Ibm woodm-introduction


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Ibm woodm-introduction

  1. 1. IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management
  2. 2. Decision management overviewDecision management is a business discipline that empowers organizationsto automate, optimize, and govern repeatable business decisions tomanifest and enhance customers and partners value and streamlinedecision processes internally.
  3. 3. Agree on terminologies and vocabularies across the organization Make the decision reusable across apps and biz processes Capture value both to business and users by monitoring the KPIs and analytical tool support. Process and Application Decision Decision Development Development Lifecycle Services LifecycleClearly decouple the lifecycle and the governance of the decisions from the lifecycle of the application or business process
  4. 4. IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management for business and end users for IT users
  5. 5. Insurance solution overviewthis insurance company want to automate the underwriting decisions and pricing rulesto reduce risk, improve profitability, and ensure that they can react quickly tomarketplace trends by using WODM. They also concern about the market share theyhave and attract a higher proportion of profitable customers by offering personalizedpromotions.
  6. 6. Automobile insurance process view
  7. 7. Animation demo of the scenario
  8. 8. Event rule actionsEvent rule actions
  9. 9. Any questions ?