Advise on and implement effective gender controls in theplanning and implementation of the project. Latest project management principles are to beimplemented in order that allocated projects are successfully delivered on time, withinbudget and to the required quality.Capacity Building: Provide training to local authorities and contractor’s staff and adviseon good project management and construction practices. To engage communities to improvegender relations through appropriate toolsReporting: Prepare and issue regular Project Reports in accordance with donor guidelines forreporting.Develop and implement training plans for each partner. The AP is supposed to support thepeople in Kivu Action to provide training to partners and also participate in training ifnecessary;Develop feedback mechanisms minimum ie opportunities for constructive action Kivu toprovide feedback on the collaboration of partner and partners to provide feedback on thecollaboration of Action Kivu ; Design a Sponsorship capacity building plan that will raise staffknowledge and competencies in key sponsorship initiativesSupervision of vulnerable women in learning trades such as tailoring, embroidery andKnitting.Design a Sponsorship capacity building plan that will raise staff knowledge and competencies in keysponsorship initiatives. Prepare high-quality and timely donor reports, project managementcycle and compliant policies and procedures, systems and guidelinesNutritionist and in charge University Teaching Hospital From January 2006 to Juneof Quality Assurance and Kigali /Rwanda 2010Performance/ NutritionserviceResponsibility-Establishing the nutritional management of HIV/AIDS,TB patients.- Working with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and other relevant partners in state on themodalities and tools for the dissemination of the National Guidelines for the IntegratedManagement of Severe Acute Malnutrition and community nutrition.
  5. 5. -Supervision of trainees: trainees nutritionists, nurses and social workers-Nutritional rehabilitation of under malnourished children and other admitted patients- Following of consumption of the diets set .-Management of long term food stores-Control and supervise the food service activities-Reporting and monitoring activities- Assessing the impact of therapeutic milk F100, F75 and Plumpy Nut. Prescription of ORSand ReSoMal to malnourished children and adults.-Collaborating with the multisectors partners for the management of malnutrition in whole country.- working with MOH ,Rwanda Nutrition Society(RNS)-Supervising and evaluating the nutritional activities of Districts Hospitals- Technical support of Districts Hospitals- Requesting therapeutic Milk and plumpy nut at UNICEF,CAMERWA-Requesting CSB ,Oil, Sugar, for people living with HIV/AIDS,TB at PAM-Advocating for food security for people living with HIV/AIDS,TB-Participating in meeting and nutrition plan with partners (WPF,UNICEF,GlobalFoung,ICAP…)-Tower rooms with medical specialists-Monitoring and Evaluation of nutrition Activities- Elaborating Nutrition policies and procedures for the nutrition department of the UTHK-Strengthening the nutrition team capacity for the management of the nutrition program ofother District Hospital (Nutrition Technical support)-Participating in related regional & national meeting on nutrition-Monitoring nutrition of people living with VIV/AIDS,TB.-Regular monitoring nutrition of children under 15 on ARVs and distribution of dry rationsthrough food-for-Art Program in partnership with International Center for AIDs Care andTreatment Program(ICAP) Columbia University. Fill the sheet stock Projects. 23. Monthlyreport of activities of the program of nutritional support of patients put on ARV treatmentsites in Nyarugenge District and other District. Reports monthly distribution partner.Capacity Building Health Concern Worldwide From February 2003 toActivist and Technical /Rwanda January2006Leader of Nutrition Part Child survival ProgramResponsibilitiesFrom February 2003 to January 2006 : -Capacity building Health Activist and leader of the nutrition part in CONCERNWORLDWIDE/ RWANDA of the Child Survival Program.Among of the intervention for CSP-Malaria-Nutrition and food security-HIV/AIDS-Maternal and new born care-Health mutual insurance
  6. 6. -Communication for the behavior change (BCC)-HygienicDuties -Proven track record in partnership building and capacity building.-Facilitation and mobilization of health local institutions community groups actingaccording to those parts of the NGO in health district of KIBILIZI-Familiarization working area institution, leaders, community healthy promoters and localknowledge, attitude and practices related to Child Survival Program intervention ofHIV/AIDS, MALARIA, NUTRITION , MATERNAL AND NEW BORN CARE ANDHEALTH MUTUAL ASSUNSURANCE-Monthly facilitation of traditional midwives meetings as well as those of heath animatorsand health center staff- Design with the local team and MoH partners the capacity building program with the aimof ensuring that partner/NGO and MOH staff and facilities have the capacity to detect andtreat acutely malnourished children by themselves. -Joint supervision of the Health Center with District Supervisor-Coordination and support of ant-Aids club.-Coaching and technical support to community health promoters-Ensure the establishment of mechanisms and diagnosis of cases of severe and moderatemalnutrition and suggest ways and means of solutions geared towards rehabilitation andpreventive nutrition. Organize training, then provide the technical partners and make themonitoring of the implementation of Artwork Systems nutritional monitoring, healtheducation and nutrition and demonstration cooking with mama light”mama lumières”leaders and various health and other community groups receiving-Promotion of gender in all the field of the NGO-Implement the change of behavior strategies of Children Survival Program with regardto HIV/AIDS, nutrition ,maternal and new born care ,health mutual insurance in Kibilizidistrict.-Plan and organize trainings with health center coordinator.-Local data collection and analysis for action-organization of data collection in the health center and communities-Data quality control and coaching- monthly data collection and reporting.-Quarterly analysis of local data in M & E officer-Regular dissemination of the NGO information and feedback-Participation in relevant operation in research & other studies-Leadership in development of standards and quality of assigned technical component.-Development & review of behavior change strategies-Review of national standards in nutrition in the above aid program- Ensuring the implementation of the positive deviance approach / focus to improve the nutritional status of children <5 years and change behaviour.-Participate and collaborate in identifying training needs of local partners and beneficiariesproject through the promotion of nutrition.-To share information with the project team and partners.-Participate in related regional & national meeting on assigned topics-Active participation in project level strategic planning and review-Participation in monthly meeting of coordination of Child Survival Program-Participation in the plan of activities in the program
  7. 7. -Participation in the writing of the annually report of the program-Participation in the review of the annual budget of the program to be applied in working.-Concern Worldwide/Rwanda is committed to fight against HIV/AIDS and to promote asupport working environment for those infected or affected. Each staff member is requiredto contribute to a achieve this commitment by.-Rising aware ness and being update on HIV/AIDS issues.-Protecting/ herself and colleagues-Sharing information with colleague and avoiding stigma discrimination.-Plan of activities and training on nutrition-.Prepare food for minimum nutritional benefits-Participate in project planning activities and in the development of the nutrition strategy-Plan implement, and evaluate nutrition programs-Assist malnourished populations-Study of strategy for adoption of locally available food for use in the NUTRITION program-Training of program staff in the management on community based approach(Positive Deviance)programTeacher of Biology Espoir College of Gasogi January-November 2002. (Gasabo District)Evaluation of pupils.Participate to the National day of teacherParticipate to the staff meeting organized by the DirectionCollaborate with supervisors of Sector to organize activities of training in different axesSometimes train the stakeholders and other member of community to look solutions ofproblem in place and to establish an action plan of amelioration of system durabledevelopment locale.Participate to the meetings and training of trainers and development of module of trainingsof local leaders of every sector.DETAILS INSTUTITION YEARInquisitor Maltezer/Bukavu October 2001DutiesA nutritional survey in nyangezi health District in NGO Maltezer-Evaluate the the malnutrition state of children under 5year to try to set a strategy ofnutritional management in the said health zone.-Anthropometric measures-Analyses dataDETAILS INSTUTITION YEARprobation Save the children/ ONG October 2000 to February /Bukavu 2001probation in save the children/ ONG Bukavu in the nutrition programDuties-Rehabilitation of undernourished children-Supervise service of the hospital nutrition for moved refugees-Health education
  8. 8. -Elaborate the protocol of management of severe malnourished according the protocol ofOMS and UNICEF-Elaborate the report.-To Participate in staff meeting-Reporting Additional InformationStay: Burundi, DRC, Rwanda,UgandaRecreation: Travel, reading, Internet and footballOther qualifications: Ability to group organization, toughness in work worrying to accomplishthe objectives, organizational skills, strong integration capability and adaptability, goodapproach and good listening from beneficiaries ,great honesty and diplomacy on ground,writing skills, good listening skills and analytical ability to good local context, a sense ofhierarchy, punctuality and easy Contact. License driver V. Very good knowledge with data-processing tool :-Microsoft Word and Excel-ACCESS-POWER POINT-EPI-INFO,Epi nut-Internet-Open Clinic VI, KNOWLEDGE OF THE LANGUAGE Languages Conversation Comprehension Drafting ReadingFranch Fluent Fluent Fluent FluentEnglish Very good good Good Very goodLingala Fluent Fluent Fluent FluentKiswahili Native Native Native Native
  9. 9. VII. REFERENCES1. Michelle Kouletio, Deputy Director PISAF, University Research Corporation7200 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 600Bethesda, MD 20814 USAEmail: mkouletio@urc-chs.comTel +229 96 63 36 932.Rose Luz:+250788301363 Concern Worldwide2. Mabaro Tom, Action Kivu/Bukavu Director Email: mumoshopenpals@gmail.com3. Uwiragiye Joseph:, Manager /Nutrition departement Tel:+250788762420 University teaching Hospital of Kigali/RwandaI sincerely assure that information here above is true and faithful